Vastu Knowledge For The Beginners

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Are you planning a buy or build a new house or office? If yes, you need to know one of the most important factors before making your final call. Gather a little Vastu Shastra knowledge to know if the structure or place is going to be beneficial or fruitful to you.

If you have been wondering what is Vastu, you are on the right page. Like every other ancient Indian science, Vastu Shastra is to overcome the negative influence on us and allow us to live a life of prosperity and happiness. It is always nice to add little Vastu tips in your homes and offices to make it better in every aspect.

Vastu is one of the oldest Indian architectural science that works on the principles of energies and directions. We all know that every object has some sort of energy that combines with ours and reflects in our quality of life quality. Elders always say that one must consider Vastu for offices and homes to bring in good fortune and enhance the energy of people residing or working in the place.

Vastu is a science that helps us to extract the positivity from the things, directions and ground around us. You cannot become a pro in a day or two by learning Vastu basics. However, it will help you to understand your surroundings and its energies in a better way.

Keeping in mind the current generation, we have curated this wonderful piece of work sharing the knowledge of Vastu for beginners. Will begin with the importance of Vastu as per our Vedic culture and modern science

Vastu Shatra begins with a mythological story of Vastu Purusha. As per Indian mythology, Lord Shiva once had a battle with a demon named Andhaka, which lasted a very long time. During battle from the sweat of Lord Shiva, a demon-like man was born with hungry.

The demon began to do penance to Lord Shiva in the desire of a boon. Lord Shiva was pleased and agreed to give him a boon. He asked his permission to eat all the three worlds. Shiva permitted him. Now, everybody, including Gods, was terrified by his hunger. Thus, Gods arrested him and tied him in a peculiar position from all sides. Later, this man was named as Vastu Purusha and given a boon that he could eat away anyone who does not pay due regard to him while building new construction.

Isn’t the story amazing? India has a rich culture, and our Vedas are one of the most modern in terms of knowledge. The practices that are still under research are already in our ancient Vedas and Shastra.

For example, the science of constructing houses and buildings mentioned in our Vastu Shatra is world-renowned to be the most practical and effective way of acquiring favourable outcomes from the construction.

Today, more and more people are inclining towards our Vastu remedies to fix the constructional flaws in their homes and offices.

The position of certain thing or rooms in certain direction pulls out the positive vibes making you feel relaxed and comfortable on the premises. However, if there are no Vastu directions involved in the making of a building or homes, it can invite negative vibes resulting in unfortunate occurring or bad health of the inhabitants of that place.

Thus, it is essential to consider Vastu for homes or offices to have harmony with Mother Nature and bring prosperity in the life of the inhabitants.

I hope you this gives you enough understanding about Vastu Shatra and its need in our modern homes and offices. Being known to the positive influence of Vastu on our lives, let us check out some of the Vastu tips to keep in mind when moving to a new home or office.

1- For the main door, always ensure that your main door is facing in such a direction that when you step out, you face the north, east or northeast direction.
2- For Puja room, east or northeast direction of your home is perfect for meditation, yoga and other spiritual pursuits. Remember to face east direction while doing the puja.
3- For the living room, the direction most preferred for the social room of a house is east, north or northeast. Ensure to place heavy furniture in the west or southwest direction and electronics in the southeast section of the room.
4- For the bedroom, always try to have your bedroom in the southwest direction as it brings good health and prosperity. Make sure that your bed is placed in the southwest corner of the bedroom and your head is in the west while sleeping.

To know more about the Vastu of house and remedies, talk to our Vastu experts and live your life to the fullest.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The Team