Kabir Das Jayanti 2020: Birth Anniversary of Sant Kabir Das

“Kal Kare So Aaj Kar, Aaj Kare So Ab,

Pal Mein Pralaya Hoyegi, Bahuri Karega Kab.”


Finish tomorrow’s tasks today, and today’s tasks right now.

When would you finish them, if the world were to end in the next moment.

A very famous Doha by Kabir Das, which is sure to take you back in time, when in schools you were reading Kabir Das Dohe. It is not just a saying; it teaches the value and the significance of time. On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Sant Kabir Das, let us know the rituals and significance of Kabir Das Jayanti.

Important Date And Tithi Timings For Kabir Das Jayanti 2020

Approximately, it is the 643rd birth anniversary of Sant Kabirdas.

Kabir Das Jayanti 2020 Date: 5th June

Sunrise: 6.21 AM

Sunset: 6.13 PM

Purnima Tithi Begins: 1.45 AM on 5th June 2020

Purnima Tithi Ends: 11.11 PM on 5th June 2020

About Kabir Das | Kabir Das Story

As per the legends, Kabir Das was born to Muslim parents in Uttar Pradesh. Later, at a very young age, he turned to spirituality and he referred to  himself as  Allah’s as well as Lord Ram’s child. He accepted all religions and did not believe in any religious discrimination. Furthermore, he explained that there is a presence of the same Supreme Being in all the religions. He was a highly acclaimed poet of the 15th century and his writings significantly impacted the Bhakti movement. Some of his famous writings include ‘Anurag Sagar’, ‘Kabir Granthavali’, ‘Bijak’, ‘Sakhi Granth’, etc. Moreover he is also the founder of a religious community ‘Kabir Panth’ and the members of this community are referred to as ‘Kabir Panthis’. Sant Kabir Das was admired by individuals of all faiths and his lessons are still passed from generations.

Kabir Jayanti Rituals

The followers of Sant Kabir, dedicate the day of Kabir Jayanti completely in his remembrance. On the occasion of Kabir Jayanti, they recite his poems and take lessons from his teachings. Get together and satsangs are also arranged in many places. It is the day celebrated with full enthusiasm especially in Varanasi – the birthplace of Sant Kabir. Moreover, Shobhayatra is also taken out that culminates at Kabir temple.

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Significance Of Kabir Das Jayanti

Kabir Das Jayanti is observed in the honor of Sant Kabir Das. It is celebrated every year to mark the birth anniversary of Kabir Das. He was a very famous poet, saint and social reformer of India. According to the Hindu calendar, it falls on Purnima in the month of Jyestha. It is the day celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor in the whole of India as well as abroad. Sant Kabir Das was a holy person and his works and sonnets represent the importance and unity of the supreme being. On the event of Kabir Das Jayanti, the followers of Sant Kabir Das devote the day totally in his recognition and are praised with extraordinary excitement and enthusiasm. Not only this, but they also recount ballads of Sant Kabir Das and take lessons.

Sant Kabir Das is still alive in the hearts of devotees who follow his teachings in his poems and two-line couplets known as ‘Kabir Ke Dohe’.

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