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Badminton Champs PV Sindhu and Sai Praneeth in Olympics

The Olympics is a few days away, and athletes are gearing up to beat the competition across the world. However, this year seems different to the other weeks, as athletes did not have enough tournaments throughout the year to maintain their form. Nor have all of them played games where they could gaze at their opponent’s technique, form, strengths, attacking mode. Nonetheless, this would have given them ample time to work on their technique, build promising strategies, and develop their resilience.

Hockey and Badminton in the Tokyo Olympics are the sports that a vast population is looking forward to considering India’s glorious past of these two games. You can check out How the Indian hockey team will perform in the Olympics as we have already spoken about it.

Today we will see the Indian badminton team at the Tokyo Olympics and more. We will primarily be looking at the performance of PV Sindhu in the Olympics and B Sai Praneeth in the Olympics. As you would know, Saina Nehwal could not qualify through this time, so we would definitely miss her presence on the court.

Things would be different for PV Sindhu this time than the 2016 Rio Olympics because she is no more training under the legendary coach Pullela Gopichand who has been the man behind many victories for us, such as Arupalli Kashyap, Srikanth Kidambi, Arundhati Pantawane, Gurusai Datt, and Arun Vishnu. These are the contenders on whom we have our hope riding on.

Today let us go and watch the PV Sindhu Tokyo Olympics performance and B Sai Praneeth in the Olympics with the help of astrology. A preview to the game who can’t wait.

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Date Of Birth: 6 May 1995
Place Of Birth: Hyderabad
Time Of Birth: Unknown (solar chart)

pv sindhu solar chart


The planetary analysis of PV Sindhu’s solar chart is below where Taurus is the ascendant, and Sun and Mercury are in this zodiac sign. Planet Mars 7 Moon is in Leo sign, Rahu is in Libra sign, Jupiter is in Scorpio sign, Saturn is in Pisces sign, Olympics whereas Ketu and Venus are in Aries. Now, before going to the predictions, let’s analyse the event chart.


Date: 1 August 2021
Time: 20:00 to 23:00
Venues: Musashino Forest Sport Plaza, Tokyo, Japan

As per the solar chart of PV Sindhu & final dates chart, Planet Jupiter of Aquarius sign is Moon (3rd house lord) & Mars (7th house name, fame in public life, & 12 th house lord International Trips) with the competing aspect. Alongside, the aspecting Sun (4th house lord & Mercury (2nd & 5th house lord) & planet Jupiter (8th & 11th house lord) with the square aspect. Planet Moon of Leo in PV Sindhu’s chart is in trine (Navpancham yoga) with Aries moon. Here is what it means.

As per these planetary situations, the time is the best for PV Sindhu. She can get Gold Medal in the final match of badminton.

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Date Of Birth: 10 August 2021
Place Of Birth: Hyderabad
Time Of Birth: Unknown (solar chart)

b sai parneeth tokyo olympics kundali

As per the solar chart Of B Sai Praneeth, Cancer is the ascendant. Jupiter & Venus are the Leo sign, Moon & Rahu in Sagittarius sign. Sun & Mercury are in Cancer. Planet Mars is in the Taurus sign; planet Saturn is in the Capricorn sign. Planet Ketu is in the Gemini sign. What does it all mean? Let’s find out.

b sai parneeth tokyo olympics match kundali

Date: 2 August 2021
Time: 20:00 to 23:00
Venues: Musashino Forest Sport Plaza, Tokyo Japan

As per the solar chart of B Sai Praneeth & the final match chart, Aquarius Jupiter is transiting in the 8th house & aspects planet Jupiter (6th activity & 9th destiny house lord) & planet Venus (4th heart satisfaction & 11th willingness, benefit house) with the complete element.

Planet Saturn is transiting on planet Saturn (7th-public life, name fame & 8th house lord). Planet Sun & Mercury is transiting on planet Sun & mercury in Cancer sign. Planet Rahu is transiting on planet Mars (5 th-games & 10th house lord). Moreover, Planet Taurus Moon is in Shatru Shadashtak with Sagittarius Moon, which will lead to a very fortunate outcome.

B Sai Praneeth may win Gold Medal as per all these situations, but he has to work very hard.

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