‘Kar lo Trophy Muthi Me’ say the Mumbai Indians

'Kar lo Trophy Muthi Me' say the Mumbai Indians

The Mumbai Indians team is owned by India's largest private sector conglomerate, Reliance Industries. The bitter taste of of defeat in the first four matches roused the team's spirits and after that the team has savored the sweetness of victory in all the six consequent matches.

Ganesha gifts us with the prediction of performance of some of the key players.

Sanath Jayasuriya
Ganesha notes that in Sanath Jayasuriya's chart, transiting Jupiter is passing through 7th house over Moon and is aspecting Venus, which indicates that he will earn name and fame in IPL, his fan following will increase. Sanath Jayasuriya will be playing a key role for Mumbai Indians. Ganesha feels that Sanath Jayasuriya will have good period after May 22, 2008 but as transiting Sun is passing through 12th house over Mercury, so Sanath Jayasuriya will have to be careful about his health, he may face some muscular or joint pain.

Robin Uthappa

Ganesha notes that in Robin Uthappa's chart, transiting Jupiter is passing through 3rd house of Parakrama and is aspecting 9th house of Luck, which indicates that Robin Uthappa will play his natural game during IPL 2008; luck would favour him. Robin Uthappa will play some match winning knocks. Robin Uthappa will do well in remaining matches. Ganesha feels that that if Robin Uthappa plays tactfully he has the potential of being a match winner, advises Ganesha.

Shaun Pollock

Ganesha notes that in Shaun Pollock's chart, transiting Sun is passing through 11th house of gain, which indicates that Shaun Pollock will get support from all team players of Mumbai Indians. Ganesha feels that Shaun Pollock will have good period in IPL after May 15, 2008; he will take important decisions on crucial time and turn the game in the team's favour. Ganesha feels that Shaun Pollock will do well with his ball and bat, he will be a key player for Mumbai Indians.

Ganesha's Grace,
Hitendrra H Thakor
The GaneshaSpeaks Team