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Will you get what you desire in the year 2011? Zodiac-wise predictions for the coming year

Will you get what you desire in the year 2011? Zodiac-wise predictions for the coming year

The year 2011 is right at your doorstep, holding a box full surprises, opportunities, challenges, presents, new year wishes and resolutions! With bated breath, we await the coming year and hope it to usher in joy, progress, prosperity and lots of luck for everyone. Want to know what the coming year has in store for you in particular? Our team of experts at GaneshaSpeaks.com shall help you unwrap this box of goodies, and let you get a peek into the future. Follow our Sun-sign wise astrological predictions which are based on Western system of astrology and get great insights on what lies ahead!

Rams kick-off the year 2011 in style with a classy, fervent attitude that reflects even in routine activities. Both health and wealth shall be present in ample doses! Jupiter will be in Aries from January 23 to June 3, 2011. This planetary transition will aid you take a giant leap towards fame and fortune. Later, when Jupiter moves to your 2nd House, the focus shall shift to food, finances and family. Saturn in your 7th House may affect marriage, married life, partnerships; it indicates separation/ stress. Chanting mantras or practising spirituality will be helpful. The secret of your success will lie in your ability to adjust and accommodate, cautions Ganesha.

Graceful and poised, Taurus natives look set to have an enriching year ahead. With mighty Jupiter in their 12th House from 23rd January to June 3rd 2011, Bulls can expect a surge in expenses, travel, pilgrimages, mysteries and spirituality. However, post June 4, 2011 Jupiter moves to your own sign making you even more radiant. Saturn has been in your 6th House since October 13, 2009. Chances of health problems, heavy expenses and major changes in work arena loom large. Guard your health, finances and profession! Many of the events listed above may not happen at all, so never lose hope. Financially, the year will be satisfactory. You are artistic and refined, and Mercury shall make you even more eloquent, sums Ganesha!

2011 looks to be a lovey-dovey year for ‘Twins’! Jupiter shall be in your 11th House from January 23 to June 3, 2011. No wonder then that you will literally be pushed into the ‘arms of love’, enthusiasm will surge; so will the good luck. Other things that will delight you during the year are new friendships, favours, promotions, good news and even a wish-fulfillment. Remain ready for some not-so-pleasant results when Jupiter moves to your 12th House later; enemies, secret affairs, expenses may come to fore. Saturn in your 5th House will also yield mixed results like creativity, marriage or even separation. Minor planets will give you confidence, popularity, hope, spiritual strength and inventiveness. Ganesha looks positive about finances.

Crabs can expect to have a roaring start to the year with Jupiter in their 10th House implying confidence, work, business. Your intelligence and quick-wit will let you soothe some ruffled feathers. The 5Ps of prestige, power, position, perks and pelf will work as strong pillars for you in 2011. Financially, you will be well-off. Colleagues and bosses will be supportive and teamwork will be useful. When Jupiter later moves to your 11th House, you can expect things to get even better in all spheres of life. Saturn, that is in your 4th House will make you focus on your personal and domestic life. Retirement, climax, finalities are a possibility, and so are challenges. Don’t neglect yourself amidst all the chaos, though, warns Ganesha.

Lions can surely get ahead in all walks of life in 2011. From January to June 2011, Jupiter will be in your 9th House the House of love, luck and laughter. This is a perfect time for travel, research and higher learning. Parents, relations with in-laws, cousins, elders will feature on your list. Home affairs, friends and work will become demanding as Jupiter moves to your 10th House in June. Remain relaxed! Saturn in your 3rd House will affect communications, contracts and connectivity. It’s time to be cautious for those who deal in games of chance, warns Ganesha. Mars, which connotes energy and drive will lend you a helping hand towards the end of the year. There may be disappointments, but overall a good year.

It’s time to clink the glasses! 2011 is a lot about money with Jupiter, the mighty planet in your 8th House. Your income sources may increase; there are chances of inheritance or windfall. The year is about rites, rituals, journey, pilgrimages et. al. Jupiter transit (from January to June) strongly indicates your inclination towards religious practices and spirituality. At work, you may have to face severe competition from your rivals. Saturn in 2nd House indicates deception, money issues, fights and even gains from close relations. Ganesha flashes a red signal for health; be careful. Stomach, eyes, mouth and throat will be sensitive follow the adage ‘a stitch in time saves nine.’ When Jupiter moves to your 9th House later, you’ll see your education, fame and relationships improving.

Love and relationships seem to be the buzzword for you during 2011. Jupiter in your 7th House will make you forceful utilise the power carefully; don’t forgo pliability at any time. Whether it’s with your spouse, business partner or sweetheart, you’ll have both highs and lows. At times when you feel lonely, scared – introspection and self-reflection will rescue you. Saturn in your sign indicates that the more you unravel your own self, more successful and calmer you will become. Meditation, chanting of mantras, praying to Lord Hanuman can be great healers! Jupiter in your 8th House from June onwards will give you vigour, good health, balance and phenomenal growth in your career. Be sure to remain positive and committed to your goals, says Ganesha.

Two areas guide your life health and love. 2011 is all about managing relationships and maintaining health to make your life worthwhile. Professionally, the year looks great. If recession has spoilt your career, it’s time to cheer up. Jupiter in your 6th House will ensure that you have your hands full with work related to finances, relationships with subordinates, colleagues and taxes, funds and loans. Health needs careful consideration! Remain optimistic and maintain a sunny disposition. Travel, business and pilgrimages shall keep you occupied during the year; expenses may mount. Ganesha’s advice: be flexible, accept change; no one’s perfect! Jupiter moves to your 7th House later in the year, making you lovey-dovey again; public relations, crowds, audience too come to fore.

Stars urge the ambitious Archers to pull up their socks, and get ready for the race in 2011. Your action orientation will bring you immense job satisfaction. You are likely to be loaded with work, power and self-esteem this year. A die-hard romantic yourself, you’ll seek equally romantic expressions from your beloved. It is an excellent period for health. Jupiter first in your 5th and later in the 6th House indicates time for entertainment as well as demands of duties. A good period for land dealings too. However, Saturn in your 11th House may cause delays, but it itself
will give you ideals, hopes and wishes. Ganesha’s mantra for success work on being adjusting and accommodating!

Goats are going to be ruled by two things in 2011 – home and heart. You will be homely and full of love. Relations with parents and elders foster. Jupiter in your 4th House will ensure your heart is where your home is! Professionally too, the year is going to be demanding. Saturn in 10th House will ensure tremendous hard work and pressure to survive tight competition comes your way. But rest assured, your status and prestige are likely to touch newer heights. Just remember to measure your steps and actions. Too many expectations that need fulfilling may take a toll on your health. Jupiter in 5th House later in the year means goodies of life. Let your heart and intuition rule over your analysis, for a change. And, remain humble, sweet and positive, adds Ganesha.

To go with the flow is perhaps a special characteristic of Water-Bearers. That,s how you make things bankable in 2011, which looks set to be powerful and elevating for you, owing to much of the groundwork done by you in 2010. You are in the age of Aquarius your time to shine and lead the world. At this very time you may come across your Eureka moment as you research, discover or invent something new. Stars are favourable when it comes to dealing in land, renovation or activities like gardening. You may take up spirituality and religion a bit seriously of course it will yield benefits. Saturn in your 9th House will be fruitful. Remember – changes are certain; adapt, accept and move on, tips Ganesha.

Fishes will be enjoying a mixed platter when it comes to 2011. The four Fs are going to be their support system -food, finance, family and fun! Socialising, friends, partying keep you happy. Don’t get surprised if you trip over a treasure-box or hit a jackpot! Stars in the first six months of the year indicate buying, selling and income augmentation. Jupiter in your 2nd House will ensure gain of wealth. Later when it moves to your 3rd House, communications will become very crucial. However, matters related to tax, legacy may get troublesome during mid-year. Saturn in your 8th House may mean some problems. Take care! All in all, a wonderful and adventurous year ahead of you, says Ganesha.

Everyone needs a guiding star! Let Ganesha be yours in the coming year! The aforementioned insights will, hopefully, let you save your precious time and energy, and minimise the chances of errors. After all, a stitch in time saves nine!

To know more, plan well in advance and come up with winning strategies for 2011, ask us!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team