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Partial Lunar Eclipse: Know How Will The Moon’s Eclipse Impact Your Life

Partial Lunar Eclipse: Know How Will The Moon’s Eclipse Impact Your Life

Date And Timings Of The Lunar Eclipse

A partial lunar eclipse will occur in Capricorn Sign on Monday 7 August 2017 i.e. Shravan Shukla Purnima, Vikram Samvat 2079. This full moon eclipse will be visible throughout India, and hence the related religious activities should be observed. The eclipse will begin at 10:50 pm and the maximum eclipse will occur at 11:51 pm, whereas the eclipse will end at 00:50 am. This eclipse will occur in Capricorn sign and Shravan Nakshatra and will be visible in Asia, Australia, Europe and throughout India.

A lunar eclipse is considered highly significant in Hindu religion and especially in Astrology. Hence, let us know about the various effects of this lunar eclipse on all moon signs and the related remedies.

– Lunar Eclipse In The 10th House

For Aries eclipse will occur in the natives this full moon lunar10th house, and hence provide mixed results, says Ganesha. Some changes in your activities or job are indicated which may cause anxiety and restlessness. Life is about uncertainty. But you can get the clarity if you buy the Ask Any Question Report.

– Lunar Eclipse In The 9th House

For Taurus natives, this lunar eclipse will be highly favourable and provide positive results, as it forms a Nav-Pancham Yog. Development in love relationships is likely, says Ganesha. Pending work will now get completed. Some travelling is also foreseen. These days professional life is an unceasing struggle. Do you want your career graph to get the boost? You can do this if you know your future. So, buy the Career Prospects Report, know your future and let your career surge.

– Lunar Eclipse In The 8th House

For Gemini natives, this full moon lunar eclipse will occur in the 8th house. Thus, especially watch your health. Some injuries and accidents are indicated, hence you are advised to drive cautiously. Also be careful about your diet. Engaging in spiritual activities will reduce the adverse effects of the eclipse. It is advisable to avoid important tasks and decisions currently, especially those related to business. Are you not satisfied with the growth in your business? Well, you can change the scenario. Find access to 2023 Business Report, get insights into the future of your business.

– Lunar Eclipse In The 7th House

For Cancer natives, this lunar eclipse will occur in the 7th house and hence provide mixed results. Watch your health, and remain cautious, else you may get defamed in public life. Petty issues may cause differences or disputes in marital life. Thus, especially take care to avoid misunderstandings with your life partner. Overall, this period may be challenging, says Ganesha. Are you facing problems in your married life? You can get the solutions to your marriage problems if you buy the Marital Problems Report.

– Lunar Eclipse In The 6th House

For Leo natives, this lunar eclipse will occur in the 6th house. Trouble through enemies and servants is foreseen. Hence especially control your speech, advises Ganesha. Stay calm and watch your health. Remain alert, as someone may cheat and harm you. Unexpected hurdles, difficulties or arguments in your job or workplace are therefore indicated. Differences with coworkers are likely. We need to surge ahead in profession and satisfy our ambitions. Are you stuck in profession due to various reasons? Buy the 2023 Career Report and find the methods to come out of your professional problems.

– Lunar Eclipse In The 5th House

For Virgo natives, this lunar eclipse will occur in the 5th house. This period is excellent for youngsters involved in love relationships. But, don’t be over-ambitious and also avoid difficult tasks, cautions Ganesha. Love relationships will be exciting and you will meet new people. Youngsters and students should especially remain careful about their studies. Don’t waste your time in other activities. You may be less interested in studies, hence remain focused on your studies. Doing well in studies is usually the passport to professional success in life. Are you facing problems and doubts in studies? Get the Education Ask Question: Detailed Advice Report and resolve your difficulties.

– Lunar Eclipse In The 4th House

For Libra natives, this lunar eclipse will occur in the 4th house. Hence you may remain disturbed and upset. Sometimes, you will also experience mood swings and sleeplessness. Your mother might face some health issues. You may have to stay away from your home for some duration. But, you are advised not to get distracted and wait for a better time. Also, avoid taking important decisions during this period. Some times we face difficult doubts whether to pursue job or business. Are you facing such a confusion? If yes, avail the Job Or Business Report. You will get a rich guidance.

– Lunar Eclipse In The 3rd House

For Scorpio natives, this lunar eclipse will occur in the 3rd house. Thus, you may take some blind risks, which will mostly be profitable. Establishing new contacts and meeting new people is indicated. You will also get some opportunities to progress. Take care, as relations with brothers and sisters, may be less cordial. Life is comprehensive, so are problems. But if you want to know your future and simplify life, you can try the 2023 Detailed Yearly Report.

– Lunar Eclipse In The 2nd House

For Sagittarius natives, this lunar eclipse will occur in the 2nd house. Expenses related to your home and some domestic problems may cause anxiety. Financial and family issues are also indicated. Control your speech, else you may not be unable to accomplish your work. Don’t exaggerate while speaking and avert arguments at home. Control your expenses to avoid a financial crisis, advises Ganesha. You want to grow financially but are finding it difficult due to various reasons. If such is the case, buy 2023 Finance Report. Get the rich guidance for your financial future and plan accordingly.

– Lunar Eclipse In The 1st House

For Capricorn natives, this lunar eclipse will occur in your sign and over the natal Moon. You may remain disturbed, restless and think negatively, due to its adverse effects. Besides, you may unnecessarily get annoyed and angry. Some health problems and difficulties are also indicated. You will constantly think about some issues. Hence, currently avoid taking important decisions, as you will get confused. To overcome these adversities, you are suggested to worship God and chant mantras. You may also remain upset, as the eclipse will occur in Moon’s constellation. But, you will feel relieved by chanting Shivji’s Panchakshari mantra. Life is vast and complex. This is so because it involves relationships. However, you can simplify the situation if you take recourse to Astrology. So buy the 2023 Personal Life & Relationship Report, know your future and simplify life.

– Lunar Eclipse In The 12th House

For Aquarius natives, this lunar eclipse will occur in the 12th house and thus cause some difficulties for a short duration. You may feel restrained, remain confused and disturbed. But, don’t get upset due to some negative news during this challenging period in areas like business. Are you facing problems in business? You can get your problems resolved. Gain access to 2023 Business Report and brighten your future.

– Lunar Eclipse In The 11th House

For Pisces natives this lunar eclipse will occur in the 11th house, and prove to be highly favourable, says Ganesha. Business will be profitable and unexpected financial gains are also indicated. Benefits, especially through friends or females are foreseen. Short term plans will also be gainful. Moreover, your desires will now get fulfilled and elders will also be supportive. You are likely to gain in business. But if you want to sustain these gains, you need to make sound business plans. Well, we have the means to help you. Get the 2023 Business Report and make your business move rapidly.

Whenever a solar or lunar eclipse occurs, shadow planet Rahu affects the Sun and Moon for some duration, which is known as eclipse period. You should chant Mantras related to God and perform Havan during solar or lunar eclipse period. This time is suitable for prayers. Avoid eating, drinking, sleeping and pleasure activities during solar or lunar eclipse period. The good or bad effects of any eclipse are experienced before and after 15 days from the solar or lunar eclipse date i.e for 1 month totally. Shradh and Pitru Tarpan can also be performed during solar or lunar eclipse period for the salvation of ancestors. All auspicious activities are forbidden during solar or lunar eclipse period. The entire house should be purified using Gangajal after the solar or lunar eclipse ends. Read about the Effects of Blue Moon, Supermoon and Total Lunar Eclipse.

A penumbral lunar eclipse had occurred in India on September 16, 2016. This was the last celestial event for that year and also the last lunar eclipse which was visible in the year 2016.

What To Do During The Lunar Eclipse Period:

Chant Om Namah Shivay or Mahamrityunjaya mantra using Shivji’s rudraksh mala.

Chant Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya or Vishnu Sahastranaam or Vishnu mantra to avoid adverse effects of the eclipse.

Chant Ganeshji’s Om Gan Ganpataye Namah or Sankat Nashan Ganesh Strota or Atharvashirsha mantra.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Ujjaval Raval,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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