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World Heart Day 2019: Heart Astrology

World Heart Day 2019: Heart Astrology

Astrology is huge and very detailed. It is a science discovered thousands of years ago, that connects humans and the Solar system in a peculiar way. But this unique connection also helps in predicting a variety of events that may take place in one’s life. Each house is affiliated with a certain aspect of life and creates an impact on it as per the planetary combinations.

On the occasion of World Heart Day 2019, celebrated on September 29, Ganesha will enlighten us about how the heart and Astrology are correlated! The heart is one of the most crucial organs of the body that keeps us alive. Apart from that, the heart is also usually associated with a variety of emotions that it carries, the connection with the soul, so on and so forth. Let us dig deeper into what rules the heart and how can it be associated with astrology. We shall also look at the planets and diseases in astrology concerning the heart.

As per Indian Astrology, various houses represent various limbs of the body, where each limb has its significance. Primarily, the 4th house from Lagna (Ascendant) and Chandra (Moon) represents the portion of the chest, lungs & heart. This means, that the 4th house is linked with these parts of the body and any negative impact on the same may have been a result of certain planetary combinations in the 4th house. It is also said that an 11-Mukhi Rudraksha can work for the betterment of your heart.

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Furthermore, the 4th sign in the universal zodiac, Cancer (Karka), also represents the heart in general. This is why we see Cancerians being so sentimental and full of emotions.

Under the science of chakras, the prime signifier of the heart is the ‘Sun’. As far as the Heart Chakra (Anahat Chakra) is concerned, this chakra is ruled by the planet of Mercury which is also known as the Messenger of the Gods. This planet is directly associated with the areas near the lungs, ears, arms, and chest. Also, Mercury is often regarded as a planet that is associated with expressions, emotions, and relationships.

To add further, Mercury rules the nervous system and Mars represents blood flow whereas the Moon represents fluid in the human body. Hence, if more than three planets become afflicted in inimical houses then it may cause some troubles to the portion of the chest, lungs or heart.

With respect to esoteric astrology, the Heart Chakra has a direct relation with Agna Chakra (located between the eyebrows on the forehead). Hence, too much pressure on the mind or intense emotional pressure directly impacts the heart chakra too. In other words, diseases don’t directly impact any organ of our body. They come through the Agna Chakra. Hence, it is necessary to protect our Agna Chakra by preventive remedial measures as well.

If the 4th house in a birth chart is highly afflicted then it may have a negative impact on the heart too! Especially, the malefic planetary transit over the natal malefic planet causes more harmful effects.

Mantras are a great way to evoke consciousness and exercise concentration. It is a tool to energize the body, mind, and soul. Therefore, they also have medical benefits depending on the mantras chanted.

For example, the remedy of planet Sun plays an important role to cure heart diseases because it is closely related to the heart. Thus, mantras like the Suryashtak and Aditya Hruday Stotra assist in gaining a more powerful heart which helps in keeping away from heart diseases.

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Stotras like Ram Raksha and Devi Kavach are also of prime importance as far as divine protection is concerned, reminds Ganesha on the occasion of World Heart Day 2019.

With Ganesha’s Grace,