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The Indian Judicial System – Why is it so slow?

The Indian Judicial System – Why is it so slow?

The common man has always lashed out, at Indian Judicial System, for its lackadaisical approach. Even the forces within the judiciary, have taken potshots at the system accusing it to be slow, laborious and prone to corruption. It goes without saying that Indian Judiciary is at the crossroads. Will the judicial system in the country be able to brush off its breaking past images and script a fresh new chapter in the annals of Indian Judicial system. Ganesha says, yes, however there is still time to go.

Astro Data
Indian Independence Chart
DOB – 15th August 1947
TOB – 00.00.00
POB – Delhi


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The ascendant, sixth house and the ninth house signify the Judiciary.

Notice that Rahu a seprataive planet is placed in the 1st house.

Sukra the lord of the first house is combust.

Rahu aspects the ninth house.

Shani the lord of the ninth house is also combust.

Sukra is the lord of the sixth house.

Sun is the significator of the 1st and 9th houses and is in Raashi Sandhi as well as Baal Avastha.

Guru is the significator of the ninth house and judiciary and is in the sixth house of evil in Sukra’s sign.

As per the Yogi Avayogi system Vrishabha and Simha are Dagdha Rashis and so their lords Sukra and Sun are negative planets.

The Indian Judiciary is slow because it is in the first placed highly influenced by slow moving planets Guru, Shani and Rahu by placement and ownership. Also notice that these planets become afflicted, Guru by being in non conducive sign Libra, Shani by being combust, Sukra being the lord of a Daghda Rashi which is purely suggestive of laggard progress in the Indian judiciary system.

Also notice that the ninth house receives malefic aspects of Rahu and opposite aspects of a stellium in the third house, where as the ninth house also receives a square aspect of Jupiter, the significator of the ninth house, indicating heavy influences of too many planets and hardships as well as obstacles in the process of the judiciary.

Is it all going to be like this for eternity?
Well, as per the secondary progressed system, Sukra the lord of the ascendant and the sixth house became free of combustion fro 8th October 1947, which corresponds to 15th August 2011, from then onwards it seems the judiciary system, itself started commenting on its own system and its dead slow procedure and system. This is called awakening. It woke up to its own plight and became aware of its snail speed. Once you awaken you can either do something to change it, by going through the process of inner evaluation or still do nothing and let matters be as they are.

But the future, notices Ganesha is brighter, for the nation’s judiciary speed and the populace at large, the first reason being Rahu is in separating ascendant degrees, which indicates its evil influences tend to recede.

How and when? Is the next prompt question.
Well, one thing, of certainity is that progressed Sun will be debilitated from, 18th October 1947 corresponding to 15th August 2011. This will introduce a whole gamut of internal changes, studies and improvements suggestions from within to change the system as a whole. The masses will also start changing the attitude with introspection. The process will be slow as it is a Herculean task, and will bring in the required changes the moment progressed Sun enters Scorpio on 17th November 1947 corresponding to 15 the August 2041. This coincides with the other fact that Rahu moves out of the ascendant as on 18th November 1947, which ultimately frees India from its separative influences and malicious as well as malafide nature too.

To support this, notice that India’s progressed horoscope for 16th November 1947 corresponding to 15th August 2040, has progressed ascendant in Leo at 00 Degrees 48 Minutes 50 Seconds. This progressed ascendant falls in the fourth house of India’s natal chart, suggesting peace for the nation, the nation’s masses will look for peace and will get peace through the Progressed Sun’s entry in Scorpio in 2041 changing the nation’s judiciary system bringing fast justice and thus peace and calm as well as harmony in the populace.

Small and supportive changes in the judiciary system will start taking place, with Progressed Sukra in Thula from 8th October 1947, i.e. 15th August 2011, supported by the introspection and analysis formed due to the progressed debilitated Sun from 18th October 1947 corresponding to 15th August 2011 to 17th November 1947 corresponding to 15 the August 2041, initiating a completely new fast responding judiciary.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rikhav Khimasia