Jhulan Goswami: The Pride Of Indian Women Team!

Published on October 1, 2021

Jhulna Goswami

The player of the match, and a ferocious wicket-taker, Jhulan Goswami, has set a new milestone by completing her 600 wickets in ODI in her match against Australia. In the third ODI of the series, Jhulan took two wickets with her in-swinger, followed by an out-swinger in the 9th over, and in no time, she became the frantic finisher of the ODI game. But now the road is challenging, and the player is tough, so how will the combination of the two be? Find out with Jhulan Goswami’s Surya Kundali.

A Tough Ride Ahead!

Born on Nov 25, 1982, in Chakdaha, West Bengal, Jhulan Goswami has an exalted Saturn with a Jupiter in her birth chart, which lends her exceptional game strategy abilities. With the conjunction of Mars and Ketu, Angarak dosha is formed, which blesses her with vigour. However, the difficult time is foreseen because of the transiting of Ketu over the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. Thus, she should proceed with caution for the next six months. Furthermore, the Saturn Mahadasha is in progress, which can be troublesome.

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