About Virgo

About Virgo

Sanskrit Name: Kanya | Meaning of Name: The Virgin | Type: Earth-Mutable-Negative
Virgo, much like its symbolism, is feminine, lady-like graceful and duty-bound. The 6th Sign of the Zodiac, Virgo is also a meticulous perfectionist. Most Virgo-born natives are sincere and caring to the fault – towards their families, friends and loved ones. However, they also tend to be worriers and naggers to some degree. Critical and exacting of most ideas, things and situations, Virgins or Virgos can be equally a joy as they can be a pain. This attribute of the Virgo make them slightly irritable and somewhat negative in their approach. Nonetheless, Virgo is an Earth Sign, and all the mother-earth like qualities and abilities are a part of these individuals’ persona. This makes them gentle, caring, loving, responsible nurturers – but these nurturers will expect you to follow their strict sets of rules. Yes, that is another very important aspect of the Virgo individuals personality – most of these perfectionist people are great organizers and that is why, they have a certain set of rules, they follow – and expect others too to adhere to them. Virgos are great list-makers; you will find them with a list for almost everything. But then, they also carefully stick to their lists. You will rarely find a Virgo’s desk scattered or bed unmade. Methodical and efficient, Virgos also are open to helping others, especially the ones who are close to others. Expert communicators, they also are often good at giving advice, and thus, you may find them being the ‘proverbial agony aunt’ of their circle. They also make good parents, and are pretty protective of their mate, family and loved ones. Last, but not the least, Virgo is said to be the most fitness conscious Sign of the Zodiac – so dedicated is their pursuit for fitness, health and well being of their own selves as well as others’. 

Ruling planet : Mercury

Element : Earth

Quality : Mutable (= flexibility)

Symbol : The Virgin

The Symbol denotes : Matters pertaining to food, fitness, clothing, hygiene and health.

Characteristics : Earthy, mutable, feminine, cold

Noteworthy qualities : Thoughtfulness, sensitivity, efficiency, cautiousness, intelligence, domesticity, prudence, industriousness, action-orientation, intuitiveness, perfectionism.

Undesirable personality traits : Selfishness, irritability, apprehension, secretiveness, scepticism, coldness, unresponsiveness, inconstancy, indecision, short tempered nature, timidity, calculative approach.

Birthstone : Emerald (The gemstone is suggested considering Aries as the Ascendant/Lagna Sign. To know your Ascendant/Lagna Sign, click here.)

Birth Colours : Green and Earth tones

Other lucky colours : Grey, fawn, muted yellows, blues, greens and brown.

Lucky Numbers : 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50

Compatible Signs : Taurus, Capricorn

Lucky Day : Wednesday

Deepest need : To be useful and productive

Quality most needed for balance : A broader perspective

Detriment : Neptune

Exaltation : Mercury

Fall : Venus

Associated Flowers and Plants : Narcissus, all small, coloured flowers especially blue and yellow and all nuts

Best Sign/s for marriage and/or partnerships : Pisces

Anatomically Virgo corresponds to : Bowels or abdomen; rectal and abdominal muscles; arteries serving the digestive system, particularly the intestine; intestinal veins.


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