Lal Kitab guidelines for donating or gifting things associated with planets

It is a general rule that if a planet is exalted or well placed in the horoscope, the Karak objects of those planets should not be donated or gifted. On the other hand, accepting gifts of these planets is considered auspicious. If the planet is debilitated or badly placed in the horoscope then the Karak objects of such planets can be gifted or donated, but should not be accepted as gifts or as donations. Ganesha provides the details:


Sun gets exalted in the 1st House, therefore one should not gift or donate wheat, copper or jaggery. Sun gets debilitated in the 7th House and gets weak in the 8th House. Gifting or donating things associated with Sun will prove fruitful. One thing which should be kept in mind is that donating the Karak objects of Sun should not be done during morning or evening time. This would weaken the Sun. One should donate at mid-day when the Sun is strong.

Know here Sun importance in a particular house:

Sun in 1st House | Sun in 2nd House | Sun in 3d House | Sun in 4th House | Sun in 5th House | Sun in 6th House | Sun in 7th House | Sun in 8th House | Sun in 9th House | Sun in 10th House | Sun in 11th House | Sun in 12th House


If Moon gets exalted in:
Moon in 2nd House - one should not gift silver, milk or rice etc.
Moon in the fourth house- same as for Moon in the 2nd House.
Moon in 6th House- arranging free distribution of water or milk will be inauspicious.
Moon gets debilitated in the 8th House. So things associated with Moon can be donated but should not be accepted as gifts.


Mercury gets exalted in the 6th House. So one should not gift things associated with Mercury like flowers, things made of glass, musical instrument etc.
Mercury gets debilitated in the 12th House. So gifting the above items will always be fruitful.


4TH House: Should not donate or gift books, gold etc. This could result in problems in education.
7th House: One should not gift new clothes to any sadhu or saint.
10th House: When Jupiter is placed in the 10th House and Moon aspects Jupiter from the 4th House then a person should not donate for the construction of any religious place. By doing so he might get involved in false allegations.


Venus gets debilitated in the 6th House. One can gift clothes, cosmetic items, perfumes etc.
12th House: Venus gets exalted in the 12th House, therefore none of the above items should be gifted.


Saturn gets debilitated in the 1st House so gifting liquor, things made of leather, donating cement etc. for any religious place would be auspicious. Drinking free liquor will have an adverse effect.
8th House: If a person constructs a Dharamshala for free stay for travelers, it might make him homeless.


Rahu is considered inauspicious in the 1st 2nd 5th 7th and 9th Houses. Therefore one should not accept any gift of electrical equipments, ivory or lead.


Ketu is considered inauspicious in 3rd 6th and 8th Houses. Therefore one should not accept anything like banana or dogs as pets. They can be gifted though.

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