Effects of Annular Solar Eclipse on Zodiac Signs

The astrological phenomenon such as an eclipse can be a turning point in your life. They can trigger significant life changes in a dramatic and dynamic way. Eclipses can even give a clear picture of turning your thoughts to action! So if you are procrastinating on executing or finishing your plans, these can heavily nudge you to do so. Eclipses can shake our thinking patterns, and make us move from one plane of maturity to the higher one. The universe uses these as tools to turn our attention to major areas of life that require change. They can bring surprises and uproot us to move forward.

According to astrology, a solar eclipse can mark a courageous beginning. It can set us on a totally new path that we wouldn’t have imagined in life. It can be surprising for some of you, but a solar eclipse comes with a bigger vision for everyone. Every year, the eclipses have something impactful for each individual.

Solar Eclipse Date and Time Duration

Solar eclipse shall take place in the dual nature fiery sign Sagittarius on December 26, 2019. It will start from 8:06 AM and end around 11:13 AM in India. Coincidentally, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and malefic Ketu are also placed in the last of fire sign Sagittarius during this period. Sagittarius sign is ruled by Jupiter and Moola Constellation ruled by Ketu. The effect of the upcoming solar eclipse will last for around six months from the date of the eclipse.

Favorable and Unfavorable Effects of Solar Eclipse on Zodiac Signs

Even solar eclipse may have some side effects on certain signs as per Vedic astrology. However, for many zodiac signs, it can give tremendously beneficial results. It entirely depends on the house in which it forms for each person in their horoscope. Let’s find out how the upcoming solar eclipse is going to affect you.
(Kindly note: the below predictions are mentioned as per Moon signs.)

Effects of Solar Eclipse on Aries Individuals

Sun rules over the fifth house for the Aries sign in their birth chart. Solar eclipse is going to occur in the ninth house of destiny for you.

Favorable Effects

  • You can get ready to fetch some good results in your job front. This eclipse will remain positive for your career. You are likely to get appreciated for your dedication to work.
  • Business individuals can also expect this time to be profitable for their growth.
  • There are chances of new avenues that might give an opening to an extra source of income for you.

Unfavorable Effects

  • Health may be a cause of concern during the phase. Hence, you will need to take very good care of your personal hygiene.
  • There are chances of harsh criticisms that may make you feel dishonored. Hence, you are suggested to remain as careful with your work and reputation as possible.

Effects of Solar Eclipse on Taurus Individuals

Sun is the ruler of the fourth house for Taurus sign individuals. Solar eclipse is going to take place in the eighth house of inheritance in your horoscope.

Favorable Effects

  • For people who are already on their spiritual path, there are chances of going to the next level. Others may realize the sense of spiritual enlightenment and awakening during the phase.
  • People who are waiting for inheritance matters to get resolved might get relaxation and benefits. There are also chances of gains via research work.

Unfavorable Effects

  • If there is any heart-related ailment, it might aggravate. You may need to seek medical help for the betterment of your health.
  • You may feel an increase in tension and anxiety related to family. Hence, you are suggested to remain calm and deal with issues practically.

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Effects of Solar Eclipse on Gemini Individuals

Sun rules the third house for your sign. Solar eclipse is going to occur in the seventh house in the birth charts of Geminis. This is the house of partnership and marriage.

Favorable Effects

  • You might take a short or long trip with your family members. This will strengthen your emotional bonding with them.
  • Your social status may get a boost during this time. Hence, you are suggested to make use of this phase in the best manner to maintain your reputation.

Unfavorable Effects

  • There are chances of friction with business partners. You will need to find a middle ground with a practical understanding of their opinions.
  • Your marital harmony may get disturbed due to some prevailing or new issues. It is suggested to be careful about your actions and words that might affect your partner.
  • There are chances of health-related trouble stemming up suddenly. Paying attention to your health will make it easy to find solutions.

Effects of Solar Eclipse on Cancer Individuals

The Sun is the Lord of the second house for Cancerians. It is related to finance and family-related matters. This solar eclipse will take place in the sixth house in your birth kundali.

Favorable Effects

  • You will have an enhanced reputation in your office. You will also do well in your business endeavors. This will boost your spirit and help you work towards achieving your goals.
  • There are chances of an increase in your income. This will help you save a bit more every month.
  • You will also be able to overpower your adversaries during this time.

Unfavorable Effects

  • There are chances of some unplanned and redundant expenses. They may add fuel to the fire of your expenditures. Hence, you need to be careful with your budget in order to save money.
  • Your health will remain moderately good. However, people with hypertension issues are suggested to keep their negative thoughts away and take medical help if needed.

Effects of Solar Eclipse on Leo Individuals

The fiery Leos are ruled by the luminous Sun. Solar eclipse will happen in the fifth house in your horoscope.

Favorable Effects

  • During this time, you will make sincere efforts to earn more money. You might plan to do something new for additional monetary gains.
  • You will showcase your intelligence and have witty conversations in any social gathering that you attend. This may make all the eyeballs in the room attracted to you.

Unfavorable Effects

  • Some of the individuals may face issues related to progeny. Hence, if you see such signs, it is suggested to take immediate help from your doctor.
  • Things done with a lack of interest will produce unfavorable results. Hence, you need to work on the actual goals that you wish to fulfill.

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Effects of Solar Eclipse on Virgo Individuals

It’s the 12th house that is ruled by the mighty Sun for Virgo individuals. Solar eclipse is going to occur in the fourth sign in your birth chart.

Favorable Effects

  • You will face increased responsibilities in your home-related matters. However, they will turn to be positive at the end.
  • You will exert positive energies towards your working horizon and surroundings. This will help you derive maximum benefits in this phase.

Unfavorable Effects

  • There are chances of lack of serenity and harmony at the domestic front.
  • You will require to pay more attention to your mother's health or that of any elderly member in your family. There are chances of some health issues to come up during this time.

Effects of Solar Eclipse on Libra Individuals

The Sun rules the eleventh house for the balanced Librans. Solar eclipse takes place in the third house for your sign.

Favorable Effects

  • There may be some positive changes making their way in your life. These turns will make you feel satisfied and grateful.
  • You will spend money on leisure and other entertainment things. But this also indicates that the flow of money will remain good for you.

Unfavorable Effects

  • There are chances of a small mishap. Hence, you are suggested to take proper care while traveling to short or long distances.
  • Your relations with siblings may take an unpleasant turn. Siblings may also be confronted with various problems. Hence, you need to be careful while dealing with them.

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Effects of Solar Eclipse on Scorpio Individuals

The Sun rules the tenth house for the Scorpions. Solar eclipse takes place in the second house ruling finance and immediate family members.

Favorable Effects

  • This is a transition phase in terms of monetary gains. You are likely to get beneficial outputs from your investments or job. Business individuals may also receive profits this time.
  • There are chances of family expansion at this time. This can be a positive change due to eclipse.

Unfavorable Effects

  • Issues related to ENT matters may crop up. It is suggested that you keep a check on your health.
  • Hasty decisions pertaining to the monetary matters may land you in trouble. You are suggested to remain careful before coming to a wrongful decision.

Effects of Solar Eclipse on Sagittarius Individuals

Sun rules the ninth house in your chart. The grand solar eclipse is going to take place in your own sign. Hence, it's the first house of self which is going to get impacted for Sagittarians.

Favorable Effects

  • This is a good time for some new relationships to be formed. They might help you in moving forward in the direction of your goals.
  • You will get new insights and dimensions in your personal and domestic life. This will help you gain confidence in dealing with matters.

Unfavorable Effects

  • There is a slight chance of any acute health issue cropping up. Hence, you should take proper care of your health.
  • Finances may get affected. You need to take care of any financial transaction during this phase.
  • You will encounter some challenges in your daily tasks. There are chances of delays in properly executing your plans.

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Effects of Solar Eclipse on Capricorn Individuals

The eighth house is ruled by Sun for your sign. Solar eclipse is going to form in the 12th house for the Capricornians. This is the house of loss.

Favorable Effects

  • This phase will help you gain enlightenment on the path to spirituality. You will feel positive vibrations in terms of spiritual wisdom.
  • Working on any task or matter with determination and a focused mind will give you fruitful results.

Unfavorable Effects

  • There are chances of going through stringency in finances. The possibility of spending money on redundant things is also going to cause concern.
  • There can be an inconvenience and nagging issues in family or solo trips. Hence, you need to avoid unwanted trips or prepare well before embarking on such trips.

Effects of Solar Eclipse on Aquarius Individuals

The Sun rules the seventh house for Aquarians. Solar eclipse will occur in the eleventh house that is known as the house of gains.

Favorable Effects

  • Long term planning will yield successful results. Any work that was pending will be performed duly without experiencing any further delay.
  • Your spouse will offer a helping hand in your finances. This will bring prosperity and advancement in life. There are chances of substantial savings.

Unfavorable Effects

  • Complacent or negligent attitude may backfire and things may slip out of hand at the last moment. Hence, you should be careful and consider others’ opinions when needed.
  • You need to maintain composure and try to remain calm in the most provocative situation.

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Effects of Solar Eclipse on Pisces Individuals

Sun rules the sixth house for the Pisces individuals. The upcoming solar eclipse will take place in the tenth house in your birth chart.

Favorable Effects

  • You will be able to maintain your health and hygiene in this phase. There will be a requirement of upskilling yourself that will be helpful in your growth.
  • You can expect a positive transition on the career front. People who are seeking growth and promotion for a long time may get the same.

Unfavorable Effects

  • The superiors will not accept your attitude of abandoning official duties. There is a possibility of losing status. Things may turn unstable for professional people if not dealt with caution.
  • You will need to rise to the occasion and pull up your socks to handle higher work pressures and stresses. You also need to avoid a dauntless attitude during this time.

Ending Note

The Solar Eclipse can bring about a sea of changes in your life and prove to be beneficial. However, if you are facing any negative effects in your life, our expert astrologers are right here to help you.

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