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Personality of Sunday Born People

Personality of Sunday Born People

People Born on Sunday – An Astrological Study: Needless to say, your personality is influenced by many things. It is believed that there is a clear relationship between factors like the day, date, time, and place you are born and the traits you possess. Well, let’s have some fun together and know how Sunday stems the personality for the people born on this day.

Sunday, the first day of the week (considered in the most traditions of the world) is equally special in astrology as the Sun is the ruler of this wonderful day. Astrologically, people born on Sunday are lucky ducks. Mostly, employees and students work all day with ultra dedication, waiting for that one Special or golden day ‘Sunday’. Apart from this, those people who are born on Sundays are Super Special as per Vedic Astrology. So, without ado, let’s unveil all the unknown facts of the people born on Sunday!

The King of all the Planets, Sun has a great influence on those who are born on Sunday. Their motto goes like “East or West, we are the best. No further questions asked!”. These people tend to think outside the box. So, for any critical situations, you can contact them, surely you will get the best of ideas. Also, they are influential, positive, famous, leadership, hard-working and a bit sensitive too. Their head is filled with ambitions and their self-confidence is on the mountain peak. Wow it’s so cool to be born on Sunday! It goes without saying, all planets in the Solar System revolve around the Sun. So IRL, people do revolve around them. This proves that they are social creatures but not much into having a lot of friends as they like to dominate the friendship and love to be the centre of attraction. If you are lucky enough to be their friends, then Congratulations!!! They will maintain your friendship through thick and thin.

They ain’t like working under some company where the boss is standing on your head all day. They like contributing through their own ideas, decisions while being independent, unlike bounding with mere formalities and daily targets. Free Spirited creatures! In a few cases, jelling easily with others is not their cup of cake. The high workload might be assigned to them, but they are capable enough to do that in their own unique way. Being a team leader in any company, having their own business, politics, working in the pharma industry or any government job suits best for them.

Mostly, people have a habit of doubting, which may affect their relationship with friends and family. Being angry is also their famous characteristic. They also avoid being in groups. Now coming to their marriage life, they can be insanely insecure. Yes, you heard that right. Their temper and possessiveness might highly affect their marital life. C’mon, you believe in true love, try maintaining it with all heart. We advise you to control your anger. Of course, as human beings, we tend to get it, but try controlling it through daily meditation, regular exercise or Yoga. Pro-tip, do Surya Puja every day.

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They have a lot of fire in the body, normally these people don’t get any diseases, but once they get it, it gets hard to get rid of it. In childhood, skin diseases might be seen. They won’t prefer eating fried or spicy food. Any type of bad addiction, like consuming alcohol or smoking cigarettes might turn disaster to them. Better you stay away from it! 70% of the natives born on Sunday have more anger than normal people. Note our words, don’t trust people blindly. You have some extraordinary qualities that hardly others would have. BTW, Life is a one time offer, so use it well.

Lucky Number: 1
Lucky Colour: White Colour is lucky for you. Yellow can also be a positive colour for you.
Lucky Day: Monday, Thursday, & Sunday.
Lucky Direction: East
Mantras for those who are born on Sunday: Om Suryaya Namah: or Gayatri Mantra (ऊं सूर्याय नम: या गायत्री मंत्र)

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