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What is Bhakut Dosh & How to Nullify its Bad Influence

Remedies for Bhakut Dosh

Vedic astrology offers a number of remedies for this Dosha. However, since Bhakut Dosha deals with essential matters like marriage, children, and health, it is advisable to consult an expert astrologer before implementing any of the remedies given below.

The first cancellation of Bhakut Dosh happens if the Ruling planet of the bride and groom’s Moon sign is the same as mentioned above. Along with that, if the ruling planets of their Moon signs are friendly towards each other, Bhakut Dosh will not create any problems despite inauspicious Moon sign pairings.

Performing Pujas to pacify the effects of Bhakut Dosha can help immensely. Astrology also suggests worshipping Yantras for diminishing the effects of the Dosha. Some of the gemstones also help in negating the effects. However, all these remedies change for each individual as they are based on your zodiac sign and Kundli. An astrologer should be consulted before picking up on any of the above.

Chanting of the suitable Mantras is also helpful in bringing peace and clarity of the thoughts.


Bhakut Dosh surely brings some intimidating complications for the couple-to-be. However, as we can see, Vedic astrology helps us out with some exceptions and remedies to cancel the Bhakut Dosh. Normally, if the Bhakut Dosha is present and found earlier, astrologers advise against the marriage. In the cases where it is unavoidable, remedies are there to be implied. With that, we hope we were able to clear all doubts and questions you may have regarding the Dosha.