Know How Will Mars Transit In Virgo Impact Your Life

Mars Transit In Virgo Predictions
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Dates for Mars Transit In Virgo

Starts: 13th October 2017
Ends: 30th November 2017

Mars: The Planet Of Energy And Action

Mars being the aggressive planet transiting in the mutable sign Virgo will inspire you to multi-task and occupy yourself with a lot of work. Mars wants to act and Virgo men and Virgo women want everything to be perfect, so this transit will help you act perfectly or teach you to be perfect in your activities. Mars' energy will have a practical approach and help you work on a project and achieve it. As the practical mindset rules this time period, you may not be too aggressive and this could help you focus on your goals. However, the tendency to overreact and become moody at times can’t be ignored. Mars also moves in retrograde motion sometimes. It is called Mars retrograde but this has not happened in 2017. The attitude during Mars transit can have a huge impact on your life, so let us see what this transit, which will be effective from 13th October to 30th November 2017, has in store for you.  

[Please Note: The predictions are to be considered according to Moon Sign. But, some effects will also be applicable for the Ascendants. If you want to know your Ascendant/Lagna Sign, click here.]

Mars Transit 2017: Mars In Virgo – Predictions For The 12 Moon Signs

Mars Transit In Virgo 2017 For Aries

- Mars Transit In 6th House

As Mars will transit through the 6th house of employment, you will finally take action towards furthering your career. This may push you to go to the gym and maintain your health as per Mars in Virgo. Also, you are likely to improve your skills which will help improve your work and productivity. So, now you will become active and work on changing your daily routine for improvement in your life as per Mars Transit 2017. You would be focused on your health, but you are likely to be stressed over financial issues. There would be periods when you are likely to take rash decisions regarding your work and finances which could impact you negatively. Your personal life is likely to get disturbed due to this transit as you might focus on the negative side of your life. This would create unnecessary stress. Therefore, you should stay patient and maintain a positive mindset towards life. Stars predict that you will be dynamic. This will also reflect in your profession. But if you are curious to know more about the future of your career, buy the 2018 Career Report

Mars Transit In Virgo 2017 For Taurus

- Mars Transit In 5th House

This transit is likely to bring attention to your relationships. Your attitude towards your partner will be a bit bold and you may be blunt with them while expressing your views. This could be presented as dominance from your side in a relationship according to Mars transit. Also, the period indicates that you will be planning to travel with your dear ones. This may again develop your interest in sports or some creative activities as per Mars Transit 2017. This would be a great time to showcase your unique skills. You would have the required courage to take up any physical activity in this period. Your interest in spiritual or religious work could also increase in this period and you would be drawn to participate in such events. There are also chances of you joining some group connected to alternate therapy. You may get into arguments or disagreements with your children during this time. They would need your attention in this period but you need to be calm with them according to Astrology. You may get a different perspective by reading your daily horoscope or getting your birth chart analysed. The special position of Mars also creates a situation called Mangal Dosha. There may be some problems in your relationships. But you can get them pre-empted. You can do this if you know your future. We have the means, buy the 2018 Personal Life & Relationship Report

Mars Transit In Virgo 2017 For Gemini

- Mars Transit In 4th House

You would put all your efforts and energy in your home life. Your actions will be directly or indirectly focused on your inner desires. These actions will have an impact on your career and there might be some important changes coming your way professionally. You are likely to fulfill your goals or desires with the help of your family members in accordance with Mars in Virgo Vedic Astrology. There could be disagreements or conflicts but they would be resolved logically as you will be reasonable as per Mars Transit 2017. You may think of buying or selling off a property. There could also be a renovation at home, and you might invite your friends to check it out. There will be a lot of gathering during this period. All these things are likely to give you the courage to move towards your goals and achievements. Make sure that you take care of your family members and their health. It appears that your family members will co-operate with you in fulfilling your career goals. Do you want to know more about the future of your career? Buy the 2018 Career Report and know your future

Mars Transit In Virgo 2017 For Cancer

- Mars Transit In 3rd House

You would need to make efforts to improve your relationships. This may involve a short trip as per Mars transit in Virgo. You could also get a chance to travel regarding professional matters. You may participate in some adventure activities and could hurt yourself during this period. It could also mean that you would take risks and do some seemingly impossible work. You would invest in speculation and there are high chances that you may benefit from this as per Mars Transit 2017. This phase is very good to interact with intellectual people and discuss your future plans. You are likely to get inspired by them and would take steps to imbibe those qualities. You would be curious to gather information regarding your field and would add some value to your qualifications as time progresses. All you have to do is keep learning and exploring your own talent. This will help you grow and perform better at your workplace as per the findings of astrologers. You can also get your future checked using Zodiac signs. This will be a time for personal growth. However, personal growth gets obstructed if we don't share good relationships with others. If you want to know the future of your relationships, buy the 2018 Personal Life & Relationship Report

Mars Transit In Virgo 2017 For Leo

- Mars Transit In 2nd House

You would feel lucky in terms of finances. You are likely to get help or support from your family members according to Mars in Virgo sign. You would take action regarding your health and fitness in this period. You are likely to travel with your family members for some auspicious events in the family. Your entire focus will be on your domestic life. This time will be filled with celebration. However, it would be advisable if you speak after thinking twice as it would be helpful in avoiding any kind of arguments or conflicts with dear ones. You are likely to take decisions regarding your finances very practically as per Mars Transit 2017. This period would help you plan your finances wisely. However, you should avoid taking a decision in haste as this could affect your finances. You are likely to be more vocal about your career plans. You would be actively involved in your future plans about your career or studies. Ganesha has suggested you to exercise caution while taking financial decisions. But you can know much more about your financial future. You can know it if you buy the 2018 Finance Report

Mars Transit In Virgo 2017 For Virgo

- Mars Transit In 1st House

As Mars enters Virgo, you are likely to give importance to learning and exploring new things regarding your career. You would be making efforts to improve your relations with your family members in accordance with Virgo compatibility. You are likely to see sudden changes happening in your life. You would try to make more connections or relations so that you could transform yourself. You would need to be careful regarding your health as seasonal changes may affect your health as per Mars Transit 2017. You would be curious to fulfill your desires and goals in this period and due to this, you would act in haste which could create obstacles in reaching your destination. You need to criticize less and keep a positive attitude towards your goals. You are likely to take unnecessary risks in this period. So, you should be aware and take advice before taking important decisions. You may suffer from loss or your expenses might increase in this period. Thus, be careful and take proper care of your health. Wealth is important for so many things, even for health. We can generate wealth only if there is good financial income. Do you want to foresee your future financial situation? Buy the 2018 Finance Report and know how will you fare financially

Mars Transit In Virgo 2017 For Libra

- Mars Transit In 12th House

You would be worried regarding your finances. Your expenses are likely to increase and during this period your investment may not prove to be beneficial as per Mars transit 2017 effects. You may be worried about your spouse as he/she may be having health issues. You could also face other issues with them if you don’t handle things harmoniously. This is a period when you need to avoid making commitments as you may not be able to fulfill them. Your actions regarding your career may also not go in your favour during this period. Your actions could turn into challenges or negative situations in this period as per Mars Transit 2017. Thus, you should be well prepared for any adverse effects on your life as this period progresses. You are likely to sound very mean and rude as you could have a lot of complaints and unfinished work which could frustrate you easily. So, you should try that others don’t misunderstand you and clear any doubts, if any, before they blow out of proportion. It's not a very good time for your wealth  generation. But you can make it good if you clear obstacles and confusion. This can happen if you buy the Wealth Ask a Question Report

Mars Transit In Virgo 2017 For Scorpio

- Mars Transit In 11th House

You would be making efforts to substantially improve your health during this period. You could be worried about your career. This may add to your financial worries as well according to Mars transit 2017 predictions. As you are stressed about your finances and career progress, in turn, it would be hard for you to focus on your family life. You should ensure that this does not lead you to depression. You may even face disagreements with your friends in this period, which could make them drift apart if you don’t resolve issues soon. You are likely to make necessary improvements in your career which will help you progress as per Mars Transit 2017. Eventually, you will see positive changes in your finances. You may travel or go to far-flung places in this period and it will help you come up with solutions to your current issues. You clearly need to find out a way to work on yourself. Happiness comes when we share good relationships with the people around us. Are you facing personal issues? You can buy the Remedial Solutions for Personal Issues Report and get your problems resolved

Mars Transit In Virgo 2017 For Sagittarius

- Mars Transit In 10th House

You are likely to travel regarding work matters as per Mars in Virgo in 10th house. You could also see that your luck is in your favour and you should take advantage of this period. There would be changes coming your way on the career front and this will be favourable for you. Your creativity at work will be at its peak according to the effect of Mars transit in Virgo. You are likely to do your research before taking up any assignment. You would be imaginative and very unique in your approach during this period. You may spend to invest in your business or work in this period. You are likely to add some skills for your overall progress as per Mars Transit 2017. You may be worried about your finances but you would do well and it will be appreciated only if you avoid negative thoughts. This is the period when you need to execute your plans about your career and take responsibilities of your work. You may think too much and this could delay your work, so you should be patient and let go of negativities. You will need efforts to move ahead in life. You can surge ahead in career if you choose the right things. Buy the Career Ask A Question Report and get the clarity

Mars Transit In Virgo 2017 For Capricorn

- Mars Transit In 9th House

You would be giving some quality time to your dear ones as per the planetary transits. Your friends and family will help you support your career and goals in life during this period. You should not hesitate to take their help and move ahead in life. You are likely to give your work a break during this time and would be willing to have some fun time which is very rare in your case. This is the best period to sort out differences between you and your partner. However, there are chances that you could get angry easily and the only chance you had would be missed. So, make sure that you are able to express your feelings without getting angry as per Mars Transit 2017. You are likely to give importance to your relationship. There would be sudden financial gain as well in this period and this reward could be something which was long overdue. Stars foretell that you will give importance to your relationship. Are you having some serious issues in relationship? You can get it clarified with Relationships Ask Question: Detailed Advice Report.  

Mars Transit In Virgo 2017 For Aquarius

- Mars Transit In 8th House

This period may not be much in your favour as you could see some downfall in your career. There could be a lot of oppositions on your path and this would block your success as per Mars transit in 8th house. You would have to make a lot of efforts in this period as the time demands you to be hardworking and not give up your goals. Luck may not be in your favour but if you continue your efforts like this, eventually it will get paid off. There would be uncertainty but you would come out of this situation if you stick to your plans. You may have to make amends with your younger siblings and spend some time with them as per Mars Transit 2017. If you plan to travel during this period, you should be prepared for any sudden situations as there might be some last moment changes in your plans. If you are more interested in knowing your future, access the Premium Janampatri Report

Mars Transit In Virgo 2017 For Pisces

- Mars Transit In 7th House

You are likely to be concerned regarding your finances. You would also try to save but there would be some or the other expenses coming your way. You may also have to be careful regarding your health. During this period, you would be acting on your plans regarding career. However, you should keep in mind that let things take their time and you should not hurry to get the result soon. As this could go against you and it may delay your work as well. You are likely to travel during this period and it may help you give a fresh start to your work as per Mars Transit 2017. You should be aware of what you speak as in this period, you could be involved in some arguments. You may need to control your temper to avoid any clashes with your partner or your colleagues. We need to take our career very seriously. Are you longing for a solution to your career problem? If yes, access the Remedial Solutions for Career Report

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