Myths Behind Each Gemstones

Myths Behind Each Gemstones

Humans are a part of the universe and have descended from it. We feel uniquely pulled towards endowments of universe as there are many elements which are shared. One of such endowments are gemstones and other minerals which have always been close to our heart.
Regardless of their captivating beauty, these stones are also said to possess mystical powers and energies which if harnessed properly can turn fortunes for humans and also bring in good health and luck.

Types of Gemstones

Every gemstone known to us is special in its own manner and abilities. It is common to hear how gemstones have produced significant and quantifiable results for the native. Gemstones as per Hindu astrology can derive their power and energy from the nine planets. This also means every gemstone has a specifically associated planet.

Let us explore different types of gemstone as per their planetary significance:

1- Ruby: Sun is considered as a planet in Vedic astrology and is a powerful one. It stands for life and vitality. Every religion around the world has endowed the Sun with divine powers. Ruby, which due to its colour is related to the lifeblood is said to draw its strength from the Sun. It bestows brightness, fame, brilliance and lot of respect to the native. One is able to rise to the highest sense of self and likely to endowed with personal power.

2- Pearl: Sharing its white and pure form with the Moon, it is said to derive its strength from it. Moon is said to have influence over the human emotions due to its changing energies. Astrology also links Moon with an increased form of intuition. Wearing a pearl brings more balance of emotions, peace of mind, prosperity and also said to be associated with an increase in the number of vehicles.

3- Emerald: It is said to share its energy with the Mercury, which is also known as a planet of words, speech and even increases business transactions, travel and humour. Most benefits of wearing an emerald are based around its clarity, and it is said to bring better communication skills, increased speech and writing, and clarity in thought and vision. It is said to bestow huge success in business, mental growth and also an epic sense of humour.

4- Red Coral: Mars is the planet of influence and fosters the benefits linked with wearing the Red Coral. Mars is infamous as a highly ferocious planet and is endowed with a lot of strength and arrogance, courage and even is linked with war. It is said to increase endurance in the native and leads to greater motivation, strength, courage and a great athletic ability.

5- Diamond: Diamonds are known to be ruled by Venus; no wonder it is said women are from Venus. Venus is said to bring a lot of strength, promote healthier relationships, create luxury and enhances the creative angle of a person. It ensures healthy and general vitality of a woman.

6- Blue Sapphire: The most sought-after gemstone as it is often associated with untold wealth and fortune for the native. It is also ruled by Saturn which is also one of the least understood planets in Astrology. Everyone has a different view of it. People are generally fearful of it as it is said to bear a weighty influence and can usher laziness, and a careless attitude in one’s life. However, when in its auspicious avatar it can be highly bountiful and in combination with blue sapphire brings in a lot of positivity, discipline and humility.

7- Yellow Sapphire: Ruled by Jupiter, Yellow Sapphires also bring in a lot of wealth, good fortune, education, wisdom and even generosity. It is known as Guru in Sanskrit and hence stands for great wisdom, abundance, enlightenment and even spirituality. Yellow Sapphire, when uses the powers of Jupiter brings in wealth, enlightenment, enhances the health of children, education and generosity.

8- Hessonite: It derives its strength from Rahu, which is actually a shadow planet or in other words are the ones which cause solar and lunar eclipses. Mathematical, they are just spatial coordinates. It along with Ketu is often active in transit in one’s birth chart and causing devastation to the life of the native. Hessonite is said to foster the energies of Rahu and brings in a lot of good fortune and wealth. Many people often wear it for protection. It is highly recommended that it should be worn only after strict Vedic prescription as it is also known to bring misfortune otherwise.

9- Cat’s Eye: This gemstone derives its influence from the Moon and is known to stand for liberation, non-attachment, spiritual development, etc. Cat’s Eye gemstone is strongly charged by its influence and with the power of the planet brings in a lot of spiritual development, higher knowledge and promotes divine connections. Yet again, it has to be worn only after proper prescription and taking special care of the Rahu Mahadasha.

Hence we see healing properties of gemstones and other benefits are based on the influence of the ruling planet. There are many other considerations which need to be factored in before you adorn any gemstone as it may lead to negative consequences.

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Gemstone Meanings

Here are some meanings associated with some popular gemstones:
1- Ruby: It is considered as the “king” of all the precious gemstones as in Hinduism it was popularly believed in early ages that by offering fine rubies to Lord Krishna, one would be born as an Emperor. Ruby is also mentioned in the Bible at least four times denoting wisdom and beauty. It has many references in many other early cultures as well, where it was related to the power of life due to its colour.

2- Lapiz Lazuli: It finds its relationship being drawn with the royalty and deities. It is also believed that the idea of a royal blue colour has also descended from it only. Ancient Egyptian texts have believed that the gemstone has effectively come from the heavens and also are instrumental in giving protection afterlife. Egyptians make extensive use of it in their statues, in jewellery, and many burial masks. It was also placed in many tombs in Europe, Asia, and even Africa.

3- Emerald: The emerald finds its meaning in the popular legend in which God presented it to King Solomon, which had in effect given him power over the entire creation. Individuals from the Inca empire had used them in their religious ceremonies and also in their jewellery. Spanish in early times had more inclination towards gold and precious metals and were involved in a trade of gemstones for these. It is said that it is this trade which had brought the European and Asian royals closer to gemstones. Emeralds were also then believed to be effective against evil spirits.

4- Moonstone: Hindu astrology places a great emphasis on this and believes that it is comprised of real moonbeams in solid form. Many other cultures have also drawn similar conclusions. One widely known belief states that placing this gemstone in the mouth on a full moon night can enable the native to see the future.

5- Cat’s Eye: The most popular legend states that it helped the soldiers to win and saved them against death as opponents were made to believe that they are already dead. Hindu beliefs stated that when this was placed above the individual’s third eye, it would ward off evil spirits and increase the psychic abilities of a person.

6- Opal: One of the luckiest gemstones which are created by deposition of silica gel bits into the rock crevices. Opal is often linked with many magical powers as it can change into different colours. Arabs believed opals fell from heaven in light flashes while the Greeks in their mythological beliefs state that Gyges became invisible after adorning the opal ring and was able to kill King of Lydia and married his queen.

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Myths and Legends about Gemstones

A- Gemstones can only be worn for astrological purposes: This is not true as gemstones are widely worn around the world for jewellery and only for the sake of beauty. Many individuals wear blue sapphire rings, emeralds, pearls, and even rubies as jewellery items. Gemstones, when worn under astrological considerations, have to be activated by certain mantras and ways. Only then we can harness the benefits of their ruling planets.

B- Every Keshi pearl is a Natural Pearl: This is again not true, but contrary to the truth. While natural processes form natural pearls, Keshi pearls are a natural by-product of the culturing process which has human intervention. So definitely, it is not a natural pearl.

C- Quality only depends on the Origin: This is not always the case and hence cannot be generalized. Yes, there are some places which are known for good quality gemstones, but the fact remains that even from those places, you do get all varieties and types. Apart from the origin, the quality is measured by many other factors.

D- It is okay to wear used gemstones: This is a strict no as per astrology. One should never wear a used gemstone as it can have no negative effects on the native. It is also said that no one except the native should touch the gemstone with naked hands. It is even recommended by experts that gemstones tend to lose their healing properties.

E-Breadth Test is a Great Measure: It is not reliable as many gemstones usually fog when you breathe over it due to their high thermal conductivity.
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Gemstones hold great astrological and aesthetic significance in human lives across ages and cultures. Every gemstone has many legends and beliefs linked to it. There are also many myths around these beautiful natural marvels. It is, however, advisable to seek advice from an Expert Astrologer if you plan to pick one for astrological benefits.

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