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Moon Eclipse 2020: Effects of Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 2020 on Zodiac Signs

2020, inaugurated with a lot of excitement, happiness, opportunities as well as struggle, now has come to an end. The entire year was jam-packed with significant events with a sign of a crucial astrological phenomenon. So, let’s take a slight glimpse of those phenomena which happened this year.

January 10, 2020: “Wolf Moon” penumbral Lunar Eclipse

January 23, 2020: Saturn in Capricorn
February 17, 2020: Mercury retrograde in Libra
September 14, 2020: Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn
April 6, 2020: Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius

May 13, 2020: Venus Retrograde in Gemini

Mars retrograde in Aries on September 9, and now, the last but not the least one, The Frosty Moon is coming soon, the best one of the year for North Americans—and a rare total solar eclipse, the significant eclipse of 2020, which will be seen only from South America.

Here is everything you need to know about the next Lunar Eclipse from its meaning to imminent effects on all zodiac signs that are coming up soon.

The Eclipse is also known as Chandra Grahan, is a mind-blowing phenomenon that takes place between the heavenly bodies such as the Sun, Moon, and the shadow planets. An eclipse always involves the alignment of three celestial bodies called syzygy (meaning yorked together). It occurs whenever a straight-line configuration takes place in a gravitational system.

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This will be the last penumbral eclipse of 2020. Just like the solar eclipse, Lunar eclipses are also of three kinds- Total, Partial, and Penumbral. The year has already witnessed its first Lunar eclipse in January, and now, the last eclipse has been scheduled to occur in November. The upcoming Lunar eclipse of the year will be penumbral one, which means the moon travels through the faint penumbral portion of the earth’s shadow.

For decades, there is a belief that, during the day of the eclipse, it gathers malefic power, and thus it is supposed to avoid performing any auspicious events during this time.

As per Hindu Mythology, engaging in any holy and pious project 9 hours before the beginning of the eclipse is highly restricted.

During this season, pregnant women have advised avoiding using any metal objects like knives or scissors as it might affect the unborn physically and mentally, or it can stifle the growth of Human organs. Sometimes it may even lead to miscarriage.

On this day, you can perform particular remedies to lessen the effect of Chandra grahan. For instance, observing fast, chanting Maha Mrityunjay mantras, Offer Kheer to young girls, worship Lord Shiva or goddess Gauri. This eclipse season, if you also want to ward off the Malefic effect of Chandra Grahan then conduct Hanuman Puja and Chandra Rahu Grahan Dosh puja with zero hassle.

It is a lasting myth that it only lays ill effects on people, but it is not like that the eclipse also delivers good results. There is a perpetual belief that if any shadow planets occupy the place of Sun or Moon, then Grahan Dosh is formed.

The upcoming Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon or Chandra Grahan is a significant cosmic event. This eclipse will be visible from North America. When talking about Chandra Grahan timings, the moon will enter the penumbra at 13.04 to 17.22 hrs., IST. The duration will be 4.17 hours. And this will be visible from Europe and most parts of Asia, including certain countries. Whoever was not able to see the previous eclipse, you may witness the upcoming eclipse on Nov 30, 2020.

Now we know the meaning and date of the Lunar eclipse, let us delve into the possible effects of the Lunar eclipse 2020.

For Aries people, the eclipse may lay an impact on the 2nd house. Owing to this, you may be more accurate to manage any financial loss but be careful and wise while making such a decision. While interacting, you may be more cautious to avoid any heated argument. This also includes your family and in-laws. In case you are married, you may be content with your married life and avoid any arguments. You may feel inclined to have a healthy diet. In the coming year, the period may help you in stabilizing your financial position.

For Taurus, the eclipse will lay an impact on the Ascendent of Taurus people. Due to this eclipse, you may be able to manage and control unexpected diseases and physical strength caused due to stress. You may keep extra vigilance while dealing with loved ones and family. Avoid clashes during this time. You would be extra careful about your mother’s health and spouse’s health. You are just advised to start any new activity during this period.

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For Gemini, the eclipse will take place in the twelfth house. This may help you to control mental distress caused due to the picking up of expenses at an alarming rate. Dwelling far from home may make you nervous. You may have sufficient control over your unnecessary expenditure. As the eclipse is impacting your 12th house, you may see a rise in the expense of health and travel. You may seek support from your subordinates, who wouldn’t be of much help in completing your project.

Moon is the lord of this sign, and the eclipse is likely to affect your 11th house. At the professional front, you may work with confidence and win the trust of your superior with your honesty, skills, and superiority. You may develop your professionalism and circle during this time. You are likely to feel comfortable and pleasant with your elder siblings. In this phase, you may strengthen your relationship with your spouse and family member. During this time, the financial inflow may remain positive.

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For Leo, the eclipse will take place in the tenth house. The period may make you feel energetic at your professional front. On the business front, you may experience a rise in income and development in the business. Applying new ideas and strategies may be crucial for the development of the business. Employers may expect a rise in expenses in the coming days. You may see improvement in your father’s health and smoothness in relationships. You are likely to come across leading dignities and may build relationships with them.

For Virgo, the eclipse will lay an impact on the 9th house. The eclipse season may make you organize religious functions and take a trip to a holy place. Achieving an investment goal set by you may support you financially. You may incline towards spiritualization. You can make a plan with your elder siblings. You may need to travel to a long-distance place or a foreign location for official work. You may enjoy the positive result from the earlier completion of work.

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For Libra natives, the eclipse may pose many challenges. The 8th house may be influenced by this Lunar eclipse. At the financial and personal front, you may likely to confront challenges, so it will be better to deal carefully. You are likely to face related issues and may fall sick also. If married, then your terms may be in stress with in-laws. You may witness an unpleasant atmosphere in a family.

The Lunar eclipse may lay an effect on the 7th house, which is the house of partnership and spouse. You may get better support from your spouse and your partner in a business partnership. Regarding relationships, this may be an appropriate time to commit. If you’re facing any health issues, then you may have to be careful. Having a smooth flow in income may cause dissatisfaction. To avoid any mental stress, try to keep feeling in check. During this phase, you may feel distant from your grandmother and mother.

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The eclipse will affect the 6th house of your birth chart. This house relates to colleagues, labour working-class, and subordinates. During this time, you may be in a sound position to maintain your staff. You may be able to complete your workload in time and as per the schedule. Rented out property may earn you a good income. On the health front, you may plan for a health checkup. You may plan a tour for a short period.

For Capricorn, the eclipse is likely to prove charming and pleasant as it may affect your 5th house. During this phase, you may advance professionally, which helps in boosting up your effectiveness. Your contacts and money circle may bless you financially. However, the gain may not be large or attractive. While dealing with siblings remain positive. Your performance is likely to make a difference in the mind of your superior compared to others.

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During this eclipse season, the house of mother and loved 4th one will be affected. You may be tense free regarding your mother’s health. She may be much pleased with your service and care. You may make up your mind regarding house renovation, or any matter related to property is likely to get resolved. At the professional front, you will have to work harder with complete attention to avoid any complications.

The effect of the eclipse on the 3rd house may fulfil all your dreams. At the professional front, you are likely to be trusted to undertake additional responsibility. The tense situation with neighbours and siblings may return to normal. You may feel like involving in meditation and spiritual activity to get rid of mental stress. You may go on a tour to complete ritual desire. During this period, you may feel more confident and start working on pending crucial projects.

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