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The US Presidential Elections 2012: Who will win people’s heart – Obama or Romney? Ganesha finds out

The US Presidential Elections 2012: Who will win people’s heart – Obama or Romney? Ganesha finds out

Planetary support may tilt the balance in Obama’s favour, says Ganesha.
The United States presidential election is an important event in the global dance of democracy. Being the sole superpower in the world, the policies the U.S. adopts and the decisions it makes as a country affects the fortunes of millions of people the world over. In the upcoming 2012 US presidential elections, there would be a close contest between the Democrat candidate and ruling Supremo Barack Obama, gunning for his second term in office, and Mitt Romney, the charismatic Republican candidate. Besides the two main contenders mentioned, there are other candidates of Libertarian party, Green party, Constitution party and Justice party. The election slated for November 6th, 2012, is an event of global interest. The main issue these general elections, unlike the previous ones, is the current state of the US economy, which is not very promising, so to say. The global economic crisis has had an impact, and the U.S. economy too is bearing the brunt. Plus, the issues like the healthcare system and the foreign policy have led to innumerable debates and speculations. The interesting part is that the election is preceded by a series of live debates amongst the two main contenders where points were scored evenly by Obama and Romney.

What will happen finally? Ganesha attempts to find out by looking at the Natal Charts of both the contenders.

On reading the Natal Chart of Barack Obama, following inferences have been made:

Mercury becomes very powerful by being exalted in the Navmansa, and also aspects the Ascendant. The Lord of the Ascendant Saturn gives Mr. Obama his superb oratory skills. Although, the Lord of the 3rd House Jupiter is debilitated, owing to the placement of Saturn the debilitation gets cancelled and forms a Neechabhanga Rajayoga, which is said to confer the native with name, fame and success. The Jupiter-Mercury opposition makes Barack Obama highly intelligent and witty. The strong Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury make him a talented lawyer. A strong Saturn is a boon for politicians. In Obama’s chart, Saturn is placed in the Ascendant forming Shasha Mahapurusha Yoga, and becomes very powerful by being Vargottama. This signifies his strong character and great leadership skills. Further, the exalted Moon in the 5th House makes him a charismatic public figure.

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On reading the Natal Chart of Mitt Romney, following inferences have been made:

The Ascendant Lord Venus is placed in 9th House of fortune that contributes which makes his chart very strong. The Lord of 9th House Saturn is aspecting both Venus and the 9th House which makes him a lucky person. The planet of politics, Sun, is Digbali in the 10th House and also the Atmakaraka planet in his chart. The strong Sun makes him a very competitive and influential politician. Moon is debilitated and the Lord of Moon sign Mars is placed in the 10th House. So the Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga and Moon-Jupiter conjunction give him a strong mass appeal.

Hence, both the Presidential nominees have strong charts and a strong 9th House. So, as far as the “Luck factor” is concerned, both appear to be equal.

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Romney is passing through the Sun-Mercury-Rahu Dasha period. All the Dasha Lords are very strong in his birth chart, forming a Raj Yoga. But in the D-10 chart, Mercury is placed in the 6th House. Also, the Antradasha Lord Mercury is retrograde and afflicted in the Navmansa chart. The weaknesses of Mercury will have a dampening effect on Romney’s campaign. This may also hinder his possibilities of becoming the President of U.S.A.

Sun, the Mahadasha Lord is transiting in its debilitated Sign Libra during the election month. Saturn, the tenth Lord transiting in its exalted Sign. Saturn’s exaltation will help Romney, but it will cause restrictions due to its placement in the 6th House. Adding to this, Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio on the date of voting, 6th November, 2012. Mercury, the Eighth Lord from Moon, transiting retrograde over the 8th House, Lord Jupiter and Ketu will be a cause of concern for him. The Pratyantar Dashanath Rahu is also transiting through its debilitation sign, which may again restrict Romney’s progress. However, the transiting Jupiter in Ascendant will be extremely favourable for him.

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Obama is passing through the Saturn-Saturn-Saturn Dasha period. Saturn is the Ascendant Lord in Obama’s chart. Saturn is passing through its exaltation Sign in the 10th House. Saturn is also Mahadasha, Antardasha and Pratyantar Dasha Lord. Exalted Saturn will help him significantly. The transiting Saturn is also aspecting the 4th House of chair and 7th House of honour and authority. Adding to this, the transiting Jupiter is passing through the 5th House over the 7th House of Lord Moon, which will help him regain confidence. However, the retrograde Mercury may play vital role on the voting day. It may dent Obama’s luck.

Overall, the Dashas and transit periods are going to be better for Obama than Romney. Obama has an edge over Romney. However, it is to be noted that the Eclipses around the USA Presidential Elections and the retrograde Mercury will have a significant impact on the final results. The scenario looks very confusing indeed. There will be difference between popular vote and Electoral College. It will be one of the closest, most eventful yet extremely disputed elections. The Electoral College will be a major factor in these elections. Obama may win the elections by a narrow margin through The Electoral College.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team