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Know How Will Your Life Change After Mercury Transit In Capricorn

Know How Will Your Life Change After Mercury Transit In Capricorn

Dates For Mercury Transit In Capricorn

Starts: 28th January 2018Ends: 15th February 2018

Mercury signifies intelligence, hence if Mercury is favourably posited in the native’s horoscope that person will be intelligent. People with strong Mercury also have a very good character. Such natives have good knowledge about strategies and diplomacy. Thus, they achieve growth in the education field, business and in all the areas of life due to their intelligence. Gemini & Virgo signs belong to Mercury, and Mercury gets exalted in Virgo sign. But, Mercury becomes inauspicious in water element signs.

If Mercury is inauspicious in the horoscope, then that native is weak at making decisions. They also misuse their intelligence by speaking lies, spreading rumours and stealing. Further, if Mercury is afflicted, then that native suffers from venereal diseases, stammering, nerve weakness, delusions, intestinal problems and lack of courtesy. From 28th January 2018 to 15th February 2018 Mercury will transit in Capricorn sign. Hence, we have provided a detailed description of the impact of this planetary transit on natives of each sign.

(Please Note: The predictions are to be considered according to Moon Sign. But, some effects will also be applicable for the Ascendants like for Capricorn ascendant. If you want to know your Ascendant/Lagna Sign, click here.)

Mercury Transit In 10th House

Mercury will transit in the tenth house (Karma Sthan) from your sign, and hence prove to provide all types of happiness. You will become acquainted with influential and prestigious people. Buying a new house or vehicle, the rise in your esteem, and success in government-related work is indicated. You will be given new responsibilities in your job considering your intelligence, which will increase the prospects’ of promotion. This is also a promising period for natives seeking a new job. If you have applied for a bank loan, you will mostly succeed. Short & long journeys and meeting younger siblings are also indicated. Your efforts in profession may bear fruits. If you are more interested in knowing your career future, buy the 2023 Career Report.

– Mercury Transit In 9th House

Mercury will transit in the ninth house (Bhagya Sthan) from your sign. Hence, you will mostly go on a long-distance trip. However, make adequate preparations as per your needs, because you may face some difficulty while travelling. Some health issues and loss on the professional front is also indicated. Differences and disputes with your family members are likely. Especially avoid quarrels with your elder siblings. You may also face defamation regarding your work. Children related worries may cause more anxiety. Those pursuing higher education should pay more attention to their studies otherwise you will not get the expected results. Are you finding the complex web of relationships too taxing? You can turn the situation and gain happiness if you buy the 2023 Personal Life & Relationship Report.

– Mercury Transit In 8th House

Overall, Mercury’s transit in the eight house from your sign will provide good results during this period. The eight house indicates occult knowledge, ancestral property, sudden gain of wealth, and benefits through lotteries, in-laws, friends, the stock market or other similar activities. Receiving money from old debts is also likely or someone may unexpectedly return the money you had lent. If you want to boost your finances, we have the means. Buy the 2023 Finance Report and see the change happen in your life.

– Mercury Transit In 7th House

Mercury’s transit in the seventh house from your sign will prove to provide negative results. Hence, frequent marital disputes are indicated. Your interpersonal relationship may become very boring. The increasing stress between you and your spouse may also lead to divorce. A similar situation is also indicated for natives working in partnership. You may also have to face court issues or legal problems during this period. You can make your relationship regain its vigour. Access the 2023 Personal Life & Relationship Report and see the difference take place.

– Mercury Transit In 6th House

Overall, Mercury’s transit in the sixth house from your sign is considered to be fruitful. Progress in your job is mostly indicated. Those seeking a new job will get good opportunities. You can also expect benefits from your friends and elders. If you have applied for a bank loan, it will mostly get approved or other such pending work will be accomplished. There is also a possibility of sudden and unexpected changes in your job. Besides, gains from maternal relatives are indicated during this period. Stars see good opportunities for you in career. If you are curious to know more, buy the 2023 Career Report.

– Mercury Transit In 5th House

Mercury’s transit in the fifth house from your sign is considered to be unfavourable. Hence, you may remain very upset. You might also misuse your intelligence and sometimes get stuck in your activities. Moreover, be prepared for challenges in your job or business. Speak politely with seniors in your workplace as some arguments are indicated. You may suddenly lose your job or take a wrong decision in your job. Avoid conflicts with your father as far as possible. Differences with your life partner or love partner may hurt his/her feelings and cause discomfort. Your love relationship might suddenly break up. You may also remain tense due to ill-health of your children. You can make your life more successful. Your business can surge. Avail the 2023 Business Report and see the difference.

– Mercury Transit In 4th House

Mercury’s transit in the fourth house from your sign is considered to be very auspicious. Hence material pleasures, prosperity and owning some luxury items is foreseen. Buying a house and vehicle is also strongly indicated. Moreover, this is a good period for natives who want to go abroad. A sudden job transfer or going abroad for employment purposes is likely. The possibility of going on a short or long pilgrimage cannot be ruled out during this period. Are you planning to change your job? Have you thought whether it is the right decision or not? Get reliable guidance from our Experts.

– Mercury Transit In 3rd House

Mercury’s transit in the third house from your sign will cause hurdles in your ventures. You may think excessively regarding the new opportunities at hand, or you may fail to take timely and accurate decisions due to some reason, and thus lose good opportunities. Marketing and communication-related activities will get accomplished very easily. Differences with your superiors in office or disputes with siblings for trivial matters are also indicated. But some benefits from your friends and elders are also foreseen. Are you curious to know when will you fall in love and put an end to your ‘SINGLE’ status? Get an accurate answer from experts within 24 Hours.

-Mercury’s transit in the second house

Mercury’s transit in the second house from your sign will be favourable. Growth in your business, gains in your job and rise in your earnings are indicated. Meeting new people and getting friendly with them is very likely. You will impress people by your eloquence. Besides, you will especially be able to persuade people on the professional front and get work done as desired. You will make good use of your rationality for the happiness of your family, or to move ahead on the professional front. Rise in your income due to your life partner cannot be denied during this period. Are you feeling dissatisfied with your career? Get accurate guidance from our Experts to make big, positive changes happen.

– Mercury Transit In 1st House

Mercury’s transit in your own sign will cause mental discomfort. Capricorn men and Capricorn women will feel very sad, and also become very lazy while doing any work. Besides, you may get involved in needless debates and thus face a loss. A bitter experience related to your reputation and esteem is also indicated. Moreover, loss of wealth is likely, or you may experience some restraints. Sudden loss of job, disapproval of a loan application, or other such problems will increase your tension during this period. Are you struggling to get desired success in career? Achieve sure-shot results with help of accurate guidance from our Experts.

– Mercury Transit In 12th House

Mercury’s transit in the twelfth house from your sign may prove to be bothering and frustrating. Your anxiety will decrease your decision-making power. You are likely to suffer loss or get upset due to your near ones or children. Besides, small or big benefits may slip from your hands. You might have to face legal issues, or some unexpected problems may arise on the legal front. Some physical health issues, especially gas-acidity may increase or chronic diseases may cause more discomfort. Relationship with your in-laws may get strained, and negative results in studies are also indicated. Want to make your job more secure and get rid of existing career problems? Get accurate guidance from our Experts for assured results.

– Mercury Transit In 11th House

Mercury’s transit in the eleventh house from your sign will provide various benefits. You will experience peace of mind due to rise in your job-business earnings. Moreover, you will be able to perform better as your self-confidence will also increase. Emotional bonding between husband and wife will strengthen. Deteriorated relationships will now improve. Partnership activities will also be beneficial. Those intending to get married will find a suitable match. Gains through your elders or friends are also indicated. You will celebrate an auspicious occasion in your family or attend similar events. The stars are also favourable for those who wish to buy a new house or vehicle. Overall, you will live a happy life as your family atmosphere will be pleasant. Due to certain serious issues in your career, you may think of changing your job in coming days. Let’s find out if it is the right decision.

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