AFRAID OF KAALSARPA DOSHA?- Let us tell you some facts

The Yoga
Rahu and Ketu are the vedic names for the ascending and descending nodes of the Moon respectively. The Sanskrit word kaal has several meanings, one of which is time. Sarpa means serpent. Kaalsarpa Dosha is a phenomenon in which the serpentine energy associated with Rahu and Ketu entangles itself around the other planets, thereby constricting and disrupting the planetary rays.

The Result
Kalasarpa Dosha can bring challenges to the finances, health and property of people. In addition, Kalasarpa Dosha causes delays and obstructions in our daily life, making it difficult to accomplish anything. No matter how hard one may try, it seems almost impossible to complete any work.

The Fact
You will be surprised to know that the ancient classics of astrology have not even mentioned it! Yet it has become one of the most feared Dosha.

It is not known who cooked up this nonsense, but rest assured that it is none of our RISHIS.

The latest introduction is the Partial Kalasarpa Dosha. The basics parameters of this are undefined. So anyone may have it!! I heard some comments that the horoscope of Ganguli has half KAAL SARPA YOGA and therefore his career has come to an end now. OHhhhh Rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other interesting comment is "The Dosha only affects Hindus or people born in Aryavarta"'. Can we believe such nonsense observation? It neither affects Hindu and Christians nor any living creature.

This divine science of Astrology is facing tremendous torture, as we are passing through an era of so called Upayas. Let me say that DO NOT GET AFRAID and STAY AWAY from ineffectual remedies. Just do not waste your time discussing and removing this DOSHA.

I am not depriving some poor Brahmins of their livelihood but my mission is to educate people and to make more and more people understand and love the divine subject Astrology.

Do you know?
If you are still in dilemma, please have a look at some notable examples of this DOSHA.

Dhirubhai Ambani: the great industrialist
Ariel Sharon: the former Prime Minister of Israel.
Margaret Thatcher: the former Prime Minister of UK.
Rajnikanth: our darling cine star
And yes, Jawarharlal Nehru.

If all planets are between Rahu and Ketu, it causes over -indulgence in mundane affairs and if all planets are between Ketu and Rahu, it causes over- spirituality.

Ganesha's Grace
Tanmay Thakar