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Are You Belong To Gemini? Know Which Zodiac Sign Is Friend and Enemy

Are You Belong To Gemini? Know Which Zodiac Sign Is Friend and Enemy

Gemini is a Mutable Air Sign, and a sign of twins and the individuals of Gemini are witty. Gemini is ruled by a communicative planet, Mercury.

The individuals of Gemini love to talk, laugh and trade stories with friends and colleagues and satisfy their curiosity to learn new things. The individuals of Gemini are very casual, and they associated with big groups of friends and colleagues, and hence, we can never know how strong and deep connection one has.

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Let us see who is Gemini best match and who is the worst enemy for Gemini.

Gemini best compatibility: Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius

Best Friend match for Gemini


Gemini friendship with Aries individuals would be lively and incredibly dynamic, and you would have a lot of fun with them. You and your Aries friends are always ready for new things. You and your Aries friends push in to danger also to have fun and are creative collaborators together. Aries individuals won’t bother you most of the time, and when they bother you at that time, you mostly turn up for them. Aries individuals admire your straight forward attitude, and you admire their patience which dealing with different things. You and your Aries friends overlook each other limitations while you and your friends are engaged in the activities related to the common interest.


You and individuals of your zodiac have great fun together and easily spot each other in a crowded place. You and your Gemini friends are usually in crowded places and spend time in discussion on a favourite subject, trending news and also has debate and arguments when you disagree with them and vice-a-versa. You usually meet your Gemini friends only when either of you has a new story to share. Discover the more exciting Gemini Traits


Leo is the best sign for Gemini. You and individuals of Leo form a fast friendship and out of all friends you are more effusive and affectionate with Leo individuals. You and your Leo friends, form mutual admiration and laugh and talk wherever you go. When you are accompanying your Leo friends enthusiasm inside both of you always bubbles out and extremely active all the time. You and your Leo friends always do activities that burn out a lot of energy, and both of you enjoy together and go for parties. You and your Leo friends make a fun-loving pair.


Gemini and Libra friendship is made to have fun together. You adore their bubbly laughs and adore your snappy comments. You and your Libra friends enjoy discussing anything and everything. The discussion between you and your Libra friends is too long, and it takes a lot of time to come up with a common decision. This is only because you often change your mind, and your Libra friends can never make up their mind. You and your Libra friends usually don’t do the things that you have planned off. Generally, you and your Libra friends take decisions by picking a chit or tossing a coin.


You and individuals of Sagittarius come from a radically different direction and are astrologically opposite personality. You usually analyze issues from all directions, and Sagittarius individuals seek to only one side, which they feel is true. You are interested in keen details and Sagittarius individuals focus on the bigger picture. Even though you form a solid friendship with Sagittarius individuals, you and your Sagittarius friends are social creatures, share great bond and love to travel a lot with each other.


You and Aquarius individuals have an instant and natural affinity for each other. It is only because you and Aquarius individuals share keen minds mostly. Your Aquarius friends would bring constancy in your life, and you are likely to keep your Aquarius friends on toes. You avoid their stubborn attitude, and they avoid your inability to keep promises. You and your Aquarius friends have a common interest in many leisure activities.

Gemini worst enemy: Virgo, Pisces

Worst enemies for Gemini


You and Virgo individuals have a similar approach to life from a mental viewpoint but do it very differently. You always feel their approach very tedious and boring, and they get freak off because of your changeability all the time. You measure the standards of Virgo individuals, and Virgo individuals usually find faults and mistakes in your work.


You are usually careless and fickle, whereas Pisces individuals are extremely sensitive. This is the reason you do not get along with each other well. You are playful in nature, and Pisces individuals are very sensitive, emotional and broody. You are likely to have miscommunications, instability and mistrust with Pisces individuals, and there is hardly a chance of harmony between you and Pisces individuals.

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