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Ganesha analyzes fundamentals of Unitech

Ganesha analyzes fundamentals of Unitech

1971 – The Company was incorporated on 9th February as United Technical Consultants Pvt. Ltd., and was converted into a public limited company on 3rd October. The company carries on construction of industrial projects on a turnkey basis and execution of housing projects and export orders. 1985 – The name was changed to Unitech Ltd., on 17th October. The company was promoted by a group of technocrats, proficient in the field of soil and foundation engineering and managed by professionals. Unitech undertakes projects both in India and abroad.

Ganesha analyzes Capricorn rising Ascendant with deposition of Mercury, and Sun in first house. Rahu is transiting over natal Rahu from second house. Moon is posited in seventh house whereas Saturn is posited in Bharani Constellation. Venus is in Mula Constellation and Mars is in conjunction with Jupiter. Ganesha observes that Saturn is transiting over natal Ketu from eighth house. Afflicted Saturn in this house is extremely bad. The important personalities and elderly persons suffer greatly. Department of steel and iron are adversely affected. But on the other hand Transit of Jupiter may bring fruitful results as it passes over Yogakaraka Planet Venus, says Ganesha. Jupiter is considered as the planet of “Expansion”. All big and high budgeted plans will progress well. Company may expand its wings in foreign countries.

Ganesha foresees Unitech to construct about more than 30 million sq ft over the next three years. Investors can refer the prediction given below.
Short Term: Sell
Medium Term: Hold
Long Term: Buy

Mixed prediction for Unitech with department of iron and steel getting affected and with the envisaged progress of big and high budgeted plans. With the prediction of its significant growth, it can be concluded that Unitech will achieve progress within next three years.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,