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Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Aries Moon Sign

Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Aries Moon Sign

While Jupiter transits in Aquarius from 6th April 2021, it will pass through the 11th house for Aries natives. The planet of fortune will remain there until 14th September 2021. However, Jupiter will retrograde here from June 20, 2021, and will shift back to Capricorn again on September 14, 2021.

Well, this placement will make you happy when you are surrounded by your loved ones. Also, success in this phase is likely to come through working with others.

Jupiter here will bring an urge for freedom to the Ram. Also, you will become more flexible when dealing with others. The influence of Jupiter in the 11th house will make your mind open for innovative ideas, which will make your personal and professional life turn into a better place.

To all the Aries sitting right there, the impact of Jupiter on your life will be quite significant. Also, it will affect your health, finance, career, love and relationship. So without further delay, let’s drive through the influences of Jupiter on all areas of your life.

Health Prospects

  • Aries is likely to maintain good health when Jupiter is passing through the 11th house, except in April and May 2021.
  • Thereafter, you may recover from health issues.
  • However, elderly people may get leg pain, knee pain, or back pain.
  • Also, day-to-day dealing can be challenging due to minor health ailment.
  • Travelling is not advisable during this transit phase.

  • Teenagers and youth would avoid oily food and take care of their personal hygiene. As skin borne diseases are on the cards in the month of August 2021.
  • For precautions, keep your body soap and towel separate.
  • Aries champ may not take their health lightly in the second half of April and the first week of May.
  • Eye-related issues can also be there from 16th May to 20th June. So, it is better to have an eye check-up if you feel any kind of irritation and redness.
  • Take care of your family when Jupiter is transiting through the 11th house.

Remedies for Healthy Life

During this transit phase, worshipping Lord Sun will be favourable. You can offer water to Sun by chanting “ॐ सूर्याय नमः” to get rid of health issues. After reciting this mantra 24 times, offer water filled in a pitcher to the Sun. Also, you should worship Lord Ganesha. Elders are advised to recite Guru Mantra or read Vishnu shastra. You can perform Live Surya Puja at the comforts of your home to stay fit during Jupiter Transit in Aquarius.

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Career Prospects

  • Favourable results are waiting for Aries peeps.
  • Also, the natives having weak or afflicted Jupiter in their birth chart may get favourable returns.
  • It is a promising time for career development, so plan and progress in your field.
  • However, the natives in the government sector may have to deal with economic and social matters.


  • Those who are associated with the technical department may get new opportunities. You may also change the job as you are likely to get the desired hike in salary.
  • Also, natives pursuing a career in acting and music industries may enjoy a good time in the month of April, May, and June. More precisely, the direct transit of Jupiter will bring auspicious results for actors and musicians.

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  • You may have to spend more behind your health as well as for family members.
  • Investments in BSE and NSE stocks can give good returns, especially in the month of April and May.
  • Also, you may buy new property out of the returns from the stock exchange.

  • Those who are dependent on the rental incomes for livelihood may face some constraints in this transit phase.
  • If you have extra money, you can keep it as a fixed deposit in the bank. However, FD investment in the month of August will be more favourable.

Remedies for Progress in Career

Worshipping Lord Hanuman on Saturday will help you to get favourable results in your career. Also, you can donate oily food. You can appease Lord Hanuman by performing Hanuman Puja online with all Vedic proceedings and zero hassles.

Love & Relationships Prospects

  • A great time is coming for Aries love-life.
  • You will plan to spend quality time with your partner. It will help you to enhance mutual understanding with them.
  • All the Rams in a committed relationship, book the venue for the wedding and check the perfect wedding outfit.

  • Jupiter transiting in Aquarius will bring luck, and you may develop sweet memories in the period between your engagement and wedding.
  • If you are facing downtime in your relationship, Jupiter will be a genie and help you to improve your relationship.
  • Be watchful for your words when dealing with other family members in the month of May and June. As some conflicts are foreseen in these months.
  • Keeping patience while dealing with your children would be advisable. Otherwise, you may see a change in their behaviour.
  • However, peaceful time in personal relationships will be experienced after August 10.

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Remedies for Maintaining Peace in Personal Life

Worshipping Lord Shiva will help you maintain peace in your family. Also, you can offer Rudrabhishek to the Shivling on Monday or Wednesday. In case you are not aware of the accurate puja procedure, let our experts perform Rudrabhishekh live in front of you.

In a Nutshell,

The impact of Jupiter transit in Aquarius on Aries Moon Sign will be as follows:

Areas of Life

Influence of Jupiter Transit

Health Moderate
Career & Finance Favorable
Love & Relationships Favorable

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