Rahul Dravid: Can Planetary Movements Break The Wall of Cricket?

The New Era of Indian Cricket Has Begun. Say ‘Hi’ to our head coach: Rahul Dravid. India’s newly-appointed head coach is ready to lead the team to greater heights #AbhiMazaAayegana. Let’s check what the stars have to say about his coming time.

Rahul Dravid was born in Indore on Jan 11, 1973. Looking at his horoscope, Mars is in its own sign.  Furthermore, the alignment of Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Rahu, and the Sun, reveals his hidden talent. As a result, judging him gets a little more difficult.

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When it comes to his future, he might have a mixed future because Saturn is giving long-term results, which may slow the implementation of his strategy. The transit of Jupiter is likely to provide him with a new perspective, and, again, he might have mixed results. However, best wishes to ‘The Wall’ on the new innings of his life!

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