Is Jyotish a part of the Vedas?

Is Jyotish a part of the Vedas?

Some Astrologers have a misunderstanding that Jyotish is not a part of the Vedas, which is utterly an absurd misunderstanding. Had these Astrologers been well read, and done their homework, probably this air of disbelief would not have risen since last few years. Through this post, I attempt to reinstate the fact that the Jyotish which we are into is indeed a Vedanga Jyotish.

1) The 4th Mantra of the 8th Sookta of the 10th Kanda of the Atharva Veda talks about the Chakra (Zodiac), with 12 Pradhayas (Spokes or the 12 Parts – Signs ) and 360 Nails ( Degrees of the Zodiac). It also talks of the 3 Nabhies which is nothing but the points of the ellipse (which is the Zodiac that’s not an exact circle but Conical. Also, one can read about the ellipse in the Wikipedia for further information). After reading this, can anyone tell that Jyotish was not known to the Ancient Vedic people.
2) In the 19th Kanda of the Atharva Veda, the 10th Mantra speaks about getting grace from the Moon, the Sun, and from Rahu and Ketu too (If this is not Jyotish then what is it?).
3) In the Rig veda, the 11th Mantra of the 51st Sookta of the first Mandal, talks about association of Heart Diseases related to the Sun. This Mantra requests the Sun to destroy all Heart troubles to any native (If this is Not Jyotish, then what is it?).
4) The Mantra 13th from the same Sookta as above talks about “Strength and Prowess” being related to the Sun, and requests the Sun to grant power so that it may enable one to kill his enemies (If this is not Jyotish then what is it?).
5) The 1st Mantra of the 115th Sookta of the Rigveda speaks of the Sun as the Atma. (Don’t we treat the Sun as the same in Jyotish?).
6) Mantra 89 of 4th Sookta of the 18th Kanda of the Atharvaveda relates the Moon to a Watery core (Don’t we treat the Moon as Watery in Jyotish?).
7) The Bhagavd Gita, Chapter 15 Shloka 13 also talks about the Moon as being Watery and nourishing all Planets – vegetable (Don’t we have the same reference in Jyotish too?).
8) Yajurveda Chapter 15 and Mantra 54 mentions about Budh being related to consciousness (Don’t we have Mercury related to Intelligence in Jyotish?).
9) Yajurveda Chapter 19 Shloka 75 talks about the Planet Venus and its relation to the accumulations of Semen in the body (Don’t we have Venus as the Karaka for Semen in Jyotish?)

Vedic Lore

The above makes it very evident that Jyotish is very much a part of Indian heritage and also an integral part of the Vedic Lore.

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