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Sports: a new goal post for youngsters’ career

Sports: a new goal post for youngsters’ career

Sports runs in the veins of India, be it traditional games like gilli-danda and kabaddi or people’s favourite, cricket. There’s one Sachin Tendulkar in every lane of India’s town and city, and a Sania Mirza in every High School. A bag full of gold, silvers and bronzes won during the recently held Commonwealth Games and 2010 Asian Games is enough to prove India’s love for sports. Sports or games, which were considered extra-curricular activities have taken a lead lately as a lot of youngsters plan to pursue it as a serious career option. There are several sports academies and sports institutes that select and
train talents for different sports. However, sports is a highly competitive field and it requires a lot of physical and mental stamina to emerge a winner. We can derive the possibilities of becoming a good sports-person through one’s horoscope, from the factors mentioned below:

The 3rd House depicts your enterprise, thinking abilities, dexterity, curiosity and your analytical skills. It signifies the shoulder in human body. Malefic planets in the 3rd House provide the competitive edge and powerful shoulders. It makes the person courageous and sports oriented. A strong 3rd House signifies a person’s extraordinary qualities of achieving success through hard work and determination. This is usually applicable in case of extra-curricular
activities like sports.

The 5th House rules romance, entertainment and all sorts of recreational activities. Therefore, it has a close connection with the extra-curricular, creative activities and sports. So, it is very important to check the strength of the 5th House and the Lord of the 5th House along with the cusp of the 5th House.

The 6th House, which is an Upachaya House also plays an important role in the life of a sportsman because it is the House of competition. Malefic planets in the 6th House can be a boon for a sports-person.

Mars signifies the abilities to take action. A strong Mars in any case will give energy, vigour and vitality required in any competitive game. Although it is supportive for the games with a lot of physical action, it may also help in the competitions that require more of mental exercise.

Mercury influences the intellect. A strong Mercury will make the person agile, versatile and quick, and enhance the athletic ability.

Moon’s strength in the natal as well as divisional charts is also very important. Moon is the significator of the mind. A powerful Moon will give strong
mental faculties, which will help the person to work well during crisis or under any pressure.

Sun is the significator of the 1st House and health. So, it is important to have a strong Sun to remain healthy and fit for competitions. A ‘DikBali Sun in the 10th House is a boon for any sports person, as the 10th House not only gives healthy body, but also enhances the status, leadership, domination and success.

Fiery signs are very important for inculcating sportsmanship, particularly Leo sign. Leo is the sign of royalty, status, authority and leadership. It is the 5th sign of natural zodiac, so powerful Leo sign is the most favourable sign for competitors. It gives the competitive edge and ability to dominate.

So, it is necessary to emphasize that it is the comprehensive analysis of natal chart, which enables to understand every facet of the character.

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