Murdoch will be fined heavily, feels Ganesha

public image or his publication's image will surely be tarnished but
somehow he will use his clout to find a way out of this logjam, feels

Rupert Murdoch,
the media mogul and the Chairman and CEO of News Corporation has been
listed three times in the 'Time 100' amongst the most influential
people in the world. He was ranked 13th most powerful person in the
world in the 2010 Forbes' The World's Most Powerful People list. With
a net worth of US$6.3 billion, he is ranked 117th wealthiest person
in the world.

from relatively humble beginnings he has expanded News Corp into the
UK, US and Asian media markets. Murdoch's first permanent foray into
TV was in the US, where he created Fox Broadcasting Company in 1986.
In the 2000s, he became a leading investor in satellite television,
the film industry and the Internet, and purchased a respected
business newspaper, The Wall Street Journal.

has been in the centre of a media storm over phone hacking issue
since the last 10 days. After a sustained public outcry and the
prospect of a unanimous call by MPs to withdraw his bid, Rupert
Murdoch has capitulated. He has also abandoned News Corporation's bid
for BSkyB and faces
the prospect of appearing in front of a judicial public inquiry to
salvage his personal reputation and the right for his company to
continue broadcasting in the UK. At such a tumultuous point of his
career, Ganesha tries to read his stars and foretell his future!

Rupert Murdoch's
birth chart

March 1931
23 hours 55 min.
Melbourne, Australia

His Natal

  • Mr. Murdoch has no
    exalted planets in his chart, despite this he is very sound
    financially and has had a highly successful career so far.

  • He
    has Saturn-Moon conjunction in the Ascendant that creates Vish Yoga!
    Mars the Lord of the 5th
    house of 'Purva Punya' is debilitated - despite this, he has been
    so successful!

We have to get into
details to understand this...

  • The Lord of his
    Bhagya Bhuvan, Sun aspects it's own sign Leo, the Bhagya Bhuvan.
    Jupiter, though in Rahu's constellation Ardra, aspects it's own sign
    Sagittarius, the Ascendant.

There is a also a
special method in Vedic Astrology System called Ashtakavarga which
can throw light on certain aspects. Following are the points derived
from Rupert Murdoch's Sarvashtakvarga.

32+32+22 = 86

23+32+29 = 84

29+22+38 = 89

26+24+26 = 76

to this method, if there are more auspicious bindus in Bandhu
compared to Sevak,
the person will be successful in business. Murdoch has 84 bindus in
Sevak and 86 bindus in Bandhu. Likewise, if there are more bindus in
comparison to Ghaatak,
the person will be able to save money out of his income. No wonder,
he has been successful and we are already aware of his financial

was a brief conclusion drawn on the Natal promise of Murdoch's chart.


Current situation

of Dasha

  • Murdoch
    is under the influence of Jupiter

    and Mars

    from 10th
    February 2011 till 17th
    January 2012. The ensuing Antardasha will be of Rahu till 12th
    June 2014, after which Saturn Mahadasha begins.

  • Ganesha
    notes that Jupiter is creating Kendradhipati Dosha in Murdoch's
    chart and is placed in Rahu's Constellation Ardra in the 7th
    house of legal battles or 'opposition'.

  • Rahu
    is in the 4th
    house, aspecting the 10th
    house of Karma. Ruler of current Antardasha, Mars is debilitated in
    the 8th

these facts, Ganesha feels that
won't be possible for Rupe
Murdoch to come out of current adversities unscathed. This matter
will continue sullying his public image during the next two to three
years. He may have to pay a hefty sum as fine

of the current transits

is transiting through the 10th
house of Karma over his Natal Ketu, forming Square with his Natal
Saturn, Moon and Jupiter. Rahu is transiting through the 12th
house from the Ascendant and the Moon.

is transiting through the 5th
house, aspecting 9th
house of luck, 11th
house of gains and the Ascendant. Jupiter rules the Ascendant and 4th
house of his chart and as stated above, is creating Kendradhipati

to the above, Ganesha feels that the
time ahead is going to be stressful for Murdoch mentally as well as
physically. He will have to strive hard to come out
Especially, Saturn's transit over Ketu can bring him down further if
he doesn't give strong fight and take necessary steps in time.


feels that Rupert Murdoch's empire will not fall apart due the phone
hacking issue but he may have to pay a hefty penalty to resolve it.
may not beaten by it and will use his clout to find a way out of this
logjam, but his image would take a major dent.


Rupert Murdoch
should try very hard to remain away from controversies and
adversities till mid of 2014 and take very good care of his health.
Specifically so, after the beginning of his Shani Mahadasha in the
mid of 2014.

Good luck and may
Lord Ganesha bless Rupert Murdoch with happy times ahead.


With Ganesha's

GaneshaSpeaks Team