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Vishal Retail to book profits after September 2008

Vishal Retail to book profits after September 2008

Vishal Retail Ltd has opened a new Showroom at: – Madhubani Commercial Complex, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh on February 10, 2008. It is spread over an area of 23,500 Sq. Ft (Approx). The total number of stores opened by the Company has reached to the tally of 86 stores spreading across an area of 19,07,288 Sq.Ft. (Approx).

Vishal Retail Ltd was incorporated on July 23, 2001 as “Vishal Retail Private Limited”. Ganehsha examines its Sun chart of Cancer Ascendant with placement of Moon in its second house. There is a conjunction of Mercury, Rahu and Jupiter in 12th house. Saturn is in conjunction with Venus in Taurus where as Mars is posited in Scorpio.

Mars, being Yogakaraka, is transiting over natal Mercury, Rahu and Jupiter from 12th house. This position of Mars is not welcomed as it indicates reversal in the business and brings about fall in the stock prices of the company. The bankers curtail funds and even withdraw the credit facilities. The firm incurs unproductive expenditures eroding the company’s reserves. Moreover, Saturn and Ketu are also transiting over natal Moon from 2nd house.

Although, Transit of Jupiter from its sixth house produces favorable results especially in this chart, feels Ganesha. The work culture is greatly improved and it registers sizable increase in the outputs. The management shows magnanimity towards the employees by raising their salaries and other benefits. However, any affliction to Jupiter posts heavy expenditures and profits get eroded to a great extent. After September 2008, the Company may start booking profits, says Ganesha.

Ganesha wishes all the best to Vishal Retail Private Ltd.

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