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June Festival Calendar 2024

June Festivals 2024

Halfway down the line, June is the 6th Month of the Gregorian Calendar. In terms of Hindu festivals, though, it brings many! Ganga Dussehra, The festival dedicated to the Goddess Ganga, is celebrated because Ganga descended to Earth on this day. There is also Gayatri Jayanti, the day Vishwamitra first uttered Gayatri Mantra. Some people also believe that Goddess Gayatri, the Mother of Vedas, appeared on the earth on this day. Kabir Das Jayanti also falls in June. Kabir Das was born to Muslim parents in Uttar Pradesh. Later, at a very young age, he turned to spirituality. He accepted all religions and did not believe in any religious discrimination. June is also the month of Vat Savitri Vrat. Vat Purnima Vrat is the Indian Hindu fasting day for the married women who pray to the banyan tree in honour of Goddess Gauri and Satyavan-Savitri for fortune, well-being, long life of their husbands, and peaceful married life.