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What Will Jupiter Transit in Pisces 2022 Bring To Your Sign?

In Vedic Astrology, transits are fascinating events. First, they are inevitable, and second, you never know what they will bring to your life. Especially when there is a major transit like Jupiter’s, you got to pay attention! The teacher among the planets, the bestower of knowledge and wit, Jupiter, will transit in Pisces on April 13, 2022.

Now, Pisces itself is ruled by Jupiter, and therefore, the phenomenon will hold even more significance. Now, it’s time to see how these effects will affect your moon sign.

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Jupiter’s transit in Pisces will happen for the 12th house in Aries. That is likely to make many of your worries go away. Jupiter will also aspect the sixth house, which may help you with many of your health issues.

During this time, you may try to strengthen your finances. Expenses are also likely to be on the higher side. You may invest in a property as a result of this transit. For those who work or do a business, this may be the time for new beginnings.

The atmosphere at your home is likely to be harmonious and happy. Some auspicious functions may also take place at your house. The only thing you need to be careful about can be the unnecessary expenses


The Transit of Jupiter may prove to be better than average for you. The transit for Taurus will take place in the 11th house. This period may fetch you some respect. Any worries related to children may also go away during this time.

Finances may be stable, and if you are a salaried employee, your relations with your seniors are likely to improve. Those who are dreaming about a love marriage may find success. If you are planning to propose to someone, this may be a good time for that also.

Relationships with your siblings are likely to improve under the influence of this transit. For married people, tense situations with spouses are likely to reduce. Students may apply for a new course, and the times may prove to be fruitful for them.


The transit will take place in the 10th house for Gemini. Physically, you are likely to feel fit, and if there was a long ailment bugging you, you are likely to feel better. If there is money stuck somewhere, it may come back to you as well.

Somehow, you may also find help for a long-pending project of yours. Business people are likely to benefit from this transit, and they may expand their business during this time. New projects may also come knocking on your doors.

Married life is likely to be full of harmony and peace. You can worship Lord Ganesha to make the most out of this transit. This time is likely to be great for your career, too. Though not only this transit, you can decode a lot about your year, with your Free 2023 Report.


Jupiter Transit in Pisces will take place in the 9th house for Cancer. In the sign of Cancer, Jupiter is an exalted planet. The transit, therefore, is likely to be good for the Cancer natives. You are likely to go on long-religious trips during this time.

You may think about a long investment and if you want to go ahead with that, make sure you have all the ground covered. Employed people may get new opportunities despite being busy.

Those who want to get married are likely to find someone. If you are already married, the tension in your relationship may subside slowly. Overall, the transit seems to be good for Cancer.


For Leo, the transit will take place in the 8th house. You may need to take special care of your health during this time. Financially, things may improve, but your expenses are also likely to go up with time.

Relationships with your in-laws may improve. Issues that you might be having with your family members may also go away. However, it is important to keep your anger in check. Those who are looking for a job may have to wait a little longer.

Business people are likely to start a new venture. Your pending works may get completed during this time. One piece of advice for you would be to be careful while driving.


For Virgo, the transit will take place in the 7th house. Some old ailments may go away during this time; however, you may need to keep an eye on the weight you gain.

Both salaried employees and business people may benefit from this Jupiter Transit in Pisces. If you work in a partnership, you may need to be careful. There may be some issues with your partner if you are in a relationship.

Financially, this may be an average period. Some new expenses may bug you. This year, you should avoid starting any new ventures. The times look to be positive for those who are single.


Libra is ruled by Venus. For Libra natives, the transit in Pisces would happen in the 6th house. The 6th house is also called the house of enemies and diseases. The times ahead may be a little tough for you.

You may get suddenly ill, especially with issues related to the stomach. However, Jupiter’s transit in the 6th house can benefit you in terms of your work & career. Businesses related to overseas may fetch you some joy.

On the other hand, you may get into arguments with your life partner. You may apply for a loan. This time, plan your investments better to make the most out of them. And did you know this isn’t the only major transit of the year? Find out the impact of planetary transits on your life with our Personalised Major Transit Report.


The transit of Jupiter in Pisces will take place in the 5th house for Scorpio. This is the house of education and children. Overall, this transit may be positive for you. You may propose a special one.

Physically, you are likely to feel fit. Some old investments can also fetch you some benefits. Students are likely to join new courses and enjoy good times under the influence of this transit.

Issues in the relationships are likely to be resolved. Salaried employees may improve their relations with their seniors. Overall, the transit is likely to bring many positive results for Scorpio natives.


The transit may be taking place in Pisces, but Sagittarius and Pisces both are ruled by Jupiter. However, this transit for Sagittarius will take place in the fourth house. You are advised to take care of your mother’s health.

You may feel your field of work expanding, and therefore there may be new opportunities for those who work at a job. You may plan to buy new property or a vehicle during this time. Financially, it seems to be a good time for you.

If there is any disputed ancestral property, you may benefit from it. For those who are planning to travel overseas, this may be a good time. Married life is likely to be above average.


This transit is likely to be average for the Capricorn. It will take place in the 3rd house for you, which is the house of siblings and great deeds. Your relationships with your siblings may improve.

If you are having any disputes with them, they may get sorted with time. You are likely to make many trips during this time, and a number of them would be for religious purposes.

Some hardships can be foreseen for both salaried employees and business people. With your colleagues, try to behave calmly. Health-wise, you may develop an interest in Yoga and Pranayam.


Jupiter’s transit will take place in the 2nd house for Aquarius. This time, it is advisable for you to take care of your health. Ancestral properties are also likely to bring some disputes. You may inspire people with your speech.

In terms of wealth, some sudden benefits can be foreseen. Those who are looking for a job may succeed in finding one. And for those who already have one, the time at your workplace is likely to be enjoyable.

It is advisable for you to be careful while driving. Business people may find well-needed support from their customers. Married people may also improve relations with their partners. Albeit, some arguments may come up, nothing serious! Avoid arguments by understanding your relationship with your partner better. If you are already facing some issues in your relationship, you can always consult our expert for the most accurate astrological guidance.


For Pisces, Jupiter will transit to its own sign. The transit will take place in the 1st house. Your relations with your spouse are likely to improve under the influence of this transit. You may feel the wavelengths synching!

People around you are likely to praise you for your intelligence. You may be excited about learning something new. Business people are likely to work hand in hand with their partners to expand their business.

Salaried employees may also feel their performance improving. Seniors are likely to praise you for your work. You may work towards finishing your pending work during this time.

According to independence day, Aug 15, 1947, India has a Taurus Ascendant. The transit of Jupiter in Pisces will take place in the 11th house of India’s solar chart. This indicates a time of change for the country.

The relationships with other countries are also likely to grow. For the people of the country, many schemes may be implemented by the government. Many long-term issues in the country may also get resolved.

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