Know About Rath Yatra 2020 Date, Rituals and Story

2 Jun 2020

Jagannath Rath Yatra 2020 Date, Meaning and Celebration 

Rath Yatra festival is celebrated every year on the second day of Ashadh Sud as per Hindu calendar. Jagannath Rath Yatra is primarily celebrated in the city of Puri, Odisha. The Jagannath temple located in Ahmedabad city also organizes the Rath Yatra each year. People from around the world and the country visit to watch the Rath Yatra live. There are huge chariots drawn in order to carry the Lords. The mere sight of this whole celebration is a blessing in itself. This year the Jagannath Rath Yatra in India will be celebrated on 23rd June 2020. 

Jagannath Rath Yatra Legend and Rituals 

  • Jagannath temple falls under one of the four Hindu pilgrimage places famously known as 'Char Dham' pilgrimages. Hindus wish to visit these at least once in their lifetime. Lord Jagannath is worshipped in the temple with his brother Balabhadra and sister Devi Subhadra.
  • One day prior to Rath Yatra, the Gundicha temple is cleaned by the devotees. The ritual of cleaning the temple is referred to as Gundicha Marjana.
  • The fourth day after Ratha Yatra, Hera Panchami is celebrated as when Goddess Lakshmi, in search of Lord Jagannath, visits Gundicha temple. 
  • Lord Jagannath rests for eight days in Gundicha temple and then returns to his main abode.  During Bahuda Yatra i.e. the return Yatra, Lord makes a small halt at the Mausi Maa temple in dedication to Goddess Ardhashini.
  • Just before the muhurat of Devshayani Ekadashi, Lord Jagannath returns to his main abode and goes to sleep for straight four months. Ratha Yatra is also famous as Puri Car festival among foreigners who visit here.

Story behind Rath Yatra 

Once in Dwarka, mother Rohini was requested to narrate the episodes or leela of Lord Krishna and Gopis, by the Lord's Queens. But Rohini was hesitant to narrate them. After insisting on her, she agreed. She asked Subhadra to guard the door when she narrated the episodes of Krishna's leela. The Vraj Katha quickly indulged and absorbed Subhadra in it. No sooner than that, Lord Shri Krishna and Balaram reached the doorway. Subhadra stood between the two with her arms wide apart and stopped them from entering. However, Rohini's powerful story-telling engrossed them all at once. At the same time, Narad muni arrived and saw the siblings standing like idols together. To this, he humbly prayed and asked 'Will the three of you grant darshan in this manner forever?'. The Lords granted the blessing and since then, the three of them reside in the Jagannath temple of Puri eternally.   

 Happy Rath Yatra

Jagannath Rath Yatra festival is celebrated with immense devotion and full fervor in Ahmedabad. The 'Khichdi' made of rice and different types of grains and vegetables are offered to the Lord with enthusiasm and joy. May the Lord bless you and fill your lives with happiness and prosperity.

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