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Final verdict on the Babri Masjid-Ram Mandir dispute? Ganesha foretells

Final verdict on the Babri Masjid-Ram Mandir dispute? Ganesha foretells

The controversy over the birth place of Lord Ram has been raging since around sixty years now. Followers of Lord Ram have been strongly advocating their cause since then. As such, there are more than thousand temples of deities in Ayodhya. In 1992, followers of Lord Ram tried to establish their view forcibly by destroying the age-old Babri Masjid. This resulted in a lot of bloodshed aftermath.

Major planet of disruption, Saturn transited through its own sign Capricorn (Makar Rashi) and Rahu transited through Scorpio (Vrischik Rashi) around that period. Transit of both these planets (Saturn and Rahu) through these signs in the past lead to difficult times for the nation. We had to fight a war with China in 1962. At that time, Saturn transited through its own sign Capricorn along with dreaded southern node or Dragon???s tail. i.e. Ketu. The entire nation was taken aback by this war.

On the fateful day of 6th December in the year 1992, Saturn again transited through own sign Capricorn and Dragon???s head i.e. Rahu transited through Scorpio. Transit of Rahu through Scorpio in the past led to unrest and further division of opinion among masses. Further, debilitated Mars transited in opposition to Saturn transiting through Capricorn. Moon transited through the decisive and aggressive Aries. This transit of Moon through Aries triggered mass agitation.

Now coming to present times, Saturn is currently transiting through Virgo (Kanya Rashi) and Rahu through its sign of debilitation, Sagittarius. Jupiter is currently transiting through own sign Pisces (Meen Rashi). This is in opposition to Saturn transiting through Virgo. Saturn and Jupiter are in square aspect with transiting Rahu. The Supreme Court was to pronounce judgement on 24th September. Moon transited through indecisive Pisces for whole day on the 24th. There was a lot of anxiety about the verdict that was to be announced by the Supreme Court.
As Moon transited through indecisive Pisces, judgement was not given on that day and was postponed to 28th September. Moon transited through Krittika, a constellation ruled by Sun. So, today’s judgement gave some direction by lifting the stay on the High Court verdict.

Now, the final judgement is slated for 30th September at about 3:30 pm by the Allahabad High court. At this time, Moon is to transit through divisive Gemini in Mrigshirsh Nakshatra.

What does this astrological phenomenon mean for the day, Ganesha tries to analyse.

Ganesha notes that on the day of the judgement, transiting Moon will be under the influence of Shani, which is transiting through another dual sign Virgo (Kanya rashi). Shani is combust and on the following day, Shani and Ravi are to conjunct. In Navmansha chart, Shani is debilitated and Sun is exalted. Moon transits through Gemini along with disruptive Ketu, and both are influenced by transiting Shani.

In view of all these positions, Ganesha feels that although the judgement is likely to spell division of the ‘land-in-dispute’ firmly, some ambiguity in judgement is likely to be there. There may be some hidden meaning in it, making it difficult for the people to understand the verdict in one go. There is a possibility that the leaders of majority community (read Hindu) will contest it. This realisation is likely to lead to further legal battle and agitation among masses. Polarisation of masses could be unprecedented. Ganesha feels that the issue is not likely to be resolved now. We may have to wait till around the middle of March to the middle of April 2011 to see the settlement of the issue in some or the other way.

May Lord Ganesha bestow wisdom on all concerned.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team