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Danny Cipriani may captain England’s Rugby team

Danny Cipriani may captain England’s Rugby team

Danny Jerome Cipriani, the reputed rugby union football player was born on November 02, 1987. Cipriani was selected as part of England’s Rugby World Cup training squad after a series of impressive performances for England Saxons and Wasps, but he just missed out on selection for the 2007 Rugby World Cup for England after spending the summer in their training camp. Danny Jerome Cipriani was called up to the England squad for the 2008 Six Nations Championship. His debut for England was due to be realised when he was picked at full-back for the game against Scotland on 8 March 2008.


Ganesha notes that Danny Jerome Cipriani is born with Libra Ascendant and lord of the Ascendant i.e. Venus, Venus signifies glory, music and glamour. Debilitated Sun and Mercury are placed in Ascendant.

Ganesha notes that lord of the Ascendant i.e. Venus and lord of the 5th house of sport i.e. Saturn are placed in 2nd house in Scorpio sign. Moreover, lord of the 3rd house of courage i.e. Jupiter, Rahu and Moon are placed in 6th house. Mars (signifying 3rd house) and Ketu are placed in 12th house; Mars is aspecting 3rd house, which gives energy, quickness and inclination towards Sports.

A keen all-round sportsman, Danny played junior football for Queens Park Rangers, and was offered youth terms by Reading. Danny Cipriani is a Chelsea fan. Danny also played schoolboy cricket for Berkshire and Oxfordshire, and was invited to join Surrey County Cricket Club as a batsman. Venus in this horoscope renders fame, prosperity, luck and attractive personality.

Danny Jerome Cipriani played club rugby for the first time at Rosslyn Park in Roehampton where Danny developed his love and passion for the game. Danny Cipriani started rugby at the age of nine, joining Rosslyn Park U10s, where he played until U15s level. Danny has joined the Wasps Academy in 2003 and Danny has made his London Wasps 1st XV debut against Bristol in the Powergen Cup in December 2004, at the age of 17, during this period transiting Jupiter was passing through 12th house and was aspecting lord of the 10th house of career i.e. Moon.

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Ganesha notes that in Danny’s horoscope, Yogkaraka planet Saturn and lord of the Ascendant Venus are placed in 2nd house. This combination is instrumental in taking Danny to heights of fame and popularity. He showed how a man can achieve his goals by his valor. Transiting Jupiter will be passing through 4th house and will aspect 10th house of career during 2009, Ganesha feels that period after 15th December 2008 will be very much favourable for Danny. Looking at Danny’s planetary position Ganesha feels that Danny Jerome Cipriani will become the Captain of England.

Wishing a good luck and May lord Ganesha bless Danny Cipriani.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
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