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Why Wealth Can’t Offer You True Happiness

Why Wealth Can’t Offer You True Happiness or Complete Peace of Mind?

In this modern age of materialism, for some people, in some societies of the world, the life is all about splendid business successes, designer threads, luxurious villas, high end apartments, zooming cars, fleets of servants and hoards and hoards of moolah.

Yet, can all this make one truly happy? Can all the money in the world buy you peace? Well, there may divided opinions all around, and people struggling with money issues may feel that yes, the shining, scintillating dollars are really the panacea of all evil. But, many and many more instances around the world, over the centuries prove that money, wealth, material richness is no measure of happiness and peace – well, not always.

There are downsides to being wealthy and successful, as PepsiCo CEO and one of the most powerful women in the world recently said, “You really cannot have it all…ever!”

In your pursuit to accumulate wealth, you may have failed to enjoy your married life with your spouse, when you were still young. And, now you may regret about it, when you find that you and your spouse have grown old. The time gone by never comes back, and wealth can’t compensate for your youthful years.

Yes, you are super successful. You run your own venture, and are responsible behind all the stupendous wealth your business creates. But, don’t you work longer than most people? Are you told often by your family and friends that they don’t see much of you, because you are almost always working late?

If you want to get wealthy, certainly you will have to sacrifice a lot in order to acquire wealth in a rightful manner. As there are no short-cuts to being wealthy. In your pursuit to earn more, you work harder and in the process you may compromise on various important matters such as you may miss the opportunity to spend quality time with your kids, spouse or your parents. The days pass by and years pass by and then you realise that your kids have grown up, and you may regret later about not giving enough attention to them. It becomes very important to share the happy as well sad moments with your loved ones, so that they don’t get disheartened and move ahead in their life with confidence. Many a times, if proper care and attention is not given to your kids, there is a higher probability that they wander here and there without a proper goal and also they may get into bad company, which may harm their career.

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Your children may not study well or may not really make considerable advancement in their life. As everything is readily available to them, they may not have a goal to succeed as you had. On the contrary, they might become carefree and wasteful. Also, they might not take up responsibility in their lives. Your children will never know the true value of money.

You realise that money is unable to change your thinking. Surely, you can buy all the materialistic comforts and luxuries, but it can’t provide you with an inner peace and happiness. So, unhappy people will still be unhappy even after possessing great wealth and happy people will always remain happy when they achieve greater heights.

When somebody behaves nicely with you, it becomes all the more difficult to know if the other person is interested in you or your money. So, either you are all skeptical or you end up getting into one wrong relationship after another.

Money may start controlling your life. This is where you may lose perspective in your life.

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When you become wealthy, people may try to keep some distance from you, or you might try to keep distance from other people, as you may get into a feeling of superiority complex. Soon, you may start feeling isolated.

When you become wealthy, certainly there would be others who may be wealthier than you. You may look at them and never feel satisfied with what you have.

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