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Triumph of Democratic parties in the crucial elections in Pakistan

Triumph of Democratic parties in the crucial elections in Pakistan

Pakistan’s two main opposition parties had shown strong results in the elections held on 18th February 2008. Pakistan’s opposition looked set to deal a crushing blow to President Pervez Musharraf.

Fall of Pervez Musharraf’s regime begun during the Ketu-Mercury-Rahu period when he imposed emergency in Pakistan. The major blow to his regime was Mrs. Benazir Bhutto’s assassination. Mercury is the third and sixth lord, which signifies Media and the transiting Mars was also moving in the 3rd house of communication at that time.

Pakistan is now under the influence of Venus Mahadasha and Venus Bhukti and it was clearly mentioned in my earlier article that the commencement of Venus Mahadasha will change Pakistan’s political scenario and there will be a new a government in Pakistan. The Pakistan elections were held in the Venus-Venus-Venus period and Venus is the Lord of 2nd house and 7th house placed in the 4th house, which is clearly indicative of significant change in administration.

As no single party won a clear majority in Pakistan’s elections, alliances between two major parties will be required to form a new government. What will be the future of the new government and of course President Pervez Musharraf?

From May this year, transiting Rahu will enter sign Capricorn which falls in the 10th house of Pakistan’s country chart. Mars is currently moving in the 3rd house over the natal Moon and Mars. So there will be tremendous politicking and aggressive moves for the formation of new government. Opposition parties might face problems in adjustments in this whole exercise due to retrograde Saturn. Mars will be moving in the 4th house of Pakistan’s natal chart in April this year and Ketu will join Mars in May. Mars-Ketu conjunction in the 4th house will certainly create tremendous tensions on political front. Extremist might strike heavily during the month of May that might disrupt the internal harmony of Pakistan.

This election results could be extremely critical to the political fate of Musharraf. Transiting Rahu may create tremendous problems for him. A judicial inquiry and legal harassment seem almost inevitable against General Pervez between May and August 2008. The General will have to be very careful as the period looks fatal for him. General Musharraf is now entering into a critical period of his life and coming days are looking grim and fatal for him.

All and all although the results of Pakistan’s Poll are encouraging for Pro-democracy forces in Pakistan but Political stability in Pakistan and true form of Democratic Government is very far from realization.

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