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What Does The House In The Birth Chart Say About Your Future?

What Does The House In The Birth Chart Say About Your Future?

Astrology plays an important role in your life. Each celestial body will have a different impact on each individual. The effect of these planetary elements can be studied by doing an astrological chart analysis. Astrology Birth chart shows the position of the planets and related satellites, the sun and the moon. Each of these elements settle in respective houses in the birth chart. To know the exact effect of these stars and planets one need to know the exact time of birth and place of birth. This will help in preparing the correct kundali.

Astrological prediction for a Rashi can give a general overview, but the exact analysis for an individual can be done by preparing a correct natal chart. It gives you a mirror image of yourself. Creating a correct birth chart depends on the knowledge of the astrologer and the information of birth time and place of birth given to him. Let us first know about the impact of planets and the houses in the birth chart.

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Birth Chart Houses

There are twelve houses in the birth chart. Each house is responsible for different aspects of life. Let us have a little brief about the houses.

  • First House: The first house in the birth chart tells about the person in general. It will give an insight into the person’s physical build, nature and general temperament. This house corresponds with the energy of an Aries. This is a very important house for an individual as the ascendance of different plants in this house will impact the mood and events of an individual.
  • Second House: This house resonates with Taurus energy. This house deals with wealth, money and finance. It is the house of materialistic desire. Any planet transiting in this house will affect your income and resources.
  • Third House: The house belongs to Gemini energy. This house in the birth chart is responsible for social life, relationship building with peers and siblings. Any planet transiting in this house will affect communication and networking.
  • Fourth House: This house sits at the base among the natal chart houses. It corresponds to cancer energy. The fourth house belongs to the family and house. It tells about the relation with family members, especially on the maternal side. This house will determine whether one is going to invest in his family or not.
  • Fifth House: This is a creative house. It represents education, creativity, romance and relationship with children. Planets transiting in this house will give a creative boost. This will enhance the artistic skills of yours. This will correspond to Leo energy.
  • Sixth House: This house in the birth chart is related to the negative part of your life. It relates to any foes, ailments or arrears. This belongs to the Virgo energy. Planets transiting under this house will develop the schedule and habits of an individual.
  • Seventh House: This house tells us about marriage and relationships with spouses. It will tell about the characteristics of your partner. This house is ruled by the energy of libra.
  • Eighth House: This is often called the house of haunted. This house is related to death, transformation and complexities of life. This house corresponds to the energy of Scorpio.
  • Ninth House: This is often called the lucky house. This house governs your faith. People with natal planets in this house are wanderers. This house draws energy from Sagittarius.
  • Tenth House: This house is the house of karma. It relates to job and professional opportunities. This house defines success in professional life. It is governed by the lord of karma Saturn.
  • Eleventh House: This house in the birth chart is often called the accumulator house. It represents the monetary gain one achieves during his lifetime. This house resonates with aquarian energy.
  • Twelfth House: This is the last house in the astrological chart. It is the house of spirituality. However, this house is also responsible for maintaining the expense chart. This house is maintained by Pisces energy.

Along with houses, each planet governs specific areas of life. For example, if one is having any questions about his career, then the pattern of Saturns has to be understood. The transition of Saturn in different houses will affect your profession or career in a different way.

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What Is A Birth Chart Calculator?

A birth chart analysis can be derived by currently entering the birthday, time and location of birth. This will help to understand whether one is a pure sign or a cusp sign. A cusp sign is a birthday where the sun leaves one sign and enters into another sign. For example, if you are a cusp sign and born as a Leo but may feel like a libra. For the most accurate analysis, the time of birth should be accurate. However, if one doesn’t know the time of birth the nearest possible time should be given for interpretation. Thus, an Astro chart calculator will help to get answers to your question and give you a brief about your life.

A Little About Moon sign!

The birth sign is the sun sign, which most of us follow and the horoscopy is done according to that. But what about the moon sign? The moon sign tells us about the emotional side of an individual. During the time of birth, a person receives the qualities not only from the sun but also a few of the psyche is received from the moons as well. Moon sign rules the heart and subconscious mind. It can define a person’s emotional behaviour. Moon transits every two days. But do not get confused with the venus sign. Venus is the planet of love, beauty and sensuality while the moon has more of a psychological effect and it enhances the abstract power in oneself.

A birth chart analyzer can help to decode the behaviour of your birth chart houses and celestial bodies like the sun, moon and other ascendant planet energy. Birth chart reading is an art and only the expert should perform this activity otherwise one may get misguided and this can be a decision to rue rest of the life. You can get to know about your Kundali, too, with Free Janampatri Analysis.

Why Is Birth Chart Important?

The Birth Chart is often called the kundali and has all the details of your life perspective. What is important in a birth chart? It can predict how things will pan out in different situations. As already mentioned through the houses in the birth chart, one can know about their life, career, money, love and other matters. Let us explore a little bit in-depth.

  1. It helps in scrutinizing the qualities and negative traits in a person and suggest remedies to achieve success.
  2. Horoscope charts can provide information regarding money matters. How to accumulate and preserve your wealth.
  3. This chart tells you about your communication skills and how one should interact with the outer world and preserve the inner self.
  4. It guides regarding materialistic gains like house, jewellery, property etc and how to invest money and secure the future.
  5. One of the most important aspects of life is marriage, family and children. This will help you to select a good spouse, enhance the creative skills and explore a new emotional side of yours.
  6. It warns you regarding the demise of your loved ones, any hidden enemies of any debts in life or any terminal ailments.
  7. It also plays an important role in guiding people regarding career and education.
  8. It can also compare to astrological birth charts and tell us about the compatibility. This is also called synastry chart analysis.

Life is influenced by the planets and stars outside earth. Each one of them has a key impact on us. The birth chart is one such tool that helps in analysing the journey of a person from birth till death. It comprises 12 houses that completes the birth chart wheel. Each house in the birth chart signifies specifically whether it is about love, marriage, career, money or death.

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