Red-carpet entry of Rajasthan Royals into Semi Finals

The Rajasthan Royals have given a really magnificent performance in the IPL tournament. Conquering eight out of 10 matches the Rajasthan Royals have lived up to their name and reputation.

Graeme Smith

Ganesha observes that in Graeme Smith’s chart transiting Jupiter is passing through the 12th house over Moon which indicates that Graeme Smith will play a few good knocks for Rajasthan Royals. Graeme Smith should be careful in the opening overs as he could get out cheaply. Graeme Smith will shine at opponent team’s grounds. He may play some important knocks at crucial stages of games and help his team win. Ganesha feels that Graeme Smith will experience a good period after May 18, 2008 and will also do well in the remaining DLF Matches.

Mohammad Kaif

Ganesha sees that in Mohammad Kaif’s chart transiting Jupiter is passing through the 2nd house of finance which indicates that he will overcome his opponents. Mohammad Kaif will start his innings with a slow and steady pace but he will play his game according to the demands of the situation. Mohammad Kaif will do well with his batting and fielding. Ganesha feels that Mohammad Kaif will have a good period after May 18, 2008. Mohammad Kaif will be the key player for Rajasthan Royals.

Shane Warne

Ganesha notes that in Shane Warne’s chart transiting Sun is passing through the 10th house which indicates that Shane Warne will take insightful decisions in crucial times and turn the match in his favour. Ganesha feels that he will be the ‘Chhupa Rustam’ of the team. Shane Warne will be blessed. He will get good support from his team members. Ganesha feels that Shane Warne will have a good period after May 21, 2008.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Hitendra H Thakor,