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Your Cosmic Calendar for the week 20th July to 26th July 2014

Your Cosmic Calendar for the week 20th July to 26th July 2014

Western Tropical Planetary PositionsOverview (Starry Specials)

Sun enters Leo 23rd July 2014
Sun’s entry in Leo is likely to bring back lost enthusiasm in many people’s lives. It would generally indicate increased confidence and performance. Because Sun rules Leo, it’s entry in its own Sign would bring forth things that have not been paid attention to. Meaning, it’s going to illuminate the areas of life that you were blind about. Children would bring home pride (their education or performance will improve). Those planning for kids do have stars in their favour with Sun’s entry in Leo, but avoid spicy food that affects reproductive system adversely.

Sun, Jupiter degreecal conjunction in Leo 25 July 2014
This conjunction would widen up the scope for students. They will be able to take right decisions regarding their education. This is also a very good time to learn new subjects – formally or informally. For researchers, this day is very vital. Energy level would be very high but ensure that you don’t waste your energy behind things that are not going to pay you any reward in the future or things that do not add value to your life. Are you having any questions for which you want immediate guidance? Avail a 100% personalised report Ask a Question, which is answered by our expert astrologers based on your unique Birth Chart.

New Moon in Leo 26/27 July 2014
Depending on your country of residence, this event will fall on 26th or 27th July 2014. This is one of the most powerful new Moon of the year because Sun, Jupiter and Moon are going to be together this time in Leo. You can start sports activities with this new Moon. You can also start new academic study from this date. New Moon i.e. Amaavasyaa is considered pretty negative because Moon’s illumination is 0 on that day but we should remember that entire universe was created from Zero. In other words, New Moon is going to progress towards the full Moon. You should not feel negative about it, rather count on it for the progress that you wish to make in life. Ganesha feels that this new Moon is going to bring forth everyone’s real potential too. Acknowledge it and en-cash it – advices Ganesha. Are you confronted with several questions? Or, Are you confused on the future course of action that needs to be taken? Get Solutions Report Now! This report is prepared by expert astrologers based on your exclusive Natal Chart, and hence you get a 100% personalised report.

During this week, business is likely to gain momentum. Things that are unsettled will now find their way due to Mars’ entry in Scorpio. As per Ganesha’s view, those in job will now be able to work more comfortably. There are chances of you getting involved in some major projects. With Venus and Mercury both in Cancer Sign, the week is superb for travelling (business trips or vocational). It is also the right time to think about increasing production or expanding services. On the whole, this is going to be a progressive week, feels Ganesha. Do you want to get guidance for your business? Get needed guidance for your business/project through product Business Ask A Question, which is a 100% personalised report based on your unique Birth Chart, prepared by our expert astrologers.

This week is going to favour only those people who really wish to continue a serious relationship. Commitment is going to matter a lot with Venus and Mercury both in Cancer. Of course, with Sun’s entry in Leo this week, ego conflicts will have to be taken care of. Still, when you are in love, ego doesn’t matter. As per Ganesha’s view, this is the time to pour your heart out in front of the lover and say ‘I am willing’. Yes, it’s a good time to propose. Those who are not very serious about the relationship will have to maintain extreme caution as in the up-coming two to three months, there will be a negative turning point. Do you want to attract love in your life? Get product Attract Love, which is a completely customised report exclusively based on your Natal Chart, prepared by our expert astrologers.

Relations with parents are going to improve during this week. With Sun in Leo, you can expect a father’s full support. If you listen to your father or boss’ advice, you will be able to add new and positive dimensions in your life. Ganesha feels that this week, siblings will remain close to your heart. As Venus in Cancer indicates greater flow of feelings, Ganesha feels that those who are in stable relationship will feel like taking the final decision. With Mercury too in Cancer, feelings should be communicated wholeheartedly and Ganesha assures that the answer from the beloved would be positive. Sexually this week is going to be only 50 percent active, feels Ganesha. In other words, you will not be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Are you frustrated due to poor intimate relationship and want to improve it? Get product Sex Ask 3 Question Detailed, wherein you will get a detailed explanation concerning your sexual/intimate relationship, prepared by our expert astrologers based on your unique Natal Chart, hence it’s a 100% personalised report.

As far as very personal relationship goes i.e. married life – the week is not very stable. Nodes on Aries Libra axis can keep you concerned about your married life. This doesn’t apply to every Sign but most of the married couples will experience stress going on in married life, if not apparently – at subliminal level. Good part of this week is, you both can contribute jointly to the ‘home sweet home’ by redecorating it or by changing arrangements at home. In other words, any common interest or joint activities will help strengthen the marital bond. Do you feel vacuum in your marriage life and would like to improve it? Don’t worry, you can right away get product Marital Problems, which is prepared by our expert astrologers based on your exclusive Birth Chart and so it’s a 100% personalised report.

Ganesha feels health issues will have to be taken care of. Your personal aspirations or goals may seem to have blocked at some point. You will feel that your energy to move forward is getting obstructed by something or the other whereas actually this is not the time to think negatively about the matter. You will have to realise one thing pretty clearly that unless you run after your goals, you won’t be able to reach the destination. Momentum is not lost, but it has to be activated or reactivated as far as personal goals are concerned. Mars and Saturn’s conflict of energy in Scorpio will make you feel that things are slowing down, but actually this is the right time to plan about how you wish to invest your energy on something! Are you concerned about your personal life and need help? You can get guidance from an astrological view point through product Personal Ask A Question – Detailed Advice, which is prepared by our expert astrologers based on your Natal Chart, and so it’s a 100% personalised report.

Money the honey is going to remain in your pocket safe during this week. You will spend money wisely and not impulsively. This week is also good for reviewing your saving plans and to reflect upon the budget. Ganesha observes that you are becoming more calculative under the influence of various planetary patterns that are being formed during this week. Those living in rented houses will now feel like purchasing their own new property. Those who already own a property will think about buying more luxurious house. Well, this is not the right week to take such initiatives as you are going to need more money during the months to come. Best would be to hold your investment plans for now. Want to know the correct time to invest in a new property/home? Right away, get product Favourable Time to Buy/Sell, which is prepared by our expert astrologers based on your unique Horoscope, and hence you will get a 100% customised report.

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