Solar Eclipse 2020: Know all about Solar Eclipse timing and its effect

solar eclipse 2020

Total Solar Eclipse 2020

It seems that December 2020 has plenty in store for us when it comes to eclipse and things related to the Solar system. We on the planet Earth have already witnessed several Astrological phenomena in the form of the Annular Eclipse in June 2020.

Mars transit in Aries, Jupiter and Saturn conjunction, Rahu and Ketu in new signs, and now, the last but not the least one, the final total Solar Eclipse is going to take place soon, which will cover the face of the Sun as seen from the Earth. The complete coverage allows us to see the day as if it is night and reveal the solar corona’s ghostly wisp. This kind of rare solar eclipse will cross through Chile and some parts of Argentina, regions like South America, South West Africa, and Antarctica. Other countries such as Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay, India as well as Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador may also witness this phenomenon to a lesser extent or partial Solar Eclipse.


Solar eclipse timing

The partial solar eclipse will start at 7:03 pm IST, reach the full eclipse by 8:02 pm, and enter the maximum eclipse phase at 9:43 pm. The total eclipse will end at 11:24 pm, following which the partial eclipse will start and end by 12:23 am on 15 December 2020. This Total Solar Eclipse would not be visible in India.

Let's find out more about this Solar Eclipse and its effect on all zodiac Signs. 

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What is the Solar Eclipse?

A Total Solar Eclipse occurs when the Sun and the Moon line up with Earth to produce the greatest of nature’s spectacles. During this period, the Sun remains obscured as the Moon overlaps the Sun. As the Sun governs the future, thus in the upcoming period, it is possible to experience a return to the episode that was believed to have remained in the past. 

During this solar eclipse, it might be much harder to neglect an emotional balance due to which relationship may be much more conflictive. People may exhibit a little more impulsive behaviour, which may result in much more recklessness. 


Effects of Total Solar eclipse on all Moon Signs

People whose birth took place under the sign of Capricorn, Cancer, Gemini, and Saggitarius may be affected by this Total eclipse, especially in the financial sector, a much-tried sector lately. 

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The influential zodiac sign may need to prepare themselves for the twist and turn related to the money’s matters. The possibility of rounding up their income may occur, a solution may be found, but it may be strenuous to shape. 

Moreover, the surprise may occur from the life partner side, which may play a crucial role during this eclipse period from a financial perspective. We will be forced to adapt and sacrifice or forget certain benefits or things if the eclipses of 2020 impose some unpredictable changes. We will have to find out the solutions, the gates for escape, or make the best decisions so that we can reach our goals.

During these solar eclipses, it will be much harder to maintain an emotional balance. Consequently, relationships may be a bit more conflictive. People may exhibit a little more impulsive behaviour, which will cause them to be much more reckless.

As per Vedic Astrology, this eclipse will occur in the Sagittarius sign also. So, let’s understand the effect of this Solar Eclipse for all 12 Moon Signs.



For Aries natives, the solar eclipse will occupy a place in the ninth house. Due to this, natives may need to put much effort to receive the expected outcomes. There may be obstacles that arise, difficulties, and delays. It may be much better to take all business and personal related issues with much caution. Otherwise, you may have to face additional problems. Your terms with your father may remain intense, so it is advised to have control over your words. A journey for official or personal reasons may not get the desired result and might create problems. 



For natives, the eclipse takes place in the eight houses, due to which issues related to health may arise. So it may be imperative to avoid processed and unhealthy food. Disappointment related to family issues and matters related to finance may keep you tense. During this period, to continue a healthy atmosphere for kin, efforts might be highly needed. Your social intelligence would be an added advantage to deal with this tactfully. Try to avoid making any investment in short and long term benefits. Any old diseases may give you problems at this time. 



For Gemini natives, the eclipse will take place in the 7th house of the chart, due to which your effort to keep yourself healthy may not be much fruitful. However, it may not be that serious, but it makes your mind confused and leaves you astray. Expectation and misunderstanding may make your relation with your spouse tense. On the professional front, if it's a partnership firm, then coordination may get disturbed, but mutual understanding may help resolve the problem. 

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For Cancer natives, the eclipse will occur in the sixth house. Therefore, the period may be beneficial for those who are into jobs and professionals. You may prove as a good performer and may get rid of the typical situation prevailing in the past. Despite all this, making important decisions and learning to face the realities followed by patience at the workplace and in personal life might need your attention. During this period, health issues may keep you worried. 



For Leo natives, the eclipse will put its influence in its fifth house, and this may bring disharmony in their relationship if not handled carefully through emotional means. The income source may not be on the higher side, but there wouldn't be any hindrance in the cash flow. However, avoid making any rash decisions regarding financial stability. 



For Virgo natives, the solar eclipse will impact the fourth house. Thus, the matter related to domesticity may demand your efforts. At the work front, requisite hard work and strong efforts may be needed to keep your prestige and work status intact. During this time, you may not receive any expected benefits and rewards. Your health may not allow you to work peacefully, and thus, it may make you feel weary or tired. But taking care may be needed for falling sick. 

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For these natives, the eclipse will take place in the 3rd house. It may demand cordial and smooth relationships with the siblings as well as seniors at the job front. All important decisions regarding financial matters must be taken care of properly. During this time, avoid ventures regarding new projects. Though there would not be any malefic effect of the solar eclipse on your chart, you may miss any good news from far away countries if you have been waiting for it. 



For Scorpio natives, the eclipse will take place in the second house. Thus the atmosphere at home and healthy terms with the family members may get disturbed. Matters related to finance may make you concerned due to exceeding the monthly budget and unwarranted expenses. Thus, strict control of outlay and spending on luxurious items may be much needed. During this period, your eyes may have some complications that may require treatment. 



For natives, the solar eclipse will occur in the Ascendant of the Birth Chart. The position of the eclipse on your chart may affect your health. You might feel discomfort in your lungs, or breathing issues may disturb you. During this period, you may experience a shortage of finance, and may also have to spend more in some way or another. The expense may go on the higher side that may disturb your estimate of a monthly expense. It is advised to avoid browning money from others. 

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For these natives, the eclipse will take place in the twelfth house. Due to which the natives may face sudden loss or unexpected expense on the higher side. The possibility of having a significant financial crunch may get delayed. This situation may affect your health, as well. During this period, mental stability and patience may help you out a lot from matters related to finances and health.



The 11th house of the natives will be affected by the solar eclipse. From a financial point of view, the natives may feel quite comfortable. A gain may occur from some unknown source, or if any amount is leftover may arrive and make you feel pleasant. During this period, your relationship may trigger up and prolonged private moments with a beloved one may give you undivided happiness.



For Pisces, the Solar eclipse will occur in the tenth house. Due to this, at the work front, you may not feel comfortable. The routine and working environment may seem awkward. Form Jobbers, superior may expect more that might create mental stress. During this period, you may have to re-organize business strategies and policies to have the desired outcomes. Special efforts and system evaluation may be needed to increase the lists of the customer. Special care would be needed to hold old customers and bring in new customers by offering attractive schemes.

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The people of the southern part of the country will be fortunate to see a greater part of the total solar eclipse because of the geometry of the eclipse path. But every Indian will get an opportunity to see at least a partial eclipse this year. 


Next solar eclipse dates

Now the year 2020 has come to an end, and with that, the solar eclipse 2020 is the final one too. But this natural phenomenon of eclipse will continue till the next year, so the changes. Thus let’s see the upcoming eclipse.

If we talk about the next Solar Eclipse, the next year, two solar eclipses will take place. The first solar eclipse will occur during mid-year, that is on June 10, and second in the last month, 4th December 2021.


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