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Lal Kitab Gifting Ideas for Signs

Lal Kitab Gifting Ideas for Signs

Lal Kitab is one of the perfect books, as there are best remedies in Lal Kitab.

There are various genres of Lal Kitab. e.g. There is lal Kitab for marriage or lal Kitab for bad neighbours etc. Various writers such as Pandit Krishan Ashant, Jagmohan Mahajan lal Kitab, or lal Kitab by Roop Chand Joshi with varied genres. Lal Kitab can now be bought online as well

It is a general rule that if a planet is exalted or well placed in the horoscope, the Karak objects of those planets should not be donated or gifted. On the other hand, accepting gifts from these planets is considered auspicious. If the planet is debilitated or incorrectly placed in the horoscope, then the Karak objects of such worlds can be gifted or donated but should not be accepted as gifts or as donations. Ganesha provides the details:

Sun gets exalted in the 1st House. Therefore one should not gift or donate wheat, copper or jaggery. Sun gets debilitated in the 7th House and gets weak in the 8th House. Giving or donating things associated with the Sun will prove fruitful. It would help if you kept in mind that donating the Karak objects of Sun should not be done during the morning or evening time. This would weaken the Sun. One should present at midday when the Sun is strong.

If Moon gets exalted in:

Moon in 2nd House – one should not give silver, milk or rice etc.

Moon in the fourth House– same as for Moon in the 2nd House.

Moon in 6th House– arranging free distribution of water or milk will be inauspicious.

Moon gets debilitated in the 8th House. So things associated with the Moon can be donated but should not be accepted as gifts.

Mercury gets exalted in the 6th House. So one should not give things associated with Mercury like flowers, items made of glass, musical instruments etc.

Mercury gets debilitated in the 12th House. So gifting the above items will always be fruitful.

4TH House: Should not donate or gift books, gold etc. This could result in problems in education.

7th House: One should not give new clothes to any sadhu or saint.

10th House: When Jupiter is placed in the 10th House and Moon aspects Jupiter from the 4th House, a person should not donate to construct any religious place. By doing so, he might get involved in false allegations.

Saturn gets debilitated in the 1st House, so gift liquor, things made of leather, donating cement etc., for any religious place. Drinking free alcohol will have an adverse effect.

8th House: If a person constructs a Dharamshala for a free stay for travellers, it might make him homeless.

Rahu is considered inauspicious in the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th and 9th Houses. Therefore one should not accept any gift of electrical equipment, ivory or lead.

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Ketu is considered inauspicious in the 3rd, 6th and 8th Houses. Therefore one should not accept anything like bananas or dogs as pets. They can be gifted, though.

Following are the general remedies for the lal Kitab

Feed dogs every day. It would be even more beneficial to feed a black dog.

Consume Organic Jaggery daily

Offer water to the peepal, banyan, and neem.

Donate coins

Feed animals such as dog, cat, crow, bird etc

Keep water in copper or silver vessels

Go to Hanuman Temple, recite Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays and Saturdays

Apply Chandan tilak

Below are the few remedies because of which you can altogether avert and avoid bad days and make sure every day is one of those days where everything is perfect and things are falling in place

Hanuman Chalisa:- Read Hanuman Chalisa every day before leaving the House

Feed Animals:- By feeding cows, dogs, crows, a physically disabled person, you earn a virtue called Vishwadeva Yagya Karma.

Keep an aquarium in the House. Make sure you keep eight goldfish and one blackfish in the aquarium. If any of the fish dies, replace it.

Aries:- Lal Kitab remedies may help you in kick-starting the delayed work.

Taurus:- Donate as much as you can and eat in silver vessels

Gemini:- Don’t use anything made of leather. Respect Women.

Cancer:- Apply Chandan on the forehead. Drink milk mixed with saffron and turmeric.

Leo:- Respect the elders. Feed animals.

Virgo:- Fast on Wednesday and do not indulge in abuse and name-calling

Libra:- Eat in copper vessels. Do not apply mustard oil to your head.

Scorpio:- Donate milk and rice to the poor. Feed monkeys on Tuesday

Sagittarius:- Offer grains to the birds. Wear a gold ring.

Capricorn:- Avoid wearing red, blue, black colour clothes.

Aquarius:- Keep four small silver coins is considered auspicious.

Pisces:- Flow coin in the river and donate to the needy.

Above was a brief of a few lal Kitab remedies and solutions. If you would like to get personalized answers and treatments, you can talk to an astrologer now!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team