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Importance Of Hora Chart - GaneshaSpeaks

According to Indian astrology, a horoscope is prepared at the time of the child’s birth. Depending on the time and the positioning of planets, each hour is of utmost importance. The word ‘Hora’ translates into ‘Hour’ which signifies the prominence of each hour. The Hora Chart prepared gives brief information on which planets work in our favor and which ones are detrimental! There are 16 types of divisional charts and these are known as Shodashvarg Kundalis. However, there are a few astrologers who prepare six types of charts known as Shadvarg Kundalis.

Types Of Divisional Charts:

  • Janma Lagna (Kshetra)
  • Hora
  • Dreshkan
  • Saptamansha
  • Navamsha
  • Dwada-shansha
  • Trishansha
  • Chaturthansha
  • Dashansha
  • Shodashansha
  • Vinshansha
  • Chaturvishansha
  • Bhansha
  • Khavedansha
  • Akshavedansha
  • Shashtyansha

Generally, people are familiar with only Janma Lagna & Navamsa charts. But, an astrologer also has to study all these charts before predicting the Dashas, transits & various yogas in it. Hora is usually studied for the wealth of the native i.e. his/her financial condition during the entire life span. The Hora chart is divided into 2 parts. It has only 2 Lagnas/Rashis- Cancer & Leo. All the first 15 degrees of male Rashis (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius & Aquarius) come under Leo. Also, the next 15 degrees come under Cancer. On the other hand, all the first 15 degrees of female Rashis (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn & Pisces) come under Cancer and the next 15 degrees come under Leo. From a Kshetra chart (with the degrees of all the planets including Lagna), it is easy to find out a Hora Lagna & the position of all the planets. Know more about the position of your planets, stars and zodiac during the time of your birth with our Premium Janampatri!

Allocation of Points as per the planets under Hora Chart:

  • 5 points to the exalted planet (only Jupiter will get this if it is placed in Cancer Hora).
  • 4 points to a planet, which is the Lord of the Hora (only Moon will get it if it is placed in Cancer Hora, or Sun will get it if it is placed in Leo Hora).
  • 3 points to a planet placed in a friend’s Hora (Rashis).
  • 2 points to a planet placed in neutral Hora.
  • 1 point to a planet placed in the enemy’s Hora.
  • 0 points to a planet placed in debilitated Rashis (only Mars will get it if it is placed in Cancer Hora).

A noteworthy point here is that all people are born either on Hora of the Sun (Daytime) or the Hora of the Moon (Night-Time). Moreover, the strong planets in the Hora of the Sun includes Sun, Venus and Jupiter whereas in the Hora of the Moon the stronger planets are Moon, Mars and Saturn. To add further, in the case of Mars & Jupiter in Cancer Hora, they will not get any point for being in a friend’s Hora. One has to double the points if planet/Lagna is in the same type of Rashi (male/female) & reduce the points to half if planet/Lagna is in the other type of Rashi (male/female).

Thus, through this study, astrologers can derive which Hora is more powerful. If the 2nd House is powerful in the case of a Cancer Lagna in Hora chart, the native will accumulate or earn good wealth. If the 12th House is powerful in case of a Leo Lagna in Hora chart, the native will experience financial constraints. It may so happen that both the Rashis/2nd House/12th House are equal in points. In this case, the native will not make a lot of money but will maintain what he/she inherits. Get our Saturn Transit Report and know how Sade-Sati will affect your financial status for this year!

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