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Launch of Mahindra e2o – the electronic car!

Launch of Mahindra e2o – the electronic car!

Launch of Mahindra e2o – the electronic car!
What does it spell for the automotive player Mahindra Group?

Mahindra Group’s much anticipated electric car Mahindra Reva e2o was officially launched in the Indian market on 18th March 2013. The electric, zero emission e2o is powered by next-generation 48-volt lithium ion batteries and offers a range of 100kms per charge. Designed to enable the users to carry out fuelling through any 15 amp plug point, e2o can be further augmented with the help of Sun2Car solar technology. Pegged at on-road price 5.96 Lakh onwards, this premium segment hatchback has generated plenty of interest. Ganesha looks at the numerological and astrological factors associated with this car and its launch date to foresee what lies ahead for it. Read on.

As per Chaldean Numerology, the name of the car Mahindra e2o totals down to 37=10=1, the number ruled by the Sun. The slogan for this car is ‘run on the Sun’!

As per Pythagorean Numerology, the name Mahindra e2o totals down to 54, which can be reduced down to the single digit 9. The launch date of the vehicle is 18, which again totals down to the number 9. Even the destiny number of 18th March 2013 can be reduced down to 9. The Number 9 is ruled by Mars, and Mars is the signifier of machinery.

Thus, as per the numerological tenets, the launch date is in Mahindra e2o’s favour.

On the day of launch, Moon was in a separating aspect with Jupiter. Moon was exalted and it was in its own constellation Rohini. This factor also looks encouraging for the vehicle and its success.

Sun, Mars and Venus were in Aquarius – the Sign that also rules modern technology and inventions, to some extent. From Moon, this Stellium in Aquarius falls in the 11th House. It won’t be wrong to call this planetary position as too good!

The only hitch or the only factor that may work against Mahindra e2o is its launch during ‘Meenarak’ (transiting Sun in Pisces). Generally, auspicious tasks are not done during Meenarak. Luckily, however, the car was launched just before the day Holashtak started.

Considering all the aforementioned planetary positions and numerological factors, Ganesha feels that Mahindra e2o can be expected to do good business. However, there may be some flaws found in the car, especially once it hits the road. The car may have heat related or charging related issues. However, as far as the car’s success is concerned, it is, more or less, assured.

Ganesha feels that Mahindra e2o will be the trend changer in the market of cars, and may also come up with better versions in the future. This car’s business may also expand internationally. Work on this car’s technology may require some improvement, though. Within two to three months, when a decent number of Mahindra e2o cars have hit the road, Mahindra may have to address some issues of the end user.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team