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Robbie Williams quits football team after con

Robbie Williams quits football team after con

Singer Robbie Williams has quit his US football team LA Vale, after discovering that he had been cheated out of almost $300,000 by his “so-called friends” and teammates, according to reports.

The pop star has been residing in Los Angeles for the last few years, and set up LA Vale in 2005 so that he could enjoy playing his favorite sport on a regular basis.

Robbie Williams has Venus placed in the 7th house and Vargottama indicating strong artistic abilities. Yogakaraka Mars placed in the 10th house (house of Profession) in its own house is confirming grand success in his field of activities. Mars is also the Atmakaraka planet in his chart and from Karakamsa, powerful Venus placed in the 2nd house, which is a strong indication of career in singing. The Lord of 11th house Venus is strong. So, he may have very large friend circle and liking for joining groups for different activities. Mars is strong in his chart also indicating passion for sports and adventure. But Venus is hemmed in between malefic planets and the Lord of 7th house is placed in the 12th house with Ketu indicating disappointment in relationship and cheating from close friends.

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Currently, he is passing through the Mercury Mahadasha and Sun Bhukti and Sun is placed in the 8th house. Sun is the Lord of 2nd house (house of finance) and debilitated in the Navmansa. So, there are clear indications of financial loss that happened through his close friends and teammates. The transiting Rahu moving over the natal Sun may continue to bother him till the end of March 2008 and he has to be very careful in investing money to avoid any further loss.

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