Virat Kohli Vs Kane Williamson – The Two End Of The Spectrum In The Race Of Winning!

Published on October 30, 2021

Ind Vs NZ

After being defeated by Pakistan, India will now lock horns with New Zealand on Oct 31st, 2021 in The ICC T20 World Cup. Both teams have tasted defeat in their own way and now will go head to head to win at Dubai International Stadium. It will be intriguing to observe how India and New Zealand will try to bounce back. Let us know what the Solar chart of Virat and Williamson indicates.

Virat Kohli’s solar chart has Sun in its own sign, which improves his confidence, but he also has Ketu, which creates an ego. On the other hand, in Kane Williamson’s horoscope, Mars is in its own sign, filling him with vigour. Simultaneously, Jupiter and Ketu are together.

Additionally, the Sun is with Ketu, which ensures Ken Willamson’s continuing prosperity. Ketu frequently creates difficulties for him. For both the captains, the transiting planets are creating somewhat similar results in their respective charts.

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This creates a match that will hang in the balance for a long, and there will be no clear winner till the very end. In short, we will have a close encounter on our hands where both the teams give their everything to win the match for their team.

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