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What Zodiac Signs Are Best Compatible With Leo?

Just like the Lion, the Leo natives are daring, heroic and possess an aristocratic bearing. They are proud people and love to be in the limelight. Themselves just, they are always ready to fight for justice for others, especially their loved ones. The Leo zodiac compatibility studies show that they are creative people and excel at any form of art. They have a big heart, big ambitions and even love big-time, as per the Leo love compatibility studies.

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Leo Natives Are Most Compatible With: Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini

Leo compatibility indications reveal that like the Sagittarius natives, they are powerful, intense, and love nature, adventure and freedom. They can stimulate each other to great and intense ecstasies. The stormier the sessions between the sheets, the longer their relationship is likely to last, indicates Leo compatibility.

The Leo compatibility chart indicates that Aries zodiac sign natives also get along extremely well with the Lions. Both are full of passion, energy and have huge egos that they want to be massaged. The Leo romance compatibility chart shows that both are heavily into sex for the entertainment of it, and enjoying it frequently is likely to result in the formation of a long-lasting relationship, as per Leo compatibility.

Leo horoscope compatibility studies suggest that Gemini is another sign which bonds well with the Lion. They may follow different paths, but have a common goal and nurture a great passion for living life king-size. The Gemini’s fun-loving attitude turns on the sense of humour, as well as the heat, in the Lion’s breast. Every time they indulge in sex, it is going to be a memorable event, suggests the Leo sign compatibility.

Leo Natives Are Least Compatible With: Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio

The Leo compatibility chart indicates that one sign with which the Lion is not compatible is Capricorn. They are almost diametrical opposite in their natures, with the creative Lion being thoroughly frustrated with the utter lack of this quality in the Capricorn native. Moreover, sex with the Capricorn will turn out to be a damp squib, as per the Leo compatibility astrology.

Taurus is another sign with which the Leo native is not too comfortable. Leo compatibility indications reveal that while the Lion loves to live in the present, the Taurus native is altogether too preoccupied with the future. And the Leo love compatibility studies suggest that both crave for love and attention but are not willing to give it. Sex between the taurus and Leo is pretty much off the horizon.

As per Leo compatibility, Scorpio is yet another sign that the Lion is quite averse to. The Leo native will be unable to stand the bloated ego of the Scorpio sun sign native, while the Scorpio will get irritated by the Leo’s superficial approach to life. The possibility of jealousy, on the part of both, is always simmering beneath the calm surface. Besides, Leo best compatibility charts indicate that even if the two decide to have sex, the relationship is unlikely to be satisfactory or will fizzle out before long.

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