Drug Lord passes away leaving mark on the pages of history

We all are aware of the addiction of drugs and its consequences. The story of drugs is a long one and history has witnessed the decline of many great personalities. One such man was Khun Sa. He was also known as the Drug Lord due to his dealings with various drugs. Ganesha wishes to throw some light on the planetary positions in his chart so as to know the reason behind his mysterious death.

Khun Sa means Prince Prosperous. He was born on 17th February 1934. He died at the age of 73 at Rangoon and like many other celebrities this defamed Drug Lord’s cause for death is unknown.

Astrologically speaking, first thing that strikes to Ganesha is his date of birth. He was born on 17th which totals down to 8 -a number ruled by Saturn. Saturn gives endurance, spirit to fight and patience. At the same time, it also provides one with great strength to deal with difficulties and Ganesha has observed `higher survival instincts’ in people born with number 8. His destiny number is 9 which gives one the force and vigour to deal with given circumstances but Ganesha would also call this `conflict of energies’. Reason being, Mars is a fast moving planet, putting things in Gear, which is his destiny number and Saturn ruling his birth number has tendency to bring things under restrictions and constrains. Saturn also has tendency to slow down things. People born with such a combination are generally unable to utilize their energies in the desired direction throughout the life.

In the year 1989 when he had Sun Rahu conjunction in the Solar Return chart, he was charged for attempting to import 1,000 tons of heroine (drug) in New York Court. Sun represents authority and government and Rahu’s association with Sun indicates stain to the image – in other words, it is the year of `Eclipse’ in one’s life. Khun Sa, being a very strong man with Saturn in Capricorn, finally surrendered to Burmese officials in January 1996 when Sun in the Solar Return chart was under the influence of Saturn and Rahu a strong malefic planet responsible for `Eclipse’ was in the Ascendant of this Return Chart. It is to be noted that his Rahu is placed in the 12th house from the Natal Sun which anyway indicates captivity or imprisonment while its adverse transits.

Ganesha would like to bring this to the notice that Venus and Rahu both are retrograde in his horoscope and they are in conjunction with Combust Saturn. This highly undesirable conjunction led this Prince Prosperous to indulge into illegal activities because this conjunction was happening in the 12th house of losses from Sun. Involvement of his Vedic Sun Sign Lord Saturn with Rahu the malefic planet and retrograde Venus the planet of finance and luxury both inspired him to earn money through such unconventional and illegal ways. Venus and Rahu both indicate intoxications and Capricorn is the sign of one’s Karma as per the universal zodiac, so he thought of making money out of it. What a spoilt Karma, exclaims Ganesha.

On the day of his death, transiting Rahu was approaching his Natal Sun’s degree. Sun is the provider of life too. As the time of birth is not available, Ganesha cannot find out which point out of Sun, Moon or Ascendant was Hyleg (Giver of life, in astrological terms) but as per Directional Astrology Ganesha observes the following:

His Natal Sun was in Aquarius. Transiting Mars was in Gemini and debilitated Sun was in Libra when he passed away. Rahu was already present in Aquarius and Sun was opposed by Saturn and Ketu. This planetary Pattern had put his Natal Sun the source of energy and life under stress. As Rahu is involved and Saturn Ketu are aspecting Natal Sun, Ganesha feels that although he was suffering from diabetes, partial paralysis and high blood pressure, reason for death may not be very easy to find out but Mars and debilitated Sun’s involvement indicates that mostly it should be blood circulation related problem coupled with other factors too.

Born in Last Decanate of Aquarius sign ruled by Saturn and Decanate ruled by Venus, Khun Sa’s life and incidences are highly interesting to study and he would remain in the pages of history for long.

May Khun Sa’s soul rest in peace!

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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