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Astrological benefits of Yellow Sapphire

Astrological benefits of Yellow Sapphire

There are nine kinds of Gemstones called Navratna. Out of all the Gemstone Yellow Sapphire is considered as the most auspicious and beneficial stone. The other names of Yellow Sapphire are Yellow Pukhraj, Push Raja, Gururatna, Guruvallabh and Peet mani. Yellow Sapphire has special importance in Astrology. This gemstone is believed to hold the power of the planet Jupiter.

Jupiter is the heaviest planet among the nine planets in the solar system, and hence Yellow Sapphire or Yellow Pukhraj is imparted with the distinctive powers from other gemstones. You must assure the suitability of the gemstones from our expert astrologer so that you can avail the maximum benefits of the stone.

The origin of Yellow Sapphire is in India, Kashmir, USA, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Srilanka.

Let us see the advantages and disadvantages of wearing Yellow Sapphire.

Yellow Sapphire is the gemstone of the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the signifier of finance, and it blesses the wearer of this gemstone with prosperity and wisdom. It also helps in attaining greater solace with spirituality. It helps the wearer in being disciplined, define the goals of life and achieving them and taking correct decisions.

a) By wearing Yellow Pukhraj you may protect yourself from the evil and get material happiness and satisfaction.
b) If you are a woman, it provides you with a loving and prosperous bridegroom, love, heirs, conjugal satisfaction and happiness in your marital life.
c) Yellow Pukhraj strengthens your ability to deal with your ambition. It helps you to take correct decisions, be in discipline, defining the goals of your life and get maximum success.
d) You can enjoy the rare joy of life that is the success, intelligence and strong friendship by wearing it.
e) You are blessed with a child, wealth, fame and wisdom.

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a) Jupiter is considered as Guru in Hinduism. So if you are an advocate, lawyer, judge, teacher, scholar or writer, then you would get immense benefit in your profession by wearing Yellow Sapphire or Yellow Pukhraj.
b) Jupiter is considered as the planet of wisdom and judgement, and hence it is an ideal choice for you if you are academicians, authors, traders and artists.
c) If you have business-related to dairy, textile, finance and yarn or any business-related with artistic products, wearing this gemstone is beneficiary.
d) Yellow Sapphire is beneficial to cinematographer, production teams and producers of the films.

a) By wearing Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj you can heal from the diseases related to kidney, mouth, cough, fever and rheumatism.
b) By wearing Yellow Sapphire you can reduce the fat of your body.
c) You can heal the ailments related to skin and throat.
d) You can heal cerebral congestions and regulate your blood circulation.
e) Yellow Sapphire also protects you from accidental death.
f) It reduces your frequency and tendency to get angry.

Basically, native-borns in Sagittarius and Pisces ascendant should wear yellow sapphire. Aries ascendant can also wear yellow sapphire as it enhances their well-being and prosperity. Natives born in the Aquarius ascendant and Scorpio ascendant can also wear yellow sapphire. Yellow Sapphire is beneficial to Cancer ascendants as it showers protection and grace on them.

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a) Taurus ascendants should wear Yellow Sapphire is your Jupiter is placed in the first, second, fourth and ninth house otherwise you should avoid wearing it.
b) Gemini ascendant should never wear yellow sapphire as Jupiter is the markesh and also the lord of the seventh and tenth house
c) Capricorn should never wear Yellow Sapphire.
d) Virgo ascendants should not wear more than four and five carats in combination with other gemstones for yielding better results.

a) Jupiter is considered as the most beneficial planet and by wearing yellow sapphire you can negate the malefic effect of Jupiter planet in your horoscope or birth chart.
b) If your Jupiter is having a weak placement in your horoscope then wearing yellow sapphire would give strength to it.
c) Yellow Sapphire countered the effects of the Dasha of Jupiter.
d) Yellow Sapphire countered the effects of the Dasha of Venus and the malefic effects of Venus Planet.

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a) Yellow Sapphire should be a minimum of 4 carats and the ring should be gold.
b) If you can’t afford gold you can make a ring of Punch-Dhatu which means a mix of five metals.
c) Yellow sapphire must be worn on the index finger of the right hand on Thursdays in the first hour from the sunrise time. One can wear it at home by performing certain rituals in a place where puja is done regularly.
d) If your age is below 23 years you should wear yellow sapphire up to only five carats.
e) If your age is above 23 years you should wear yellow sapphire of five to seven carats.
f) Yellow sapphire should not be dull, cracked, spotted or webbed.
g) You can purify and activate yellow sapphire by dipping for 20 to 30 minutes in milk, honey and pure water. After that, you have to burn five incense stick while taking the name of Guru Dev and pray to him. Later take out the rings from milk, water or honey whatever you have used to dip and make a round of the incense stick on the ring for 11 times and chant mantra Om Brahm Bruhaspatiye Namah or Om Gurave Namah and then wear it on the index finger of the right hand.
h) You may get malefic results if you wear cheap and bad stones.

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a) You may have fear of thieves if you wear yellow sapphire with cracks in it.
b) If your yellow sapphire has a milky appearance then it would provide you with harmful progeny or injury to your body.
c) If you wear yellow sapphire with an asymmetrical shape then it can bring bad luck to you.
d) If your yellow sapphire lacks lustre or is opaque then you may suffer from family problems or the problems from your enemies.
e) You may be a dilemma always if you wear defective yellow sapphire.
f) Your wealth may be destroyed if your yellow sapphire has a dot in it.

a) The effect of yellow sapphire starts within 30 days and stays for 4 years and after that again it becomes inactive.
b) You should change the stone after inactivation.

Yellow sapphire must be worn on the index finger of the right hand.

a) Ceylon yellow sapphires are originated in Srilanka. The stones are of light yellow and are flexible.
b) Ceylon yellow sapphires help you to improve your communication skills and expressions. It also helps you to improve your creativity.

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