Peepal tree In Hinduism: Significance, Benefits and Remedies

peepal tree benefits

Peepal tree is also known as Ashwattha. The tree is considered as a most sacred tree in Hinduism. The other names of the peepal tree are Vasudeva, Chaitanya and world tree.

As per the Hindu Mythology, Lord Brahma resides in the roots of the peepal tree, Lord Vishnu resides in the trunk of peepal tree and Lord Shiva resides in the leaves of the peepal tree.

So, which days to water Peepal tree?

a) The peepal tree is the paradise of God, according to Chandogya Upanishad and Atharva Ved. Hindus believe that Lord Vishnu with his half Lakshmi, resides on this tree on Saturday.

b) Due to this belief of Hindus, people consider pouring water to the roots of the tree to be good every Saturday.

What are the benefits of worshipping the peepal tree?

a) The peepal tree worship benefits are individuals who worship the sacred tree are rewarded with name, fame and wealth. The individuals who ignore or commit the mistake in worshipping the tree suffers in life and may get struck with poverty.

b) Individuals can get redeemed and cured of diseases by worshipping the peepal tree.

c) Individuals can escape themselves from contagious diseases and enemy by worshipping the peepal tree.

d) According to the holy book Shrimad Bhagvat Gita, Lord Krishna resides in the peepal tree and the individuals who loved and respected the peepal tree were directly showering their love and kindness on him. Lord Krishna has told the peepal tree is Ashwatta, and he died under the peepal tree in the Kalyug.

e) The significance of the peepal tree circumambulation is if the women do it, then they are blessed with children and gain desired life partner.

What is the significance of the peepal tree?

a) You are rewarded with fame, wealth, happiness, and good luck if you pour water to the tree, worship it and circle around the tree. Peepal tree is considered to be a realised soul, and hence it hears your yearning, and it responds to you in the same manner.

b) Planetary transits bring a lot of turbulence and hindrance in your life and to overcome from it . It is recommended to chant Hanuman Chalisa while worshipping the Peepal tree at night time on the day of Amavasya or the new moon day.

c) Lord Vishnu is the origin of the peepal tree; Lord Krishna is the stem of the peepal tree Lord Narayan is the branches, and Lord Hari resides in the leaves and deities, and later these deities become the fruit of the tree.

What does a Peepal tree puja for marriage mean?

a) If the horoscope of girl is predicting a widowhood, the girl is first married to peepal tree on Krishna paksha of Chaitra month or Krishna Tritiya of Ashwin month.

b) In olden times the young widows were made to married peepal tree and then they were allowed for remarriage.

c) If the marriage house in your birth chart is afflicted by the planets like Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Ketu and Sun, then you should worship peepal tree to get a good result.

d) You can enhance matrimonial happiness by worshipping peepal tree.

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Peepal tree remedies

a) The peepal tree is associated with the planet Jupiter and Jupiter are considered a positive planet. Hence worshipping peepal tree brings good luck for you.

b) The girl is married to the peepal tree to negate the prediction of widowhood in her horoscope.

c) The Lord of the fifth house gets negate from its malefic effect by the planets Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu by worshipping peepal tree and a woman is blessed with kids.

d) If you offer water to a peepal tree there can be a continuous flow of income and wealth in your life.

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Peepal tree in the house as per Vastu

a) The peepal tree is planted in the east direction of the house as the Vastu. After the eight, eleven or twelve years of its plantation the Upanayana Ceremony is performed for the tree. All rituals of the ceremony are performed, and then the tree is married to the basil plant.

b) The peepal tree should be planted in the pot, and the roots of the tree should not be cut off from the roots.

c) According to Vastu Shastra, the God and Goddess reside in the tree and hence to be worshipped day and night regularly.

d) The individuals who worship the tree should live a simple life.

e) This is the reason it is not advisable to plant peepal tree in the house and if it has grown on its own transferred it to the pot with due respect to it and worshipped it regularly.

What are the essential uses of a Peepal tree?

a) The leaves of the trees are used to cure Asthma.

b) The milk incurred from the leaves is used to relieve the eye pain.

c) The peepal tree can cure problems like diarrhoea, epilepsy and gastric troubles.

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