Super Stellium: Sun-Venus Mercury Rahu Conjunction in Taurus

sun venus mercury rahu conjunction

We have a super stellium coming right your way. If all the transits and retrogrades were compared to cricket matches, then Sun Venus Mercury Rahu Conjunction would be the World cup of all. 

As on 15 May 2021, Sun-Mercury-Venus-Rahu all are coming together in Taurus, whereas Rahu will remain in Taurus throughout the year.

Below is the Time Table for the super stellium of Sun-Mercury-Venus-Rahu conjunction in Taurus

Sun: 14/05/2021 to 15/06/2021 

Mercury: 01/05/2021 to 26/05/2021

Venus: 04/05/2021 to 29/05/2021

According to Kalpurush's horoscope, a stellium of Mercury, Sun, and Venus occurs in the second position, along with Rahu. Due to this, all the 12 zodiacs may see different effects. We may see changes in the behaviour, health, and finance sectors also. When Rahu is associated with another planet, the characteristics of that planet also hold equal importance.

When Rahu and Sun are in the same place, natives may have lack self-confidence. When Rahu is with Venus, unnecessary expenses may occur. 

Natives may experience a phase of finance imbalance. When Venus and Mercury come together, student natives may have some problems. Let's see how it affects all the zodiac sign


Sun Mercury Venus Rahu Conjunction in Taurus For Aries 

Health may be good for Aries folks. During this period, be cautious about your eyes. 

You may have headaches during this period. Kids may have skin-related issues. Be careful about your meal to avoid gas or acidity problems. 

This may be a favourable time for the student natives, especially students seeking foreign trips for higher education; they may even achieve desired success academically. Elderly natives may have to look after the house to preserve the peaceful environment in the place. During this period, try to be cautious about your speech, behaviour to avoid hurting the sentiment of others. It may be a favourable time for the natives involved in the finance business. Some new investments may be possible. Natives related to the stock market may have to be patient and avoid any hasty or impulsive decision during this period. 

For love relationships, this period may be moderate. During this period, married couples may need to be cautious about their relationship to avoid bitterness in marital life.

Remedy for Aries Natives Worship Ganeshji and offer water to the Sun daily.

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Sun Mercury Venus Rahu Conjunction in Taurus For Taurus

Natives of Taurus need to be cautious about their health during this period. You may suffer from some minor health concerns, for which you may need to seek a doctor’s opinion.

It is a favourable period for the students, but they may need to work harder. Students may need to work on their focus. 

This is a favourable time for travel, especially for the religious trip. Natives related to the banking and finance sector would find this time to be promising.  There may be new job opportunities. There might be a chance of promotion or a transfer, which would be beneficial for the natives. 

Also, in terms of expenditure, keep track of your excessive spending. 

This period is moderate for love relationships.  A new relationship might blossom. This time is favourable for natives seeking a life partner, but try to avoid taking hasty or impulsive decisions. 

Remedies:- Elderly natives should recite the Vishnu Sahasranamam path. Homemakers and unmarried females should worship the family goddess.

Worship Devi and seek her blessings with the help of Durga Saptashati Puja


Sun Mercury Venus Rahu Conjunction in Taurus For Gemini 

Natives of Gemini would enjoy moderate health. Stay cautious about water and iron. Natives who drive vehicles may need to be alert during this period, especially during the second and third week of May, following which the time would be a little easy. Natives appearing for visas or IELTS might have to work harder. This is a favourable time for investing in a new property. You might witness materialistic accomplishments during this period. 

New investment opportunities may open up in the field of finance. Natives involved in the stock market and gambling would make profit. Natives involved in court matters may need to avoid taking any hasty decision as it may prove non profitable.

A favourable time for a love relationship, as relationships may improve, and you might spend quality time together.  Take care not to mess up the relationship or hurt each other’s sentiments, as intimacy may replenish!

Be careful to maintain relationships with neighbours and friends. 

Remedies: Natives should  worship goddess Saraswati and recite “om klim vagwadeenyae saraswati devi namah” regularly.

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Sun Mercury Venus Rahu Conjunction in Taurus For Cancer

Natives of Cancer may enjoy good health overall, but natives between 15 to 45 may suffer from skin-related issues. Pregnant natives may need to be careful as there may be a chance of complications during pregnancy. Elderly natives may suffer from the lower back, right shoulder, or right leg issues. Student natives may have to work harder during this time. This is a favourable time for natives intending to settle abroad, prepare for government jobs, and liaise work or association with the government sector. 

Also, it is a favourable time for the natives in the finance field, especially for investment in finance investment. 

Travelling chances are marginal during this period. Handle relationships with friends, family, and other near and dear ones carefully. This time is an average time for a love relationship. You should ensure that your feelings are not hurt.

Remedies:- You are advised to offer water and milk to Lord Shiva on Monday and have once a day meal on Monday.

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Sun Mercury Venus Rahu Conjunction in Taurus For Leo

Natives of Leo may have moderate health as they may suffer from gas, acidity, and stomach-related issues. 

Be careful about health problems like stones or intestinal issues, which might lead to surgery. Hence take care.

A favourable time for student natives to appear for an interview or an exam related to their career. 

Natives related to the service sector may need to be careful about the relationship with superiors. Natives seeking new job opportunities or better job opportunities may have success after July. Be patient related to your job or career!

Try to avoid going out of town unless it is unavoidable. This time is not adverse for a love relationship. You may experience a communication gap with your partner. Hence you are advised to be patient. Your self-confidence may diminish during this period. 

Remedies:- Offer water to Sun god and chant Aditya Hridaya Stotra.

You can seek blessings of Sun god with the help of Surya Dev Puja 


Sun Mercury Venus Rahu Conjunction in Taurus For Virgo 

Natives of Virgo may enjoy good health, and if they are suffering from any chronic disease, there might be some relief. Children natives may suffer from throat-related issues. For married couples seeking a child, April, May, and June months may be a good time. 

The student folks may have to work harder during this period. Do not let the focus divert during this period as you might experience some or other issues during this period. But, still, Stay Focused!

Travel or trip with friends or family may be a possibility during this period.  A good time for investing in non-movable assets. 

Issues persisting to ancestral property may get solved during May or June. This time is a good time for a love relationship. 

Intimacy may revive, but occasionally there could be feelings of dissatisfaction. You might feel that your partner is lying or trying to keep a distance from you, but this would be an illusion. 

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Remedy:- Worship Shiv-Parvati and have a one-meal-a-day fast on Thursdays.

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Sun Mercury Venus Rahu Conjunction in Taurus For Libra

Libra natives will have moderate health during this period. Natives with BP or diabetes need to be careful during this period. Regular medication and body checkups are a must. 

Be careful about your speech and behaviour during this period, as they could lead to bitterness in social relationships. Libra students may have a gala time. Peeps seeking foreign travel for education or visit may have a high chance of success during this period. Natives involved in business may have accidental gains during this time.  It is also a good time for natives seeking government jobs. 

Middle-class natives may need to be careful during this time about finance. Avoid unnecessary expenses of money to avoid financial crunches in the future. 

Elderly natives may need to take the realm to maintain peace and harmony in the family. This time is favourable for a love relationship. You may try to gain the trust of your partner and progress in your love relationship. 

Remedy:- You are advised to worship Ganpatiji and chant Sankat Nashak Stotra.

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Sun Mercury Venus Rahu Conjunction in Taurus For Scorpio 

Scorpio folks may enjoy good health overall, but they may suffer from cold and cough. Try to avoid spicy and oily foods. 

This is an unfavorable time for student natives as they may have to work harder, but they try not to be disheartened as they may taste success after August. Student natives seeking foreign travel for higher studies will have to work harder. 

It could be a favourable time for natives related to the finance sector. There may be some risks that you may take during this period.  Natives related to business may get new opportunities. Folks involved in the iron metal or medical industry may have a reasonable time. 

It is a favourable time for travel. Natives involved with the marketing and import-export sector may prove to be beneficial during this period. Married couples may experience a bumpy ride. Couples seeking a divorce or a bad marriage are advised to think twice before taking any impulsive decisions. Patience may seal the cracks in your married life. 

This time is moderate for a love relationship. Both the partners have to understand each other and move forward, as there may be severe damage to the relationship. 

Remedy:- Chant Shukra mantra “Rim Shukray Namah”.

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Sun Mercury Venus Rahu Conjunction in Taurus For Sagittarius 

Natives of Sagittarius are going through the last phase of a seven and a half year cycle of Saturn, but still, be careful about your health in April and May. You may feel the void, despite having everything. Be aware of this negative feeling that is holding you back and move on in life with positive energies. 

This is a favourable time for students and the folks seeking government jobs. Natives intending to invest should be careful and try to be cautious of fraud. Spend harmonious time with family members. Maintain your calm when dealing with family members to avoid unnecessary issues. Also, be careful in communication with your neighbours and friends. This time is moderate for a love relationship, but you may stand by each other! 

Be careful about your thoughts and behavior to avoid hurting anyone’s sentiments.

Remedy:-  It is suggested that you look after your elders and worship your Guru in order to obtain his blessings. For natives who do not have a Guru are suggested to worship Lord Vishnu.

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Sun Mercury Venus Rahu Conjunction in Taurus For Capricorn

This period may be difficult because of the second phase of Saturn's seven and half year cycle in Capricorn. Hence, the time is moderate for the natives of Capricorn. 

They may have issues with your digestive system. During this time, diseases such as typhoid and cholera are possible. For student natives, this is a reasonable time. They will have to put in more effort. The goat must maintain focus and not get distracted during this time. 

You can seek more and better job opportunities as it is a good time for better jobs and to settle abroad. You've got to believe in yourself and not lose your self-confidence during this period. Natives seeking new job opportunities or change of place of work may have success. 

This is a favourable time to invest in non-movable assets and investment, but in terms of the stock market and gambling, be patient to avoid loss. This time is a favourable time for a love relationship. A new relationship might blossom, which might prove beneficial. 

Remedy:- For your career stability, you are advised to recite Hanuman Chalisa and donate fried food items to needy people on Saturdays.

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Sun Mercury Venus Rahu Conjunction in Taurus For Aquarius

Natives of Aquarius are currently undergoing the first phase of the seven and a half year cycle of Saturn, which may be pretty difficult. This time may adversely affect career and finance-related issues. 

This is a favourable time for Aquarius natives as far as health is concerned, but natives having heart problems need to take care of their health. Female natives may suffer from skin-related issues. 

Aquarius natives, but they may need to work harder than usual. Natives appearing for some important exams may have to work harder. 

This is an average time for finance-related natives. During this time, you should avoid blindly trusting anyone. Be patient with new investment. Natives related to business and banking need to take care.  This is a favourable time for natives related to the stock market as there may be a chance of accidental gains—also, a good time for love as you may spend quality time with your partner, friends. 

Remedy:- To minimize the effects of Saturn's seven and a half year cycle, you are advised to chant Hanuman Chalisa and offer oil and Calotropis garland to Hanumanji.

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Sun Mercury Venus Rahu Conjunction in Taurus For Pisces

Natives of Pisces may enjoy good health. If they are suffering from any chronic disease, there might be some relief experienced during this period. Natives suffering from brain-related problems, BP, diabetes may have moderate recovery. Kids may suffer from fungal infection. Climate changes may trigger some issues, but treatment may help. 

This is a favourable time for the students. Natives related to the government sector may get benefits. They may get a promotion or transfer in their jobs. It is a favourable time for travelling, and the journey may cheer you up. Intimacy may get replenished, and you may be able to spend quality time with your family. 

Good time for natives looking to invest in building properties, but natives looking to sell their old property and purchase a new one may need to be patient. 

This is a favourable time for a love relationship. Due to the movement of Rahu, you may succeed in relationships.Remedy:- It is a favourable time for couples seeking a child. During this period, you are advised  to recite Guru Mantra  “ Rim Guruve Namah.”You can also

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