Alternate fuel, a new platform. Bajaj takes fight to Hero

Bajaj Auto has decided to launch alternative vehicles, which are 30% fuel economic. CNG has been very successful and now Bajaj is concentrating more on economic vehicles to make them available to more and more users. As per Bajaj's establishment horoscope, retrograde Saturn is passing over its Natal position which is retrograde in Natal chart too. Saturn is aspecting the second house of finances, indicating discipline in financial status or say constrain. Jupiter is passing over Natal Sun and approaching Bajaj's Natal Mercury - the significator of intelligence. Considering all these planetary influences, Ganesha strongly feels that Bajaj may come up with a wonderful and user friendly product by November 2007 when transiting Jupiter reaches Mercury's Natal degree. This product will surely capture the markets quickly but may be more successful in the second half of the next year 2008.

Ganesha's Grace,
Dharmesh Joshi