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Mars transits through Gemini

Mars transits through Gemini 2023 - According to your zodiac signs

What does Mars represent? Externally Mars is said to represent the people who are executors.

 Internally, Mars is said to represent strength, affirmativeness, boldness, will – power and motivation. If we look at the negative side, people might be impulsive, rash, impatient, aggressive, as well as forceful.

Then the question arises as to what the placement of Mars in a birth chart shows in the areas of life. It’s an expression of enthusiasm. 

Gemini is a zodiac sign which is also known to dual. The property of Dual signs helps a person to always see two sides of any situation.

 The transition of Mars in the Gemini sign is from 13 March 2023, Monday to 10 May 2023, Wednesday. Surely, it might have various Moon Signs. Let’s see how it might impact different signs. 

Now, you might function extremely well under pressure and prefer the freedom to pursue your objectives. To grow and explore new ideas, you might need your independence and freedom. You might also experience a strong sense of internal expansion. During this phase, your pioneering spirit and propensity for taking chances might help you succeed. 

Mars is said to be a functionally bad planet for Taureans, and it might move through your second house. Therefore, you need to watch your money because there is a propensity to spend recklessly now. It is better to keep an eye on your spending because you might be tempted to make unnecessary purchases. When dealing with loved ones you need to be extra cautious. You might get into arguments more readily than usual.

During this period, you might be very eager to start your old unfinished projects. You might be very close to those unfinished projects. You might feel very energetic, dynamic and aggressive in your activities. You might be assertive or combative too. You might be very independent, and your style might be direct and forceful.

Your Yogakaraka planet Mars might now transit your twelfth house. This particular transit indicates that desires and actions are generally influenced by the subconscious mind. During this period, it is advisable to be careful with your work. You might prefer to work in solitude. Repressed anger of yours might find an active channel positively under the grace of Mars.

During this period, Mars might force you to be disciplined and structure your finances. You might notice a significant increase in your finances, but the decisions you make might greatly affect your finances in the coming months. This time indicates some important financial transactions that are still very important to your financial future.

When Mars enters your tenth house, you might have the opportunity to use your experience to turn things in your favour. The hard work of the past might now start bearing fruitful results and you might be able to get support from those around you. You might also have enough funds to propagate the development. 

Things that had been no longer falling in the region might now begin getting streamlined. Your self-belief might also be boosted at the same time as this transit operates. Ganesha indicates you shun worry. This is likewise a terrific time to alternate recurring styles of lifestyle. It is advisable to devise your finances well.

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As the transit occurs in your eighth house, emotional upheavals are likely during this time. You need to make positive changes in your daily routine and engage in activities that help refresh your mind. Omkar meditation might help improve your emotional health. Business related to foreign countries might be postponed.

You are relatively stress-free now. You might strive to communicate well with those around you and achieve success. It seems that you are talented in your thinking and therefore in your communication. You might face great opportunities and be able to make the right decisions based on your intuition. This transit also augurs faster progress.

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You might encounter delays and obstacles. Also, your anger is likely to develop during this stage and might affect your chances as well. You might have to use your wits, and stay focused and determined to start something, even without any encouraging promises. As this transit progresses, the tension and pressure seem to dissipate.

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During this time, you might progress quickly. Mars transit might make you more aggressive and willing to take risks even with limited resources. This transit runs the risk of being impulsive and assertive or spreading your energy in too many directions. Professionally, you might implement your plans accordingly. Make sure you make the right decision.

This time might make you a little sloppy. Maybe you don’t care what people think and say. You want to exercise your freedom more than usual, and you don’t want to be accountable to anyone, be it your family or the office. You might not want to be tied down to anything. You have been neglecting some important things related to your career for a long time.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,