Experience Grace During The Auspicious Tulsi Vivah 2020

Many plants and trees are given a sacred place and revered like Gods and Goddesses in the Hindu religion. Tulsi or the Holy Basil is one of them. She is believed to be a mark of purity, consists of brilliant medicinal properties and is seen planted in most of the Hindu homes.

Needless to ask, Tulsi holds a great eminence in the lives of Hindus, why won’t she have a festival in her name? Yaas, here is a special ceremony in the form of Tulsi Vivah or Tulsi marriage, which is much awaited by many. Let’s find out why!

Tulasi Vivah 2020 Date And Meaning

Marriages happen all the time, and you may wonder how this type of wedding takes place! Well, you would be surprised to know that this is a wedding of the Holy Basil plant with the powerful Hindu God Vishnu. Interesting, isn’t it? 

This year, Tulsi Vivah falls on the 26th of November, 2020 and below are the tithi timings:

Dwadashi Tithi Starts: 26th November, 2020, 05:10 AM 

Dwadashi Tithi Ends: 27th November, 2020, 07:46 AM

As per the Hindu scripts, Tulsi Mata is said to be the avatar of Lakshmi Devi who is Lord Vishnu’s wife. She took birth as Vrinda, as the legends say. Hence, this day is considered to be auspicious for conducting rituals and ceremonies related to a marriage along with Kanyadaan.

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Tulsi Vivah Puja Vidhi

Tulsi Vivah Puja Vidhi can be performed at home or by visiting a temple. Fasting is one of the key traditions in Hinduism during any festival. Hence, this day is also observed with a fast held by women. The fast is broken in the evening after offering rituals.

  • Bathe the Tulsi plant with water, clean the statue of Lord Vishnu, and adorn it with flowers and mala. 
  • Get the Tulsi plant ready in the form of a bride. You can wrap a red cloth around and embellish her with ornaments and bindi. 
  • Tie a holy thread between Tulsi and Lord Vishnu’s idol.
  • Offer Prasadam along with fruits and flowers, and conclude the Puja with Aarti. 
  • You may also sing devotional songs and read the Tulsi Vivah Vrat Katha. Distribute the Prasadam among everyone afterwards. 

You may like to know about the Astrological Significance of Tulsi Vivah.

Tulsi Vivah Story

A woman named Vrinda was an ardent admirer of Lord Vishnu and an immensely sacred person. She was married and a very devoted wife of the demon king Jalandhar. He was believed to be Lord Shiva’s demon son. The King had great powers, but due to his evil nature, he headed towards conquering all Gods and being the Asura King. Killing Jalandhar was impossible till the time Vrinda stayed loyal to him.

Hence, other Gods requested Lord Vishnu to take Jalandhar’s appearance and meet Vrinda with an intention to triumph over Jalandhar. Unable to realise that the disguised husband was Lord Vishnu, Vrinda spent an entire night with him.

Ultimately, the Gods could defeat and kill Jalandhar due to Vrinda’s inability to guard him anymore. As a result, she was very agitated with Lord Vishnu’s deeds. He wanted to rectify his acts and give justice to Vrida. So the Lord transmuted her soul into the Holy Basil plant. Vishnu Dev also gave the blessing of marrying Vrinda in her next incarnation to compensate for his misconduct.

Thus, this legendary tale led to such an auspicious ceremony of Tulsi marriage!

Amazing Facts About Tulsi Vivah 

  1. Tulsi Mata is known to signify spiritual purity. Hence, her wedding with Vishnu Dev depicts the Lord’s love for purity. Guess what, the word marriage itself symbolises the mingling of a soul with God and experiencing total oneness!
  2. Did you know that the sugarcane pavilion is also used to adorn Tulsi on this holy festival? You might get awestruck to discover that the plant is actually dolled up like a bride about to tie the marital knot. Many people also summon a priest to perform the rituals and Puja adequately. You too can book renowned Pandits online to perform accurate Puja with zero hassles.
  3. And, one more thing. With Tulsi Vivah, it's time to bid farewell to the monsoon season and welcome the Hindu marriage season! This indicates the beginning of the wedding season with huge fervour after concluding the ceremony of Tulsi Vivah.

With such a wonderful union of Tulsi Mata and Lord Vishnu, let your hearts cheer with joy while celebrating the occasion. We wish you a life filled with happiness, peace, prosperity, and good health!

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